Class of 1977
Class Officers:
 Bob Law  Vice President Jenny Amick
Cindy Kozoil  Treasurer John Turi

Student Council Representatives
Claire Pender and Debi Dearstyne

Jenny Amick
Carmen Beayon
Sue Bentley
Ken Brower
Bob Brown
Cathy Brown
Bonnie-Heather Buchanan
Tom Burdsall
Willis Conklin
Melanie Cristaldi
Debi Dearstyne
Allen Del Rosario
Kevin De Marco
Bob Donisthorpe
Keith Leroy Dunham
Bud Durrin
Dona Hahn
Lori Hansen
Rick Farrell
Paul Jones
Cindy Koziol
Robert Law
Ellen Leyden
John Mathewson
Kim McCart
Gary McNall
Maggie McNeice
Fremont Meerwarth
(See below)
Janet Meyer
Dawn Morrison
Kim Moyer
Holly Niles
Andy Nolan
Larry Nolan
Mark Pemrick
Claire Pender
Arny Perry
Casey Preece

Donna Reed
Dave Robertson
Julie Rubino
Holly Saunders
Mary Schmitt
Rich Shiland
Joann Spear
Steff Stefanovich
Glen Stone
John Turi
Jim Van De Water
Dee Weber
Nancy White
Patricia Wills
Donna Wills
Buddy Wilmont
Tim Witten
Don Wolff
Gary S. Wills


Fremont Meerwarth III, graduated posthumously from CCS in 1977.  He died on December 23, 1976 after a long battle with cystic fibrosis and brain abscesses which finally took his life.  He was class president that year as well as being awarded valedictorian posthumously.


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