Pictures of the Winter Season from your neck of the woods
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I spent three months in Germany with my daughter and family from Thanksgiving, when my third grandson was born, until mid-February.  It was freezing, especially since it rained almost everyday.  Bruce joined us for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year's.  The only snow we saw the entire time is in this picture I took from Krista's window.  I was disappointed. I enjoyed the Christmas Markets they had in all the towns and this was in Frankfurt.

Pictures submitted by June Johnson Lawrence - Class of 1961 - Lakeland, FL

Weekend Fun in Bennington Vermont. No real snow, all man made! Awesome to see this happening!

Pictures submitted by Mary Bates Muckle '59

A record snowfall for the Baltimore region Jan 25th, 2016. 29" This photo shows the first HALF of it.

Picture submitted by Penny & Bud Pytko Class of '56




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