Billy Derrell Law
Class of 1980


Stillwater, NY          EMAIL BILL

Marital Status Divorced
Spouse:  Currently Unknown (still hopeful)
Children: Elizabeth
Grandkids: None
College/Schools CCAF, Hudson Valley
Occupation: Retired from: Integrated Avionics Craftsman (repairing avionics equipment on the bench to component level - I still have a great love for this work).
Currently: Database Administrator (it's OK - I like the challenges)
Past Residences:
Places I have lived for more than three months (most much longer)
Ipswich, St. Ives, Over, Leiston, Weymouth; England
Buskirk, Stillwater, Saratoga, Wilton; NY
Apple Valley, adelanto, CA
San Antonio, Universal City, Schertz; TX
Pheonix, AR
Peoria, IL
Biloxi, MI
Charleston, SC
Christchurch, NZ
Seville, Spain
Naha, Okinawa
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Thule, Kangerlussuaq; Greenland
I love to travel and have also visited many countries for shorter periods of time
Past Jobs Aircraft Mechanic (hated it)
Other Activities Travel, Computers, Gardening, Fishing, exploring everything

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. Burdsall - He was just right as the three bears say'
Albert Preiser being my best friend and the crazy antics we did which will always make me smile. How we got away with all we did I will never know?
Senior Trip was awesome...only some of you know what I mean.
Zen Bus - going to BOCES at 80 miles an hour and the close relationships we had on the bus. Spades anyone?
Cambridge CCS was the only place growing up that I felt safe.
Military Service 23 years USAF Retired


I have returned to upstate NY - I Which I had a little more time to enjoy it. I am currently going back to college. '

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