Michael A. Baratto
Class of 1962


416 Bovie Hill Rd., Hoosick Falls, NY 12090   Email Mike

Marital Status married
Spouse:  Margaret (Peggy)
Children: 4 girls
Grandkids:  6
Occupation:  Retired elementary teacher
Past Jobs Since graduation, I taught in Stillwater for two years. (5th grade) Then went on to Hoosick Falls for the duration of the 32 yrs. of educational experience.  Since retirement I have worked for Sherwin/Williams retail store in Bennington, VT and for a small manufacturing business in Hoosick Falls called Windo-Therm.  They make interior insulation panels for windows.
Past Residences: Basically spent the first two in Cambridge, then moved to Hoosick Falls.
College/Schools Plattsburgh State University College-BS/MS
Favorite Teacher(s): Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Sorrentino, Mrs. Murdock, Mr. Proud
Other Activities Currently I have many interests ranging from photography, bowling, golf, hunting and music.  I still play the tenor sax in the local Community Band and a "Big Band" called the Stardusters.  Also am a member of the Adirondack Corvette Club.
Memories: Life certainly was simple then.  Not too many distractions. Small town, close knit class, stress on values, family events and THE POPCORN WAGON!!
Comments: This certainly is a great undertaking and I hope that other alumni partake and make their own contributions.  This is networking at its finest!!!!


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