Class of 1954
Class Officers:
President Neil Wocell  Vice President Ray Resendes
Arlene Thomas  Treasurer Wilma Trinkle
Student Council Representatives
Marilyn Kenyon and David Hoffman

Sheila Black
Fred Bovie
Lina Campbell
Dale Catellier
Sally Chase
Marge Ensign
Evelyn Fillmore
Elaine Hazlinsky
Bill Higgins
David Hoffman
Kay Hughes
Clifford Isaksen
Bob Isaksen
Marilyn Kenyon
Thomas Loren
John Lybert
Pauline McHugh
Ethel McKernon
Joyce McLenithan
Aileen Merriman
Dotty Morache

Ann Pemrick
Carol Perry
Ray Resendes
Lorraine Santerre
Arlene Thomas
Wilma Trinkle
Nancy Wilson
Neil Wocell
Allan Wulff

CCS Class of 1954 as they completed First Grade in 1943
1st row: P. McHugh, M. Peabody, M. Peabody, J. Shay, J. Whimmit, B. Derrick, D. McNitt, E. McKernon, L. Walsh, G. McLenithan

2nd row: N. Wilson, A. Pemrick, B. Brundige, M. Ensign, M. Kenyon, S. Ames, K. Burns, A. Messina

3rd row: E. Morrow, B. Beauen, J. Painton, W. Higgins, J. Kaiser, E. Beagle, T. Dempsey, T. Heaney

4th row: N. Wocell, R. Cairns, F. Beagle, R. Fairbanks, B. Cole, A. Merriman, Miss Carpenter



1st row: C. Perry, W. Trinkle, E. Hazlinsky, A. Pemrick, M. Kenyon, J. McLenithan, D. Morache, M. Ensign, Mr. Ken Wilbur

2nd row: S. Chase, E. Fillmore, A. Merriman, K. Hughes, A. Thomas, P. McHugh, E. Mckernon, N. Wilson, L. Santerre, S. Black
3rd row: A. Wulff, D. Catellier, D. Hoffman, W. Higgins, R. Resendes, T. Loren, N. Wocell, C. Isaksen, F. Bovie, J. Lybert



1953  1955