Cambridge Service Men and Women
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Carsen Fuller  "Coach"
Picture Submitted by Dave Thornton

Charles Ackley
Class of 1936

Picture Submitted by Dave Thornton

John Briggs
Picture Submitted by Dave Thornton

Graeme "Tink" Parrish
Class of  1936
Picture Submitted by Dave Thornton

PFC Albert J. Baratto
28th DIV. CO F 253rd Inf.
Class of 1934
Picture submitted by his son, Mike

William  F. Dame
Retired USAF
20 years service

Class of 1953

George Brimmer
Class of 1962
Click HERE for Tribute

Thure Johnson

PFC Sharon Lee Saari
 taken in 1970

Betsy McCullen
Class of 1970

Marshall Peters
Class of 1943

Arthur Peters

Marshal and Arthur Peters,  sons of Jim and Ruth Peters,  served on the front lines at the same time during World War II.   Arthur is now 87 years old and is very pleased that he was able to receive a high school diploma with the Class of 2002.  A third son and brother, Lloyd Peters served in the Navy during World War II  Please see a special tribute to Art Peters ...Click Here

John Ublacker
US Army 1964-1966
Class of 1960

Thure John Johnson, Sr.
CCS Janitorial Staff 1951-1956

John "Jack" Catellier

Class of 2002


Art Langois, served in World War II and was also a member of the Class of 2002

New York State made a law stating the anyone who was drafted during World War II or the Korean War could now get their diplomas

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