Tim Kelleher
Social Studies Teacher 1991-1999


Greenwich, NY                     E-MAIL Tim

Graduated from Cambridge, 1984
Married to:  Maryann McGetrik
Children: Blythe '98, Liam '01, Declan and Maeve '05
College/Schools SUNY Cortland '88  SUNY Oswego '91
Other Teaching Locations
Other Activities
Memories: Clem Crowe, Cary Eddy, Phil Pasco, Lisa Whitman breaking in the new guy.  Donna Phinney and Sandy Sprague interrupting my classes.  The group of Modified boys soccer players and the corn fights in the corn field, the Bell twins playing taps after losing to Tamarac, the baseball team "stealing" my car and JP doing my banking every other Friday

Class of 1984

Tim's Personal Page

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