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Photos on Page 29-34 were submitted by Bob Wright, Class of 1956,  If you can identify anyone in these photos or know the class year and/or the year these were taken....please email
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Row 1:
Row 2:
Row 3: Leo Fairbanks is the boy on the right end
Row 4:
Row 5:  ?, Leo Jeskie,

These are the names on the back of the picture:

Rea Church, Gladys Geelan, Phyllis Loutan, Thelma Allen, Tina Canzeri,
Minnie Robertson, John Harmon, Dorothy Mitchell
Mable Fairbanks, Helen Waite, Nelson Sharp, George McGeoch. Geneva
Granger, Stephen Powell, Leo Fairbanks,
Loretta Bartan, Leo Jeskie, William Loren, Elizabeth Gibbons, Mae
Harris, Dorothy Rich

Here is one of Aunt Olive's (Noteman) classes. I
have no names but I know the boy with suspenders and no hair in the back
row of the class. There is no mistaking Martin Church. He looked the
same when he was 60 years old. He was a member of the great football
team of 1924. He could throw a football the length of the field.
Bob Wright

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