John Mathewson
Class of 1977

Residence:         Corpus Christi, Texas                           EMAIL JOHN
Marital Status married
Spouse:  Pennie
Children: John 26, Jenny 25, Zack 23, Logan16
Grandkids: Jasmine 5
College/Schools Univ. of NH at Keene
Occupation: Environmental Chemist, Test America, Inc
Past Residences:
Keene New Hampshire  1977-81
Lake Charles Louisiana 1981-82
New Orleans, Louisiana 1982-83
Laurel Mississippi 1983-84
Lafayette, Louisiana 1984-86
Corpus Christi, Texas 1986-present'
Past Jobs
'Geologist 1981-89 - Core Laboratories
Environmental Chemist 1990-present - Test America, Inc
Other Activities
Boy Scout Leader, politics, fixing my kid's cars, making computers for friends, shooting hoops, playing with my grand daughter, going out with my wife & older kids (John, Jenny & Zack) doing karaoke and beers

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. Morton, Cheney, O'Conner'
Talent show "Beatles II" with Allen Del Rosario, and Don Wolf, Mr. Morton's physics class,  basketball with Andy, Larry, Mark Sherman, Gary McNall,  riding Trials motorcycles with Stephan,
building VWs with Bud Durin, time spent with Tom, Robert, Maggie, and Ellen


Wish we had class reunions, I made it to Cambridge in 1997, and 2007.  Lets get more people on Facebook, only Holly Sanders, Maggie and Rick Durham are there now.

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