Scott Schnell
Class of 1963


St. Joseph, MO

  Marital Status Married
  Spouse:  Joanne E. Schnell (Mook)
C.C.S. Class of '64
  Children: Rod, Robert, Rebekah
  Grandkids: Cody, Schuyler, Anna
  Occupation: Semi-Retired


Past Jobs:
*Production Engineer - PPG Ind.
*Development Engineer, Director R&D - Superior Brands
*Research Scientist, Sr Res Sci - Friskies    PetCare (Nestle)
Past Residences:
         Ford City, PA
         Creighton, PA
         Altoona, PA
         Clearfield, PA
         Plymouth, MA
         St. Joseph, MO
College/Schools Favorite Teachers: Mr Herbert, Miss Weir
Other Activities
Memories: I remember doing math (you know, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division thingies) in our head in Miss Weir's class.  It was fun and still serves me well! 

 I remember riding my bicycle all over town delivering the Troy Record.  I had to go up to the Mary McClelland Hospital every day and offer papers to all of the patients as well as the Nurses Residence. 

 My wife of 37 years and I went to the Junior and Senior Proms together. 

My Grandfather lived out in Eagleville and one of my favorite things was to go out there fishing.  I would get taken out or ride my bicycle.  Later on after getting my license, I would drive out.  Used to be that I could catch dinner for our family in one day's fishing - two at the most!  Bob Inslerman and I and Ray Purdy and I went together several times.
I remember the bus trips to Hedges Lake for swimming lessons.  Gosh awful cold most mornings.  Some with fog still on the lake.  As a village kid, that was my main bus experience.
Summers I worked for my uncle at the Agway Feed store.  Hard work some time and lots of traveling to farms around.  Hated hitting my head on the low ceilings. 
Used to be that I could drive forever in the Center Cambridge, West Cambridge area and not travel on the same roads except to cross them sometimes.  They were all dirt at that time.  Now they are all paved over.  My Grandfather knew people with apple trees of varieties that we never hear of any more (at least not out here in the Midwest).  Northern Spies and Snow apples are two that come to mind at this remove.
Many of the sidewalks in Cambridge were slate and very slick when wet.  Puddles in the low corners when it rained.  Mud for a day to catch the unwatchful foot.
Ice creams sodas at Legris's Drugstore, Doughnuts at King's Bakery (pie squares too!).
Going to basket ball games.  Wasn't much for football though.
The mountains and fall color.  Nothing like it anywhere else!


Submitted Wednesday, November 17, 2004  

Scott and Jo in Branson MO    Fall/2003

This is the whole family.  July 2003. 
 In front is J. Schulyer (now 9), Anna (now 7).  On Anna's left is E. Cody (now 11) and on his left is Rebekah (our daughter and the mother of the Grand kids.  Jo is on Beki's right, next to her is Kelly with Haley her grand daughter.  Jill is on Kelly's right - she is Kelly's daughter and mother of Haley.  I'm behing Jill and Kelly.  To my left is F. Robert our son, married to Kelly, step dad and step grand dad.  To his left is Bob Donelson (behind Beki) - Beki's husband and father of Cody, Schuyler, and Anna.  Behind Robert is S. Rodman our son and his girl friend Aasha. Really noisy when we get together.

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