Pictures of the Winter Season from your neck of the woods
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Painting of our Family Farm

Submitted by Mary Ann McMorris Bassett, Class of 1962

Raking Leaves in January

Picture submitted by Jack Shay, Class of 1956, Ash Grove



This is our Snow blower out here in Southern California,
 but I  do remember the shovel days back east

Picture submitted by Thure Johnson –1964 in Lakeside, California

Here is a photo of what Jack Frost painted on my bedroom window a couple of years ago.

Picture submitted by Bob Wright, Class of 1956,  Cambridge

Snowed in Tennessee style!

Minor tragedy - ran out of wine for 3 days!!!


 Most snow we've had since we moved to Tennessee. We had 12" before the end of the storm. Not much in the way of snow removal on the back roads! We miss those Cambridge Public Works snow plows.

One last Winter pic of the "Big Storm" ( I hope that's it for this winter


These 3 snowy pictures were submitted by

Paul Schneider, Class of 1959
Portland, Tennessee

Winter at my brother's old place in Salem. Winter 2007.

Of course I was always in Cambridge to look around when I visited him.

Picture submitted by  Susan Everall Bialac ,Warner Robins, Ga


Winter on Gilmore Avenue, Cambridge

Picture submitted by Bob Wright, Class of 1956

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