Kurt Werger

Class of 1985

Residence:         Shaftsbury VT                       EMAIL KURT
Marital Status 'Married 19 yrs.
Spouse:  Rachel
Children: Caleb 17, Jonas 111, Leah 9, Gideon 6
Grandkids: no
College/Schools Word of Life Bible Institute, Adirondack Community College, Liberty University
Occupation: Engineering Assistant
Past Residences: Glens Falls/Queensbury NY, Fayetteville NC, Columbus GA, Chestertown NY, Bennington VT
Past Jobs Retail Sales, Construction, Pharmacy Tech, Security Guard, State Trooper, Juvie Counselor, Soldier
Other Activities  

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs. McElroy, Bob Morton, Mr Strobeck, Mrs. Reid, Mr. Mongomery, Mr. Pasco
Memories: Mr. Pasco sawing my superball in half and handing it back to me. Mr Morton rolling a bowling ball into Mr. Romack's classroom. All the cat fights that Clem Crowe started with his rumor mill. Mr. Strobeck smashing the chalkboard with his fist. Mrs. Krogman telling the class that I would some day either be a famous writer or in jail (still working on that).
Military Service '82d ABN C 307th Med/407th FSB '92-'95. C 2-108 IN 1996 - 2000. 2-172/86th STB


Heading out on my second deployment around NOV. Kabul this time. Would really like to come back in one piece since my life is just extraordinarily great. All is in God's hands, however, so I trust the outcome to be good - regardless of what that outcome is. Currently trying to buy back the home where I grew up in White Creek. I remember Clem Crowe picking on those of us who never made it out of "Toad Town" but I've been all over, and am actually excited about coming back. Want to hear an amazing tale of providence, drop me a line and ask how this came to be

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