Jerome C. Robertson

Class of 1948

Residence:         Bennington, Vermont                    EMAIL JERRY
Marital Status Married
Spouse:  Bette Ann
Children: Donna and Liza
Grandkids: nine of them
College/Schools Houghton college'
Occupation: Retired from Southern New England Telephone Co
Past Residences: Cambridge, NY,  White Creek, NY,  Meriden, Ct., Bennington, Vt.
Past Jobs Barbering with my father, Bill Robertson,  school bus driver in Cambridge 1951,  New York telephone co.,  The Southern New England telephone co., after retirement, drove school bus in Meriden, Ct., and currently driving school bus in Bennington, VT
Other Activities Babysitting grandchildren,   short day trips and long walks with our dogs!  attending church here in Bennington..

Favorite Teacher(s):

Ruth Weir, Mrs. Dempsey, Ken Wilber, Mrs. Noteman., and my fourth grade teacher
Memories: Air craft observer during WW2 at the Rice Seed co.,  riding my bike to and from school,  Charlie Cantwell the crossing guard,  Basket ball games in the OLD school gym,  the school burning down in 1947,  hunting after school with Bill Mason and Charlie Vickers,  ringing the bell in Hubbard hall on VE day,  working for the village of Cambridge while in high school, with George Arnold, George Arnold and Jack Falkenbury,  George Mac Arthur's garage, John Henry's store, and the street dances that were held on Friday nights at the hotel Cambridge park...lots more, but memory on hold for now
Military Service Korean war, as a Medic, with the 2nd division, 38th Reg


I hope that everyone enjoyed the pictures that I sent in, through Mike Barrato   I also have a commencement card with all the graduates names,['48]  if interested can send it in.... also thanks to my step daughter Colleen Meaney Vandal for all of her help in reconnecting me to CCS news, after we changed our ISP to Comcast and had difficulty getting reestablished.....sincerely,  Jerry Robertson

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