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Photos on Page 29-34 were submitted by Bob Wright, Class of 1956,  If you can identify anyone in these photos or know the class year and/or the year these were taken....please email
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First row bottom-second one is Gardner Cullinan, Stuart Cullinan, Dan McInerny and Andy Bell. .(identified by Sue Ann Cullinan Decker)



Mrs. Wright’s 7th grade class.

Row 1: Grace Wallace, Veronica McGuire, Mary Noteman, Emily King, Edith St. Pienne, Lillian Decker

Row 2 Darwin Serman, Hazel Randles, Dorothy Allen, Marguerite McWhorter, Marjorie Parrish, Ruth King, Helen McClellan, Dorothy McGeoch, Harriet Rockwell,

Row 3.  Franklin Ketchum, Ruth Vanderbilt, Lois Ackley, Lydian Kain, Nathalie Lytle, Mary Duddy, Anna Ludley, Frances Gough, Mary Hanson. Martha Tellienth-Meekah

Row 4.  Edward Kent, Herman Blanchfield, Roscoe Burch, Walter Mitchell, Peter McLoy Leonard McGuin, George Stanard and Mark Kenyon

Thanks to Roxie Kenyon Pemrick for supplying the newspaper with this picture in it



First row of girls standing is Jean Tuttle Severson.(identified by Sue Ann Cullinan Decker)

 Rod Gorman 3rd in from the left 4th row (identified by Bob Wright)

From Peggy Powers Bloom, Class of l944:
This was the class before hers she thinks.
Bottom row left sitting on end is Dick Shiland. On the right side, third in from right, on bottom row was Roddy Gorman
On second up from bottom first row of standing girls: third in from the left is Marion Motsiff Gibbons Galbraith.
Third row from bottom right side: Mary Riley (scarf on neck) teacher
Same row as teacher 3rd from right, Lois Lynch
Next row up, second down from top, first on left John Sherman
Top row all the way right Jack Russell

Front row...left side on bottom is DICK SHILAND and the third guy in same row may be ROD GORMAN.  From Jim Arnold


The following names were on the back of the bottom photo.

Reta Beadle, E. Vickers, A. Graves, J. Prentis, H. McClellan, R. Gorman

A. Allen,M. Motsiff, D. Edie

 From Mike Costello: My father, Earl Costello is 1st row lower, 5th from left, seated next to Rod Gorman(white collar) 6th,  Norm Thompson is 7th(spotted knicker socks).  Roddy was best man at my parents wedding.

Dick Shiland is 1st L. in that lower row. 



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