Karen Hudson VanDusen
Class of 1973


Stony Creek, NY               

Marital Status Married, 26 years
Spouse:  George
Children: Benjamin  24, Kyle  21
Grandkids: none
College/Schools  Pfeiffer University, NC; UNC Chapel Hill, NC; SUNY Plattsburgh
Occupation: High school English teacher at Warrensburg Jr./Sr. High School
Past Residences: Okeechobee, FL; Dead Man's Pond, Cambridge, NY; Sanford, NC; Stony Creek, NY
Past Jobs All teaching jobs, from Okeechobee, FL, to Cambridge (1978-80), then to Sanford, NC, back to Fort Ann, NY, and finally at Warrensburg
Other Activities Down Syndrome/ AIM High organization; quilting and sewing, and whatever else strikes me each day...

Favorite Teacher(s):

Dick  Burdsall, - I have a different perspective, having also taught with some of my teachers, like Clem Crowe, George Leyden, and Bob Cheney - believe me, they were even funnier as colleagues!
Memories: Getting hollered at by my mother for falling asleep in her English class one day - at least it made for an interesting conversation at dinner that night! Bob Cheney's "Self" class - too weird; Clem Crowe's frequent "flatulation" in class; Joe Crank clipping his fingernails while sitting on his desk and teaching; Jo Kafer and Title IX - our 4 yr. winning field hockey team; telling Dave Filkins how I felt about him on my last day of school before graduation - what a catharsis


I've read many classmates and other's listings who've included my mother as one of their favorite teachers. When we lost Mom, it was sudden and very difficult, but the messages we received from many of you sustained us through a tough time. Thank you...   I've always said that my mother wasn't necessarily my favorite teacher, but probably one of two from whom I learned the most. Now that I've been teaching for almost 30 years, I can appreciate her hard work and dedication. I know she truly loved her job. And I loved the person who remembered her "rude, crude, and (unattractive)!" response - I find myself saying that to my own students all these years later... 


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