Tim Witten  
Class of 1977


Bainbridge Island, WA           EMAIL TIM

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Christiana Carr
Children: 1 -- Jasper
College/Schools Vassar College, Salem State College, University of Washington
Occupation: Cartographer, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst
Past Residences: Arlington, VT; Austin, TX; (Puget Sound area), WA
Past Jobs Cartographer, Graphic Artist, Bicycle Transportation Planner
Other Activities Bicycle racing, bike touring, bike advocacy, sea kayaking, backpacking

Favorite Teacher(s):

Markewitz (sp?) (the typing teacher) (just kidding!)  In reality, several favorites: Bob Cheney, Bob Morton, Ed Green, Phil Pasco, George Leyden
Memories: 1) Bob Cheney: "Raise your hand -- anyone not do their homework, but doesn't want to admit it?"
2) Drawing "peens" on the blackboard in Ruth Hudson's class, and, in return, being told we were "RUDE, CRUDE, AND SOCIALLY UNACCEPTABLE!"
3) Watching other people put Don Wolff's VW bug on the tennis court
4) Having Filkin's pet cobra slither out of its box and put its head on my shoulder in his class 'cos I was sitting in front of it
5) Passing out during my oral book report in Okey O'Conner's class, crashing through the podium 'cos I was so tired from playing basketball the period before
6) On graduation night, finishing a keg with DR and JS in the middle of Main Street at 3 am


Why the heck can't our class get its act together and have a  reunion?  2007?!?!

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