Dorothy Everall McCully
Class of 1976


Saskatoon, SK   Canada,                           EMAIL DOROTHY

Marital Status Married Oct. 2007
Spouse:  Tom A McCully ( my full blooded Canadian Scotsmen) oh what a love he is. had to travel 2500 miles but could not have found anyone better...... thank goodness for the Internet...... yes, he is a trucker too., 
College/Schools Hudson Valley Com Col and Southern VT College
Occupation: Back driving 18 Wheeler Trucks again across Canada and USA after taking 12 yrs off to go to college and get Bachelors degree in Accounting and work in that field for a while.
Past Residences: California, Washington, Iowa, Vermont, Missouri, New York, Georgia
Past Jobs OTR Truck driver (48 states)
Census worker
A/R accouting
Store Assistant Manager
Office Manager
Other Activities Quilting, Porcelain figures from scratch, crafts

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. Pasco (is he still around?)



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