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Sequestering at home

A pair of OWLS in our back yard near the Long Island Pine Barrens keeping us entertained for the last few days.

Perhaps LOVE is in the air ?

Mike Severson, Class of 1961,

From our dock: Mt Washington just visible, back center.

 I really miss the topography around Cambridge and this is similar, but with bigger mountains. We're only about 60 miles from the Canadian border so it's been relatively cool, but who cares when there is a lake out front to jump into and that's all we have to do anyway

Paul Austin, Class of 1964

Randy Hall (70), Bob Brown and Dale Dearstyne (71) and Terry Dwyer (72) continued the alumni tradition by playing a round of golf at Windy Hill. We discussed contacting others who live locally, and have played in previous years, but decided against it. This allowed us to finally win the Cambridge alumni tournament for the first time. We also awarded ourselves longest drive and closest to the pin. 

In response to the newsletters request for Christmas themes, Cathy Dunn Nygard, Class of 1961 sent in this picture.

My mother Jean  Dunn received this horse for Christmas when she was three. 
That would have been 1921.