Frank Smith
Class of 1976


Norfolk Virginia              EMAIL FRANK

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Joy
Children: Luke age 24 & Morgan age 20
Occupation: Engineer
Past Residences: Lakehurst NJ
San Diego Ca.
Oakland Ca.
Greenwich NY.
Plainville CT.
Norfolk Va.
Past Jobs Retired from US Navy in 1997 as a Master Chief.
Other Activities Old cars

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr Rower

Military Service

Served in the US Navy from Sept 76 until June 97. Served aboard the aircraft Carriers, USS Constellation (during the Iran Hostage Crisis), USS Enterprise (during strikes against Libyia), USS John F Kennedy (during the First Gulf War)and USS John C Stennis.
I am presently employed by, Northrop Grumman Newport News as an Engineer, where we design and build Aircraft Carriers and Submarines for the US Navy.


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