Randi Sica
Class of 1978


Cambridge, NY                EMAIL RANDI

Marital Status Divorced
Children: Shaun and Ryan
Occupation: Transportation Director, Cambridge Central School
CCS Website and Email System Administrator
Computer hardware review writer(motherboard specialist) for www.AnandTech.com
Past Residences: Where else? :) The lovely Village of Cambridge
Past Jobs Thomas Farms(FT)
Town of Cambridge Highway Dept(PT)
Cambridge Enterprises Autobody +Paint shop(entreprenourship)
Cambridge Central School Bus driver
Cambridge Central School Bus Mechanic
Forum Moderator and 3D Team Captain - Icrontic.com
Forum Moderator and 3D Team Captain - XtremeSystems.com
Senior News + Review Editor - XtremeResources.com

Other Activities Music(yes...Bill Updike and I are still at it:)), All things ridiculous in high performance computer building and competition(go to www.xtremesystems.org where they bestowed the title of Xtreme Legend on me ,in the Computer Enthusiast community, for the former exploits and innovations I allegedly brought to the hobby over the last 6 years (smiling)in the realms of Overclocking,3D benching and CPU and graphics card cooling (water and refrigeration))

Favorite Teacher(s):

Woody Strobeck, Ed Green, George Leyden, Dick Burdsell, JJ Vitello
Memories: Hmmmm:) Where to start??
School dances featuring Welkin
The many parties at the Santerre residence. Mrs. Santerre always left a wonderful chocolate mayonnaise cake to help us soak up the Pabst Blue Ribbon that she and Mr. Santerre undoubtly knew we'd be consuming in their absence:) Also, the many phone calls on those evenings to Clem Crowe(and other teaching staff) from Woody Strobeck(aka Rich Santerre, chief vocal impersonator). I'm not sure that should have been mentioned seeing Rich is currently and for many years has been a High School Math Teacher at Hudson Falls(laughing). Also, maybe the pinnacle was awarding by phone of an underclassmen "The BOCES of the Year Award" by HS Principal Andrew Voninski (aka Rich Santerre, chief vocal impersonator), and that student showing up at school to receive it the following week :):)

Who can forget Senior skip day at Williams camp?? Whilst we were standing around partying, the school pick up arrives with Rupe Jennings, HS Principal Andy Voninski and School Nurse Charlotte Collamer. At that juncture, I observed many of my classmates beating feet thru the woods (laughing) in an attempt to escape recognition.

And who can forget the final days of school, when John Guile, Dave Dearstyne and myself were encouraged by (now un-named) members of the Social Studies Department to parade around the School's front driveway as a tribute. After our illustrious drive (and John's near loss of control on the first corner), Dave and I decided to do a smoke burnout salute to all of our underclassmen and Teachers, in front of the school. After warming our tires at the corner of Rt313,(Custodian Harold Dewey was overheard to say he thought his house may be on fire, the comment brought about from the billows of white smoke emanating from the direction of his home), Dave and I decided to light our tires on the biggest stage of all, Rt22 directly in front of school. As I stopped to initiate the smoke show, Dave was enamored looking back at our friends cheering wildly and did not see that I had stopped to burn rubber. Instead of smoke galore, the CCS student body and Faculty were entertained with a rear end collision that collapsed the front of Daves rusted out Plymouth Valiant and ended our day of fame. After visiting with the Washington County Sheriff + Chief Uncle Phil Sica, we were issued tickets (deservedly)for our Day of Fame exploits.

The 1978 Sica Graduation Party featuring our classes favorite band,Welkin( Featuring alumni Rob McGeoch(1967) and Mike Meaney(1974), and Salem guitarist Greg Butler). My wonderful parents put on what might have been the alltime ultimate CCS graduation party in the hamlet of Center Cambridge, with at one point between 300-400 people in attendance. It was the last gig for Welkin with Mike Meany aboard as drummer and we found that many other graduation parties migrated to Center Cambridge with their leftover refreshments (aka beer kegs). Needless to say...whats that oldtime saying? : " A good time was had by all" :):) I still have audio tapes of that music performance if any of my classmates are interested in CD copies, along with recent CD updates provided to me by "Moon" McGeoch of the older catalog of Welkin music as played at the dances, etc featuring Dick Maxfield on Guitar.....the "classics".



Other email addresses 

randi.sica@cambridgecsd.org or randi.sica@anandtech.com

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