Camille A Lufkin

Class of 1987

Residence:         Moreau, NY                     EMAIL CAMILLE:
Marital Status Single
Children: Only the 4-footed kind that can go in cages when I'm done & it's not a felony!
College/Schools 'Bard College, SUNY Center of Distance Learning, Rutgers University'
Occupation: 'Disabled/self-employed - eBay sales'
Past Residences: Annandale-On-Hudson, NY; Rahway, NJ; Flowermound TX; McKinney, TX; New Brunswick NJ, back to Rahway NJ, back to Cambridge NY;  Lake George NY;  Warrensburg, NY; and Moreau NY where I've been for the last... good heavens, 12 years!
Past Jobs Minstrel Press, Inc  (assistant to vice-president of mail order sales of Japanese anime merchandise and assistant editor of home-published magazine), Science Fiction Continuum (sales associate of mail order sales), several different telemarketing positions, Family Pet (pet sales associate), TV Data (channel editor), Travelers Insurance (multiple positions), StealthBunnyOddities (owner, eBay sales).
Other Activities Obsessive embroider-er, animal trainer, writer, role-player, backyard bird/squirrel/cottontail watcher/feeder/sucker for any animal that wanders by, and live in a home that became a warehouse when I took on the eBay sales, living disabled with fibromyalgia

Favorite Teacher(s):

I have a hard enough time remembering breakfast....


Not quite the life I had planned... but I never did do things the smooth way.  My friends' reactions when they pick up the phone on a call from me? What has she gotten herself into NOW? And even more interesting... what is she doing about it? 'Cause the story will NEVER be boring.
Also Known As: The StealthBunny;  The Six Foot Tall Blonde with Blue Hair; Dances with Rabbits; CatsCradle on the Decepticon Dominion;  Kamara Lufkin; and the list is always subject to additions.

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