Don Vitello
Class of 1960


North Syracuse, NY              E-MAIL DON

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Linda
Children: Andy, Darcy, Diane
Grandkids: 0
College/Schools University of Maine-Orono
Occupation: Semi-Retired Professional Staffing Consultant/Recruiter
Past Residences: 1966-1973: Gloversville, NY
1973-1976: Erie, PA
1976-1982: Lexington, KY
1982-1988: Durham, NC
1988-Present: N. Syracuse, NY
Past Jobs GTE - 29 years, IT Manager
Keane, Inc. - 3 years
Staffing Consultant - the last 5 years
Other Activities Sports, Mini-Vacations

Favorite Teacher(s):

Maurice O'Connor, John Herbert, Carson Fuller, Olive Thiessen, Ms. Wallace, Weir, Noteman, Tom Buckley (on Avenue A)
Memories: Growing-up in Cambridge, with a strong support system of immediate family, friends, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and the area adults.  Going to school every day, practicing sports every day, battling, with my teammates, to win every basketball, football, and baseball game for CCS, and being very upset at each loss.  Still upset today.  I know - I need to get a life.  Can't.  Still upset at each loss.  Winning the Section II basketball championship, in 1960, at Troy High, before what seemed to be the entire town of Cambridge.  What a great feeling!!!


Thanks to all who are working on this undertaking.  Your efforts are truly appreciated.  And, a special thanks, for the many years of work by Bob Raymond and Dave Thornton.  As a remote reader of the Eagle/Post, I have enjoyed the many Cambridge/CCS history articles and the vast amount of information.

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