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Construction of the school began in 1950, opening its doors in Sep-1951, making the CCS class of 1952 the first to graduate from the “new school”.

The cost cutting, the estimating and re-estimating, and all the other fancy footwork make it difficult to determine actual construction cost. The officially published number is $850,000, but my research leads me to believe the number was closer to $1,200,000.

The cornerstone ceremony was 28-Sep-1950. Gardner Cullinan, mayor, was master of ceremonies. Speakers included Clarence Coulter, BOE president; Ernest W. Bodenstab, principal; Mrs. Seth Craig, PTA president; Ken Wilbur, faculty president; Mrs. Caroline P. Perry, long-time district superintendent; and Elmer Dering, Student Council president.

Clarence Coulter laid a copper box inside the cornerstone [note: this is the 1950 marker to the right of the original Main Entrance]. This time capsule contains election ballots, budgets, advertising material on bids for the school, a program, and various news stories of the new building.

When the new school was originally proposed in 1946, it was designed to house 720 students, but it was scaled back in size through repeated cost-cutting measures.

There were 29 classrooms, a library, cafeteria, agriculture room, board room, and a gymnasium-auditorium. In another cost-cutting measure, the Bus Garage was located on the first floor of the Hubbard Addition of the Old School

By 1955 enrollment had grown to 900, with the sixth grade forced into the junior high wing and the art room became a classroom. In 1956 Eagle Bridge and Buskirk school districts voted to join the CCS District. Patrician Hall was used for some class overflow

The first addition was approved by voters in the Spring of 1957

Pictures and story submitted by Ken Gottry


This picture that was taken at my home where we had a spaghetti luncheon!
 I forgot to take out the garlic bread until after everyone left!!
 Winnie, Roxy, me, and Linda!
Missing is Dolores and Donna!!

Mary Bates Muckle ‘59

November 2022


Robert Headwell Jr. being sworn in as Montgomery County Legislator District 4 by his son, Honorable Robert Headwell III Town of Glen justice with his grandson Robert Headwell IV and his father Robert Headwell Sr. holding the Bible.