Joann Weber Giovannone
Class of 1980


Schuylerville, NY'       

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Jerry
Children: one son, Nicholas, age 12
Occupation: Assistant Court Analyst, Judicial Branch
Past Residences: Washington, Clifton Park, & Schuylerville
Past Jobs  
Other Activities Attending events our son is involved in, gardening (I do NOT have a green thumb, but enjoy beautiful flowers

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Leyden, Mr. Cheney, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Weeks
Memories: 3rd gr..Mrs Mahar grabbing me by the back of my hair & pounding my forehead into the blackboard, stating, "The Roman Numeral 19 is XIX". (I didn't know it then, but I've never forgotten it since). 6th gr. Mr. Giles chasing me around the classroom with scissors in his hand threatening to cut off my ponytail, it was least the class, the teacher & I thought so. Field trips with Mr. Crowe & his wife driving the bus, the best one to see the ice sculptures in Williamstown, MA., Mr. Crowe saying to me, "I looked up your IQ scores, and I know you really try hard and apply yourself". Never quite knew how to take that comment, compliment or insult? (both?) Mr. Cheney & wife looking at and stating they'd like to purchase  2 doll carriages from my sister & I for their daughters for Christmas. ($5.00/each). We were delighted, they took the doll carriages, but we never got the money and my sister was too shy to remind him. The party at the Garrsion's on the last night of our class play. The grass fight Marlene & I had that started outside & carried inside the halls. (sorry to the custodians who had to clean up our mess). Going to The Market with everyone who was 18 yrs old when we returned from our senior trip. And many mooooore!!!!



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