Tom Raymond
Class of 1964


Beaverton, OR                          E-MAIL TOM

Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Rebecca
Children: 2
Grandkids: 4
College/Schools Hudson Valley (AS, 1972); Arizona State (BS, 1974); San Jose State (MA, 1987)
Occupation: Field Reliability Engineer (semiconductor/electrical engineering)
Past Residences: * Hudson Falls, one year at ACC.
* "I joined the Navy to see the world, and what did I see? I saw the sea."
* New York City, winter '70 (Knicks win the NBA, yeah!)
* Troy, HVCC, '70-72 (after three more NE winters I remembered why I left in the first place mid-60's; slow learner).
* Arizona, 1972-75 and '78-83:
Arizona State Univ.; began career in semiconductor engineering at Motorola; incl. Medtronics (chips for pacemakers).
* Silicon Valley, incl. Fairchild and AMD, 1975-78, 1983-2002; with Lattice in Oregon since 2003.
Past Jobs 1965-69: US Navy
1970-72: AT&T and NY Tel.
Beginning '73: A bunch of semiconductor engr. positions incl.'83-present: MMI-AMD-Lattice; same job, they keep changing the stationery on me.
Other Activities Little grandchildren; genealogical research, writing a book (Raymond family name); travel, backpacking High Sierras, scuba diving; active in church life; sports fan (Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, ASU Sun Devils); Lionel O-gauge set (rekindled from childhood).

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. O'Connor, Coach Fuller, Mr, Herbert, Mrs, Hudson, Mr. Schantz
Memories: Shared with Class '64's 35th reunion in 1999 (will try to edit soon and send in to this site, but no promises).


Also, please add a special section for Military Service details.
Where Served:

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