Lucille (Dustin) Makrin
Class of 1960


Cambridge, NY                          E-MAIL LUCILLE

Marital Status Married (almost 45 years)
Spouse:  Frank (formally Henry)
Children: Keith (36), Kristin (33)
Grandkids: none yet
College/Schools Grace Down Airline School in NYC
Occupation: RETIRED !!!   :~))))
Past Residences: Woodside, NY 1960-65
Flushing, NY 1965-68
Massapequa, NY 1968-98
Cambridge, NY 1998-to present
Past Jobs B. Altman & Co.- NYC -Bookkeeping
American Airlines - General Office-NYC Bookkeeping & Forms Control-10 yrs.
Cake Decorating (from home)
Cabbage Patch Doll clothes -special order - from home.
Craft Fairs in my home for 8 yrs.
"Sew Again" in Oceanside, LI - 4 yrs.
A & S Novelty, Farmingdale, LI - 11 yrs.
(sold sewing machines in both stores.  Did many conventions for the later store as a demo person; also demoed Rubber Stamping for many manufactures and taught classes.  Glad to be retired.
Have all day to sew now.

Other Activities Quilting - Highland Quilter's Guild (Argyle)
Applique Group- "Loose Threads" - Argyle
Mini Group - "Looser Threads" - Argyle
"Peaceful Vally Quilters" - Cambridge
Embroidery Club - Queensbury
Salem Area Woman's Club
"Silver Griffins" - (our senior ski group at Bromley
(over 200 members)

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs. Tully - Home  Ec. (sewing & cooking)
Memories: Loved the lake dances during the summertime and the record hops during the year at school.  The DJ's would come from the Albany radio stations.

The day someone put a wet paper towel down the back of my blouse (while standing at my locker) I had just come out of Science Class and we had dissected a frog.  Thought for sure that was what went down my blouse,  I let out a blood curdling scream.
Then another day, I was walking down the hall (end of day-trying to catch my bus) and the bottom of my cake carrier fell and my chocolate cake I had decorated in Home Ec. hit the floor,  I screamed and all the teachers came running to their door to see what had happened.  I was so upset, think it might have been a Birthday Cake for my Dad.





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