Jack Hudson
Class of 1972


Chapel Hill, NC     EMAIL JACK

Marital Status Single
College/Schools Wake Forest University, BA, University of Orleans, FRANCE, Masters
Occupation: 'Bilingual (English/Spanish) customer service specialist for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina'
Past Residences:
'Orleans, FRANCE
Laurinburg, NC
Lexington, NC
Charlotte, NC
Cleveland, OH
Tampa, FL'
Past Jobs
Instructor - University of Orleans, FRANCE
French/Spanish teacher, North Carolina Public Schools
Reservations/Sales Agent, Instructor, Northwest Airlines
Other Activities Cooking, Reading, Movies, Gardening, Volunteer work with animal shelters, Traveling.

Favorite Teacher(s):

Ms. McAdoo, Mstrs. Cheney, Crowe, Morton, Wilbur, Giles, Leone, Bowler, Burdsall
Being called "Jackie" by my mother in English class.
"Tilly", "Old Iron A--", aka, Mrs. Hudson giving the evil eye to Clark McLenithan, Greg Loomis and then proceeding to chew them out royally during English Regents review in that hot auditorium!
Watching Al Shepherd go up in that rocket while Miss Brune, kindergarten teacher, bawled uncontrollably.
Mr. Brennan throwing Charlie Dusha across the hallway.  (Things were different back then.  See the next one!)
Mr. O'Connor coming up behind boys, grabbing their belts, and shoving their shirt-tails inside their pants.
My mother asking me what I said to Walt Kinnin upon receiving my diploma.  I told her I said, "Anymore hot tips, Walt?"  If you want to know the "rest of the story" e-mail me!
Falling through Mary Frazier's window.
Right cheek, A, Left cheek, B!
Walking down that long hallway with my Mom late on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963.
Mr. Burdsall's travelogues about Barbados


As many know, I have six sisters, Cammie, Anne (DeeDee), Karen, Trina, Judy, and Janet.  Mom and Dad always, always stressed "family".  I am very, very proud of my sisters and as we say down here in the South, we are all tight as a tick!  Mom and Dad are buried in Beaufort, NC not too far from Emerald Isle.  Since 1994, all 20 of us (in-laws, nieces, and nephews) have spent a week at the beach in Emerald Isle.  What is especially gratifying is to hear my nieces and nephews talk about bring their families to the beach also.
I feel very forutnate to have been raised in such an idyllic place as Cambridge and especialy to have been taught by so many dedicated and outstanding teachers.  And yes, that DOES include my Mom!
Who remembers SPEMGREPS?

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