Bob Cheney
Teacher 1966-1996
History, Government, Psychology, other Social Studies


Cambridge, NY                    E-MAIL BOB

Graduated from Classical H.S., Springfield MA '58'
Married to:  Caitlin Adams
Children: Cindy, Heather, Laura and Robin
Grandkids: 5 so far
Other Teaching Locations 'Bowling Green St U., Homer High School, Alaska'
Other Activities
'am busy now with "VOSCA,"  (community service work with CCS seniors, culminating in a spring "vacation" rebuilding homes in S Carolina)doing  a “living history”  portrayal of  Dr. James Naismith  (it’s 1936),
doing triathlons, traveling (just returned from a camping trip  to Alaska), keeping tabs on the family,  deleting stuff I  accumulated over 40 years, some work with FEMA and,  making  applesauce & maple syrup, and watching CCS games.  (Speaking of VOSCA, we are working on an  “adult” trip to do volunteer work in S Carolina maybe in June, and to Costa Rica. Interested?)
So many: social studies discussions, eras, topic papers, seminars,  His-story, psych & “self”, paleoanthropology, George & Clem and  other  S.S. teammates, the very dedicated ,  extraordinary teachers, soccer teams, basketball teams,  “Open Gym” & Coed VB,  trips  to Mexico, California, Florida, NYC plays, Pookookapog,  & Montreal, Variety Shows, & since 1990,  VOSCA.  Worry about my mistakes- hope I left with you no permanent damage. Thanks to you students  for all  you gave to make my  professional life so enjoyable and rewarding.                                                            


Curious where your life path has taken you. especially  in the social, political, economic, military, geographical , educational , and psychological dimensions

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