Renae Worboys
Class of 1992

Residence:         Granville, NY                   EMAIL RENAE
Marital Status Divorced
Children: 4 boys, Adam, Jacob, Darren, Logan
College/Schools Master's Degree - Suny Albany
Occupation: Marketing Rep. - Manchester Newspapers
Past Residences:  
Past Jobs  
Other Activities  

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mrs. Law-Saunders, Ms Whitman, Mrs. Baldwin


We never really understand what our high school years are all about until they are over. I have great memories of those years.  I would love to see my classmates again and take a walk down memory lane. I planned my 10 year reunion and hope we have a 20 year... which is coming up! I would love to be involved in that . If anyone else is interested in doing that... let me know.

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