Joy Andrew Hosier


Oak Island, NC

  Marital Status Divorced
  Children: 2 sons Don (38) and Greg (34)
  Grandkids:  None
  Occupation: Vice President for Production and Inventory Control, South Atlantic Services


Past Jobs: I have been at South Atlantic Services for twenty-five years.  I started as the bookkeeper and am now VP for Production and Inventory Control. Past Residences: Amherst, MA, Durham, Beaufort, Wilmington and now Oak Island, NC
BS SUNY New Paltz, 1967;  MBA University of NC, Wilmington, 1993
Favorite Teacher(s): Mr. O'Connor
Other Activities:
My hobbies include playing tennis, bird watching, traveling, watching college basketball and serving as a volunteer in the Caswell Beach Loggerhead Sea Turtle Program.  In the spring after the female lays her eggs, we mark the nest and then sixty days thereafter monitor the nest at night. We are there to make sure that the hatchlings successfully travel from the nest to the sea.  It is very exciting to see the nest "boil" and to also see up to 120 baby Loggerhead Turtles travel into the sea.
Memories: Riding the Rooter Bus to basketball games and singing all those Elvis Songs
Comments: My only thoughts are that a lot of us went from K-12th grades together.  These classmates were therefore an important part of our lives.  It has been unfortunate that throughout the years that we have lost contact with each other but now through the website we can rekindle old friendships.  I can't believe that it has been over forty years since graduation.  It would be great to hear from everyone and learn what they have been doing.  Maybe we could even have a class reunion.  Wednesday, November 17, 2004


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