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Bottom: 1LT. Tammy Kuzman, US Army
 2nd row: Victoria Kuzman, Kate Kuzman, Jodi Tully
3rd row: Jeff Tully, Diana Bennett Tully, Joan Tully Foster
Janet Tully-Kuzman, Mrs. Leta Tully
Standing: John Tully and Carlton Foster

1949 Junior Varsity Basketball Team
Picture submitted by Bill Dame
Left to right:  Nelson Bell, Anthony Rubino, Jack Catellier, Peter Messina, Burton Morris, Gordon Austin, Bill Dame

The Class of 1950
First Grade ( 1939)
Submitted by Bill Dame

1st Row: Anthony Rubino, Donald Brogan,Judith Burns , Mary McDonnell, Bill Dame, Mary Ella Arnold, Edward Arnold, Bob Durrin,  Larry Pressler
2nd Row: Donald Watkins, Merritt Brundage, Dorothy Marra, Barbara Dornan , Mary Mulligan, Billy Appling, Jack Royal, George Hastings
3rd Row:  Rupert Jennings, Irving (Baldy) McLenithan, Joan Cottrell, Nancy Knights, Catherine Weber, Eddie Mullin, Carmella ?, Teacher: Mrs. Carpenter, Rose Granger in front of Mrs. Carpenter


Thanks to Barbara (Doran) and John Merriman, Mary Ella Arnold and Bill Dame for supplying the names.

The Cambridge Central School Class of 1955 held their 50th reunion on Saturday, August 13.  Nineteen class members and their guests enjoyed a luncheon cruise aboard the Lac du Ste Sacrement on Lake George. Luncheon was followed by dessert in the form of a cake decorated with a picture of the class on their Senior Trip.

Class members attending were Garret Albert, Jim Arnold, Bob Culver, Janet (Brownell) Goot, Beverly (Lufkin) Halsdorf, Ken Luke, David McNitt, Nancy(Hall) Meek, Al Messina, Lucy (Brown) Morrone, Lloyd Murdoch, Helene (Kwiatkowski) Olszowski, Tammy (Wands)
Pedersen, Harold ("Ab") Smith, Mary Jane (Resendes) Stewart, John Svitak, Betty (Jeskie) White, Kirby White and Lucy (Santerre) Woodcock.

Two former teachers also attended: Mary Gallitelli and Audrey (Brown) Hughes.

Gifts were presented to John Svitak, David McNitt, Lea Murdoch, and Betty White by Lucy Woodcock on behalf of the Class of 1955.

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