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Here are some happy Cambridge alumni in Myrtle Beach at Harry’s for breakfast on February 19, 2023
Jack Alexander, Dawn Case, Barb Bowler Moses, Bethany and Raz Macauley, Donna and Ed Christian, Gary and Jean Hoffman Hill!

Picture submitted by Donna Christian.



Enjoying dinner in Jupiter FL--Feb. 26,2023

Jim Estramonte  Class of 1953, Angela Estramonte Class of 1961, Anne Thiessen Class of 1960


3 CCS  beauties at Hobe Sound Beach,FL    Feb. 27,2023

  Kathy (Dunn)Nygard -Class of 1961
 Angela Estramonte-Class of 1961
Anne Thiessen-Class of 1960

Ladies from the Class of 1959

Linda McMorris Record, Mary BatesMuckle, Roxy Kenyon Pemrick, Ann Burrell Ung, Winnie Brimmer Davis were at Benson, Eagle Bridge, NY! June 30, 2023. Monthly a small group of us try to meet at different locations, (sometimes it’s restaurants in our area) and (sometimes in one of our homes)! We all really enjoy seeing each other and catch up on new news

The winners at Saratoga. July 19, 2023

 Debby Vitello Class of 1963 

Anne Thiessen Class of 1960 

Angela Estramonte Class of 1961 

Kathy Nygard Class of 1961



September 1-8,2023
Cambridge alumni took a Viking River Cruise
from Amsterdam Netherlands to Basel Switzerland

Left to Right: Kathy Kelleher ‘80, Elaine Franklin Brown ‘72, Bob Brown ‘71, Gwen Canzeri Hall ‘71 Randy Hall ‘70, John Franklin ‘80