Old School, New School
BY Ken Gottry


     In 1946, the voters in CCS District No 10 voted to purchase the Hitchcock farm on South Park Street as the location for a new school. Heated debates, votes, and fights occurred in 1947 over design and cost of the new school. Suddenly (some still say mysteriously) around 1am on Monday August 18, 1947 the Cambridge School caught fire. By morning the school was in ruins while the fire smoldered for days. With the old school gone, progress on the new one should have been fast. However, when Clarence Coulter, BOE President, laid the cornerstone of the new school on September 30, 1950 no agreement had yet been reached on the final design or cost. For four years students attended classes in churches and businesses. It wasn't until June 1952 that the first class graduated from the new CCS. The photo shows Clarence placing a time capsule inside the cornerstone. Want to know what's inside the time capsule? You'll have to wait until the next article to find out.

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CCS Cornerston Time Capsule
Sept 30, 1950    

Old School Burning.


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