Most of us you do not know but we want you to know that the CCS Alumni from all over the country are very proud of you!

We hope you realize that even after you graduate and the years go by, you will always be a part of a very unique family… the family of those who once attended Cambridge Central School.  We are a proud group; proud of Cambridge, proud of our school and now you have made us even prouder.  Congratulations!!!

Debby Vitello, Class of 1963, Mechanicsville NY

This was the most exciting Friday afternoon I've had in a long time--Please pass on my congratulations to Doug and his Cambridge Indians team. That was a fantastic game. I was really proud of my hometown team, and I have always been very proud of Doug. He is a great coach.


Linda Finning Kelley, Class of 1971, Springfield VT

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football Team and their coaches, parents and cheerleaders too. Congratulations to their loyal fans as well.  Great Job!    

Cloud 9 is an awesome place to be. You've worked hard and deserve to hang out on that cloud for a while.  

Larry Decker, Class of 1958, Cape Cod (Hyannis) MA 

FANTASTIC!!!!!  GREAT COMEBACK INDIANS.    NYS CHAMPIONS!!   Congratulations Indians!!!!   


 Joel Collamer, Class of 1973, Greenwich CT
Congrats to Doug and the team! I was watching the play by play and when Maple Grove went ahead in OT, I thought that was it, but CCS came back with a TD of their own and a 2 point conversion for the win!


Lorri (Andrews) Oberbroeckling, Class of 1980, Shippensburg PA
 Congrats to all.  Way to go.  "Way to go Indians, way to go"

Joel Ketonen (Class of 63 had we not moved to Oklahoma) Garland TX

Was able to follow the game right though the double OTs via a Maple Grove twitter account. That's what happens when you live in Good Old Garland Texas - you take your CCS sports updates any way you can. Will give the "twittering guy" credit, he gave credit when credit was due to both teams.


Playing in The Dome has to be quite a change from my days standing behind the snow fence to watch the Indians play.

Congratulations to the team and Coach Luke on the hard won honor.


When and how do we out-of-towners get to get an Indians' Championship T-shirt? 


 Art (Class of 1960) and Judy Center, Cambridge NY

What a finale to a fantastic football season. We watched the game on TV here at home in Cambridge.  CONGATULATIONS TO THE PLAYERS AND THE COACHES!!!! 


Sarah Carroll, Class of 1996, Springfield OH
Way to go, Indians! So proud to be “right there with you” via Facebook from two states away! I have never forgotten how it felt to celebrate with the Indians football team every time we had the chance – I’m so glad you get to experience that fun & pride! Thanks for continuing to make Cambridge proud!

Mary Lee Kent, Class of 1958, Bennington VT
Cambridge Central School Indians did it again - State Class D NYS Football Championship - yea team. Quite a tradition for the tiny hometown. First time was in 1925 when my father, Eddie Kent, was a starting team member as a big 8th grader - that's how hard it was for such a small town to field a team. But they won the state and now repeatedly. So proud of these players and their coaches.

Throughout the country and in fact the world, Cambridge people of all ages and descriptions have been supporting CCS's great team players and coaches and hoping for this success. Grateful for this forum and those who have responded.  How the team would otherwise know of all this support and kind wishing and pride? I know they must look up into the stands and see supporters they don't know - - but the reality from these messages, of how many followers they have cheering them on, must be surprising and heartening! And to Lucas who was injured, best wishes for recovery and inclusion in the celebration.

Karen Dusha McKean, Class of 1966, Schenectady NY

This CCS team held us on the edge of our seats today with our hearts in our mouths as we cheered for THE INDIANS from around the country. The outcome made us proud, created tears and made your hometown come together as a family. Wish I had been there in person but my spirit was. My cousin, Ed "Sparky" Oliver, would have been so proud also. Congrats INDIANS.


Mary Bates Muckle, Class of 1959, North Bennington VT

Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! WOW! CCS did it again! 
What a team! 

Glen Holton, Class of 1975, Byram Township NJ

Congratulations on winning the state title.

Paul H. Schneider, CCS Class of 1959, Portland TN

Congratulations to the CCS 2016 Class D Champions, the Team, the coaching staff & my friend from High School Dan Severson. Great job by all.  My nephew, Don Schneider Jr.'s son Calvin is a freshman on your amazing team. Best wishes to all involved on your continued success...


Dorothy Taylor Buckley, Class of 1958 Voorheesville NY
Congratulations to Coach Doug Luke and the Cambridge Indians!!!!  CLASS D STATE CHAMPIONS!   I could not turn the TV off until the end.  What a game!!

Bruce Wands, Class of 1958, Independence MO

Congratulations to the coaches, players, parents, and fans of CCS

John Davis, Class of '65, Kodak TN
Fantastic job, Indians! Great job by the coaches!  . Proud of my hometown high school team


Mary Lyn (Kyer) Martin, Class of 1965, Uniontown OH ~ and the Cleveland Indians!!

So proud and happy for all. Congratulations!!!


Diane Jilek, CCS Business Department-retired, Salem NY

Congrats to the CCS football team, their coaches, parents, and community.  Watched the game from a TV view this time (went in 99).  A nail biter great game.  Have seen many reruns of the conversion- still very exciting.  Nice to see on social media, the parades for going and coming home-and the fact that community extends beyond the Welcome to Cambridge signs.

Bruce Buchanan, Class of 1975, Cortland, NY
Congratulations to the Coach Luke and the Cambridge Indians.

Bob Bloom, Class of 1969, Greenville SC
Congratulations Coach Luke and team.  Went to the game - well worth the trip!


Melissa Aiken Spiezio (Class of 1993) and Poke Spiezio (Class of 1990), Cambridge NY

Very proud to have been on the sidelines for every game during your championship season. This season has taught you all that hard work pays off -remember to apply that off the field as well. Congratulations!

Glen (1957) and Betty Jeskie (1955) White, Greenwich NY
So very proud of the Cambridge Indians Football Team.  Congratulations to Doug Luke and the Coaching Staff and all those wonderful young men who did such a fine job.

.  2016 State Champions!!!


Jane Falkenbury Wright, Class of 1957, Cambridge NY

It was a FANTASTIC game with a storybook ending. Great effort on the part of the whole team! I would like to make mention of all the Pee Wee, Modified, JV and other Cambridge football coaches who have built the foundation for this championship team. They deserve kudos as well!

Charlie Dusha, Class of 1972, Arlington VT

Coach Doug, and everyone involved with CCS football: 

Congratulations to all of you, and to the entire town of Cambridge for their support in your endeavor.  Although it has been many years since I played sports on the fields of Cambridge, having moved to Arlington in my 8th grade year, I still remember those days with joy and reverence for the spirit of the Indians.  Coach Luke, we participated together, and those are joyful memories.  It is amazing and wonderful that you are still creating joyful memories for YOUR athletes, and for the people of Cambridge, with your dedication to leading, teaching, and coaching our young people.  Blessings to you, and your entire team.  Here's to the coming seasons, may they be filled with joyous memories, camaraderie, and victories too numerous to count.


Thanks to all of you for the hard work and supreme effort.

Bruce Squiers, Class of 1967, Salem NY

Thanks for putting Cambridge on the map...great win.


Rosalyn Perry Weselak... Class of 1961, Buffalo NY

Congratulations!  Proud of your hard work CCS football team & coaches. 


Earl  D, Hunt , Class  of 1957, Albany NY

Congrats to  the  CCS  Indians  wearers  of  the  Orange/Black.   


Dave Bellemare Class of 1975 (moved, did not graduate from CCS) Durham CT

What a huge accomplishment it is for Coach Luke, his coaching staff, and the players to win the Class D State Football Championship. Congratulations for a huge win, which you will remember for years to come. It has been wonderful to see the Cambridge community come together and rally around their winning team.


Mary Aulicino Rice, Class of 1955, Huntington NY

Congratulations Cambridge Indians!


Ginger (Nennstiel) Taylor, Class of 1956, San Diego CA

Congratulations to all the players and coaches for your exciting win over Maple Grove.

I know your community, parents and relatives share your joy.


Michelle Dota Murphy, Class of 2001, Hickory NC
Congratulations Indians!!  It was exciting to keep track of the game and cheering from so far away!  I was a cheerleader for the 1999 championship game & this just brings me back to that day!! Way to go guys!!!


Ed Dunscombe   Class of 1972, Endicott NY

Congratulations to the NYS Champion Cambridge Indians and my ’72 classmate Doug Luke!

Debby Bowler Briscoe, Class of 1969, El Granada CA

Congratulations on your stupendous victory, way to go orange & black!   Both Mom and Dad would be so proud.  Being so far away for many years, Cambridge still feels like home


Don Catellier, Class of 1976   Saratoga NY and Venice FL.
Congratulations to coach Luke and the whole CCS program from the youth program to the high school team. You all played a role in this championship   Great team and program effort. 


Michael O’Konski , Class of 1988, living n Greenwich NY. 

Congratulations to the players and coaches! You had a great season and a fantastic ending, Way to go!


Susan LaFlamme Blocker, Class of 1972, Cambridge NY

Congratulations CCS Indians on a job well done. After watching the younger boys, Cambridge Tigers win the super bowl (my grandson Kadyn MacNeil threw the winning pass for the overtime touchdown) and then Varsity winning the State Championship after 2 overtimes it has been quite a season for Cambridge and so proud of each of those who worked hard to make this happen. Keep up the good work, you have made us proud.


Bob Wright, Class of 1956, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the 2016 Football Team for continuing Cambridge's football tradition dating all the way back to the 1924 and 1925 when Cambridge was Northeastern New York Champions downing  Mechanicville, Greenwich, Hudson Falls, Troy, Granville, Glens Falls, Whitehall and Albany. The community supported teams of old (600 paid attendees for the 1924 Hudson Falls game). The boys of 2016 did Cambridge proud showing the rest of the region what talented and fine young men live here. They certainly deserve our continued support.


Sandy Pratt Zerrillo, Class of 1979, Slingerlands NY

I would love to send congratulations to Coach Luke and the members of the football team for a phenomenal win!!  Way to make us proud!

 Brian Hunt Sr, Class of 1976, Eagle Bridge NY 

Congrats to a stellar team...both of my boys played for CCS, but came up short....We’re proud of your hard work and dedication and being a team.


Amy Peabody Emerson, Class of 1976, Center Ossipee NY


Sandra Christensen Clark, Class of 1962, Londonderry VT

Just want to say how proud I am of this great team and the coaches. How lucky I am to still be part of the CCS Family.


Ray (Class of '89) & Jen Dota (Class of '97) VanDeWater, Cambridge NY

Congrats CCS Indians Football Team and Coaches! Your hard work, dedication and perseverance paid off. We enjoyed the season, especially the dome game- well played- True Champions never give up! Looking forward to next year.

Mike Severson, Class 1961, Cutchogue NY



Jan Kyer Krampitz, Class of 1969, Thomaston CT
Congratulations!  What an achievement!  Wish I had been there!

Carol Hebbard Flores, Class of 1985, Acworth GA

GO INDIANS! Congratulations to the team, coaches, parents and everyone else who supported the team this year! What a wonderful ending to an awesome season! Savor the moments and the memories for years to come!


Glenn Davis, Class of 1960, Murphy NC

Congratulations to the CCS football team! What an amazing victory! Class D State Champs!!! I listened to the game on Max Preps. Not much detail, just a brief update every few minutes. I thought I’d have a heart attack. We were whooping a hollering here in Murphy NC after the final two point conversion. Way to go Indians. You make us proud!  My Uncle Jack Coulter was a star running back on the famous 1924/25 champion football team coached by Bob Wright’s Father. Jack is smiling up there somewhere

Brother Steve was watching from Portland OR. Class of 1967


Amanda Brand, Class of 2015. Cazenovia NY
Congratulations to the Cambridge Indians football team on their win for the State Title! A big congratulations to Coach Luke, one of my favorite teachers at the school, as well as Coach Bochette! And of course, the rest of the coaching staff. 

Mike Baratto, Class of1962, Hoosick Falls NY

Congrats to the coaching staff, players and supporters for your once in lifetime accomplishment!   Coach Ken Baker is smiling broadly!!

Wesley Mook, Class of 1958, Bennington VT
Congrats to Coaching Staff and team. Great job!!


Pauline Rogers Nash, Class of 1963, Rienzi MS
I couldn’t be prouder!!!!!   What a nail biter of a game!  Congratulations on a fantastic year.  I am surprised you couldn’t hear this ole cheerleader cheering from Mississippi.

Tracey O’Dell-Wooddell, Class of 1988, CTR USN NAVHOSP, Pensacola FL


 Wendy Brown Marino, Class of 1973, Ballston Lake NY
Congratulations to the team, Coach Luke and all the assistants, fans and devoted supporters. All your hard work and determination has paid off. Very exciting! We were in Florida getting my nephew's texts and hanging on the edge of our seats. So happy for you all. As Pauline says, once a Cambridge cheerleader, always a Cambridge cheerleader.  Cambridge forever!


Bob Inslerman, Class of 1963, Saranac Lake NY

What an amazing feat.  Never underestimate the Cambridge Indians for once again achieving greatness and securing a place on the map.  I’m sure a lot of folks are wondering where is Cambridge, NY.  Well, now they know.  What a great team and what a great town. 


Ed Cantwell, Class of 1958, Wheeling IL

Let me add my congratulations to Coach Luke, the assistant coaches and staff and all the members of the 2016 CCS Indian football team -- NYS CLASS D CHAMPS!!!  I follow the Indians thru Pete Tobey's columns in the Post Star and on the website to get the scores and updates.  Couldn't wait to tell all my friends here in Chicagoland about the victory.....going for the two point conversion and victory instead of the tie.....gutsy call Coach!!  That fits with the Indian spirit and makes me very proud to be an Indian Alum.  Best of luck in the future for additional Championships!


Donna Reed Plog, Class of 1977, Greenwich NY

Congratulations to the whole team including Coach Doug Luke and Assistant Coaches!!  It was quite a season to go into the State Championship game with a 12-0 record.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game at home, better than watching my favorite Pro team.  I am glad to hear Lucas is doing well, it showed great sportsmanship for Maple Grove's head coach to wish him well while he was taken off the field on a gurney.  Enjoy this victory, very proud of your accomplishment!!


Tom Raymond, Class of 1964, Fernandina Beach FL

Channeling, echoing from the great beyond, from the very first undefeated CCS championship team of nine decades past, of 1925, that of Johnny Galloway, Nick Canzeri, Martin Church, Charles Raymond, et al - who also outscored their opponents like this year's version a bazillion to peanuts (except that last game!) ... SUPER CONGRATS for the Super Bowl win in Syracuse!  Good going, Coach Doug Luke, Asst. Dan Severson, et al. (The Burlingame boys, Bob and Mark, would be so proud!)

Dale Hall, Class of 1981, Cambridge NY

Congratulations!  Zack, Brad and whole Indian team.....I thought this was a rebuilding year?

Chris Crucetti, Class of 2012, Cambridge NY
Congratulations Cambridge Indians! It was a thrilling game to witness and an instant classic. Congratulations to the players and coaches on a fantastic season!


Ted Presler, Class of 1956, Silver City NM

All across the nation and a few outside are congratulating the 2016 Cambridge HS Football team for their tremendous victory in a nail chewing and biting win over a very tough team. Back in '54, 55, 56 we didn't come close to this accomplishment which makes this victory in 2016 even sweeter than most. Congratulations to the coaches and the players and the town of Cambridge for a wonderful job on the field!


RoseMarie Leone Winiewicz, Class of ’72, Bethesda MD

Congratulations, Doug- to you and your team.  What a thrill!  I remember watching, many years ago, a grainy black and white image of Cambridge playing a (sectional??) game against the team of future NFL player Mike Hart.  That game was exciting, so this one even more so!  An accomplishment like this only comes from hard work, long hours, dedication, and a little bit of luck (i.e. injury-wise).  Enjoy the moment and keep up the good work.  In these trying times, sports teams help us all find some common ground.


Diana Bayer Mertrude, Class of 1961, San Diego CA  

       My sister Carol Bayer (Class of ’63) has been keeping me informed about those CCS Indians!!  Many kudos to the team and to the female field goal kicker (imagine that)!!!! What a thrill for them.  Maybe the San Diego Chargers could take some lessons in perseverance and teamwork from the CCS Indians!!  Even here in San Diego, the word has spread about this tremendous win!!!  Hooray!!!!    


Thure Johnson, Class of 1964, Lakeside CA

Good going guys, nice to see the team on top and keeping my home town on the map


Anthony J. Cristaldi, Class of 1953, Waterloo NY

What a great tribute to Village of Cambridge and the Cambridge High School .It’s a great honor to the players, coaches and the system that producers these fine players. Makes you feel proud to be from Cambridge.


Susan E. Wolff Matteson, Class of 1972, Cambridge NY

I want to add my congratulations to my classmate Coach Doug Luke and to all the players who have achieved so much. Cambridge is so proud of all of you.


Don Record, Class of 1997, Suffolk VA

So proud of the team! The tradition continues, great job to all the coaches, players and families that were able to experience a year of excellence.

For the players, you will remember this for the rest of your lives. Enjoy this feeling and this memory -- it sticks with you forever. Congratulations!

Marjorie Chapman Luken, Class of 1966, Yorktown Heights NY

Congratulations to the CCS Football team. I am so proud of your achievement. I know it took a great amount of practice and fortitude to achieve the State Championship. I am so proud of you and so proud to be a CCS Alumni/


Earl Costello, Class of 1943, Chiefland FL.
 What a game, the players, coaches, and the whole school deserve a great big gotcha, "D" CHAMPS.


Richard MacDougall, Class of 1964, Cambridge NY
Congratulations to Cambridge's State Football Champions.  Super job to coach Luke and the rest of the coaching staff.  That was one of the best if not the best high school football games that I have ever seen.  Thanks Lukie for allowing me to be part of it.  Nippit!


Carol Bayer, Class of 1963, Rochester IL
When CCS won the basketball championship back in '60, everybody wanted to know where Cambridge was located.  It seemed most of the town was at new Troy High.  Well CCS has done it again.  We all know where the home of the CCS Indian's is - Cambridge, New York.  And yes it is on the map.  The game was one for the ages & I like a lot of us wish we could have been there.  What a win for this team to be so proud of.  Thanks to all of the supporters, we are everywhere.  What Cambridge has done is beyond words. Celebrate with CCS orange & black pride.

John Hunt, Class of 1965, Fayetteville NY

Congratulations to the team and coaches. Hopefully, the team and coaches can make a celebrity appearance at the CCS alumni weekend so we can meet them in person.

Stanley (Ford) Higgins, Class of 1960 & Bill Higgins, Class of 1954. Saratoga Springs NY

Congratulations to the CCS Indians Football Team and Coaching Staff on your outstanding accomplishment. You have made us all proud.

Joni Keys Rhodes, Class of 1971, Schuylerville NY

Congrats to the Cambridge Indians!!!  Great job by the team and coaches!  GO INDIANS!!!

Linda McMorris Record, Class of 1959, Cambridge NY

Special congratulations to the Cambridge football team for winning the 2016 NYS Class D championship.  It has been a "lot" of hard work and perseverance for those young men. I have followed the Cambridge Football games since 1985 and have missed very few games. Witnessed the execution of "The Play" many years ago, so exciting.  Watched the 1999 team bring home the State Title.  Certainly appreciate the coaches for all the time they put into the program and the "standard" of conduct that is expected. We can be proud of the Cambridge football program.


Ken Aiken, Class of 1968, Hazlet NJ

Congratulations to the 2016 NYS football champions. What a great season which I followed thru my local family members including Kyle #24.   An accomplishment that the players, coaches and town can be proud of and will always remember. 


Sharon Lee Saari Delgrosso, Class of 1970, Las Vegas NV

CONGRATULATIONS to the Cambridge Central Football Team!!!!!   Well done.


Don Vitello, Class of 1960, North Syracuse NY 

Congratulations to Coach Doug Luke, the assistant coaches, and every player on the team, for an outstanding achievement.

The football skills displayed by the coaches and players, of both teams, in this outstanding Class D NYS Championship game were of very high quality, higher than some Class AA teams.  And, those schools have 500 to 800 students, in each class, to fill their rosters.


Being at the game, was an experience of excitement and tension during each play, as it could be the deciding play of this extremely competitive, high level contest.  Then, Coach Doug made the great, gutsy, and correct call, win or lose.  It seemed like slow motion - the pass, the catch, then, even prior to the scoring signal of the referee, the eruption, the elation, the deafening roar of the Cambridge crowd (probably twice the size of that of our opponent) that, were it not for the Dome cover, would have been heard in Cambridge (as we were facing east), and the beauty of the players celebrating in the end zone. 


A wonderful, amazing scene.  I had tears in my eyes for Cambridge, the community that has meant so much to my life and that I love so dearly, as do many others.  Could it be that Cambridge was the origin of "it takes a village to raise a child"?


To Lucas:  As you probably know by now, the entire community and Cambridge alumni throughout the nation, is rooting for your quick and complete recovery.


One last thought.  Let's meet again at the Carrier Dome, on Friday, November 24, 2017.  Sorry for the pressure Doug.

Kristi Kruger Dietz, Class of 1990, Culpeper VA

Congratulations to the Cambridge football team!! So proud of them all!!  Way to go!!


Tasha Brown, Class of 1996, Grafton NH

Congratulations to the Cambridge Indians football team for making it all the way to the super bowl and winning!! I can't remember if our team went all the way when I was in school back in 1996? Congrats again.


Frank Brunner, Class of 1985, Palmetto FL

Congrats on your fabulous 2016 Football Season and State Championship Victory!

Cheers to the Awesome Orange & Black! Go Indians


John McCarty, Class of 1966, Rochester NY

Congratulations to the CCS football team / coaches and parents..

Lots of hard work / dedication and thankfully, lots of fun....


Tom McMorris, Class of 1970, Salem NY
Congratulations to Doug Luke and the Cambridge Football Team on their winning the NYS Football Championship.  Great Job!


George (Class of 1968) & Ruth Ann (Scriber, Class of 1971) Virtue, Cambridge NY

Congratulations on a super season culminating in the State Championship.  It was easy to see that you all pulled together as a team, an experience that will serve you well as you go through life.  We have watched the game three times on Time Warner Ch50, and love it every time.  Thanks for a great effort and for making us all proud!


Dodi Spear Hill, Class of 1984, Bradford VT

Very proud of you all I loved going to games and watching my brothers play( Butch and Charlie Spear)  I even was a cheer leader. So way to go and be very proud of what you did and how you play and become a family in sports. CCS has always been one big happy family. 


Grace Hallock, Class of 1967, Shushan NY

CONGRATULATIONS, CCS Indians Football Team!

RJ Worboys, Class of 1998, Sarah (Bates) Worboys, Class of 2004, Ballston Lake, New York.

Congratulations Coach Luke and the 2016 Championship Football Team! We are so very proud of your stellar season!

Greg, Class of 1997, & Kelly (CCS Teacher) Toleman, Cambridge

Words can't express how proud we are of our former Pee-Wee Football players and students on your huge accomplishment!


Kristen Griswold, Class of 1997, Rexford NY



Carrie Brown Briggs, Class of 1993, Greenwich NY
Doug was at one point my softball coach. A huge congratulations to the team, the coaches and families .My son went to this game to cheer on the Indians


Ann Peters Wade, Class of 1963, Albany NY

Congratulations to the CCS Indians and all involved. It is something you will always remember and cherish.  We are so proud of you.

Bert Perry, Class of 1991, Chicopee MA

Congratulations on a fabulous season!  As an alumnus of Cambridge Central School, I am very proud! Hard work pays off.


Sheryl Knapp Egger, Class of 1961, Wilton New York
Watched the final 2 games as an alum - very proud of the team, school, and community fans!!

Casey Preece and Claire (Pender) Preece, Class of 1977. Smyrna Ga

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football Team, Coach Luke and all coaching staff on winning the NY State Class D Championship. We've been following your progress all year and spent Friday receiving texts from family & friends at the Dome, online and on Facebook. It was great to see videos of the parade to welcome you back home from the Dome!!! We're very proud of you and we're glad to be part of the Cambridge Indian Alumni!


Jo Boeker Thornton, Class of 1962, Fort Myers FL
Congratulations to the CCS State Champion Football Team!

Peter Meerwarth, Class of 1984, Allentown NJ


Margaret Farrara Le Stage, Class of 62, Eagle Bridge NY

Congratulations on winning the state championship! Way to go!!!


Marcia Watkins Logan, Class of 1956, Redmond, OR

Congratulations to the coach, team and the entire supportive student body and community. Wins like this mean a lot to a small town like Cambridge and this victory will be remembered for decades.  I’m from back in the era of 6 man football; sometime in my high school years (1952-56), I think I remember when the change was made to 11 man (or is my memory failing me!).


Jon Griffith, Class of 2001, #62 from the 1999 State Championship team, Herkimer NY

Congratulations to Coach Luke, to my teammate Coach Adam Burr, and to the rest of the coaching staff, and to the players!

What an amazing game in the Dome! Hard work pays off. 

Congratulations on an amazing season!


Kean Bouplon, CCS class of 1995, Voorheesville NY
Coach Luke, Congrats to you & the team! You've made all of us proud

Martha Jane “Marti” Center LaDue, Class of 1962, Saratoga Springs NY
Congratulations to CCS Indians, State champs! Very proud to say I am an alumnus of Cambridge.

Tyler Abbate, Class of 2001, Chesapeake VA
Congrats to the team. I was lucky enough to watch the team win in 1999 when I drove to the game with a learners permit. Last week I drove up from Virginia with my wife Kimberly and two kids to celebrate thanksgiving in my hometown. How time flies! What a great victory! Now my kids expect every thanksgiving to have a football parade! Keep up the hard work!

Justine Larado, Class of 1966, Linwood NJ 
Congratulations on winning the State Class D Championship.  Awesomeness!   You put tiny Cambridge on the map.  Proud of this accomplishment and to be a CCS alumnus.

Cathy Hallock McGuire, Class of 1968, Latham NY

Good Job Team!  Congratulations!

Tony Cristaldi, Class of 1981 & Kimberly Fillmore Sladovnik, Class of 1983, West Melbourne FL
 Congratulations to the 2016 Cambridge Indians football team - NYS Class D champions! We followed your journey through each playoff game here in Florida, from the Whitehall game to the final in the Carrier Dome and the championship homecoming parade! Never have we been prouder of our home town, from the school, its students and fans, to

the people and businesses who supported this year's team!"


Susan Schmitt Monegue, Class of 1987, Williston FL
Congrats on your win. I saw the end of the game online and it was AWESOME!! You should be super stoked. Well done!!

Peter McAvoy, Class 1980. Philadelphia PA

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football Team and all the coaches. Followed the Team through Facebook all year long. Awesome program you have built over the years.  Great Job!


June Johnson Lawrence, Class of 1961, Lakeland, FL 

Congratulations and a great job to the TEAM, coach, assistant coaches at Cambridge Indians.  It was so exciting to keep up with the news of how the game was going by way of Facebook and all those posting about it.  I even had my husband asking how they were doing.  So proud of everyone!


Mary (Williams) and Ray Purdy, Class of 1963, Queensbury NY & Vero Beach FL

Congrats again to the team and coaches.  We I watched the game while in Vero Beach, Florida.  It was available on the internet from  Replays may still be available.  The next day Glens Falls won the state championship as well.  Their Quarterback is our backyard neighbor.  It too was on the internet.  Best wishes to all the players, coaches, and fans.

Jenn Montinieri Petell, Class of 1994, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football Indians!  I was at the game that made "the Play" famous and am thrilled that my kids now get see our community come together again and share the excitement 20+ years later.  Congratulations again to the coaching staff and players!

Kristal-Brooke Faele Washburn, CCS Class of 2004, South Glens Falls NY

Way to go Indians! Congratulations to all!


Deane Motsiff, Class of 1984, Cambridge NY
Congratulations to the Cambridge Indians Undefeated 2016 NYS High School Football Champions .Great Job Team.  Wishing Lucas Winchester a very speedy recover

Mike Grady, Class of 1959, Hollis NH


Marie Royal McLenithan, Class of 1957, Newtown CT
The Big Win!!!  Congratulations!

Susan Thurber Sardi, Class of 1966, Cambridge NY

Huge congratulations to Coach Luke and his team.  Watching the game was a nail biter.  All of your hard work and effort paid off and put Cambridge on the map.  When you have your reunions in years to come....the game will still be the highlight of conversations.

Robert Scott, Class of 2000, Oahu HI

Congratulations on bring home another State Championship.  You will always remember all the hard work and dedication you put in to bring this championship home.  It brought back a lot of memories for me as I was watching the live feed on Facebook.  I still remember bring home the 1999 State Championship like it was yesterday.  Again congratulations to the players and all the coaching staff. 

Oliver Perry Class of 59, Shamong NJ
My congratulations to Coach Luke and everyone involved in the Football State Championship.  Saying more would be like adding another leaf to the forest floor. Soon the board will have to hire more staff to handle the fan mail.

Nicole Taffi, Class of 2002, Raleigh NC 
to the 2016 CCS Indians football team on winning the state championship!  Nice way to finish a great season!!

Kelsey Seeley Demarah, Class of 1991, Chicago, IL
 Congratulations Cambridge Indians!


 Vincent M. Cristaldi, Class of 1962, Greenwich NY
Would like to congratulate Coach Doug Luke and the assistant coaches on a great year


Janice Skorupski Rosen Class of 1964, Cambridge NY

As I am now a part time resident of Cambridge, I was around at Thanksgiving for the high spirits and abounding celebrations (Horns! Sirens! Cheers!) following the CCS historic win. It was everything I love about our small town. Good job guys (and gal!)


Bob Dering, Class of 1952, Cambridge NY and Horseshoe Bay TX

Congratulations to Coach Luke, Assistant Coaches and all who helped in one way or other throughout the years of preparation for this season.

Congratulations to each and every team member for your dedication in the years of preparation you put into your career. You have learned a lesson that you should carry for the rest of your lives. Look, listen, learn and then put in the work necessary to accomplish your goals in life whatever they may be.

Sherry Keays
My mom Christine Northouse Keays was a 1962 graduate from Cambridge and resided in Hudson Falls until February 2016 at the time of her passing.  She always followed the Cambridge football team and I'm sure she was rooting them on from heaven.  On her behalf I would like to extend hers and my congratulations. The 2016 State Champion football players and coaches: The Cambridge Indians!  !  !

Nikki VanderVeen, Class of 2000, Schoharie NY

Seeing this brings back memories of traveling to the dome to watch my fellow classmates play!! Congratulations Coach Luke!! So awesome to see my cousins and friends kids carrying on the tradition (even if it makes me feel old lol)

Steve Hallock, Class of 2000, Buskirk NY
 It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the stands in Syracuse during my senior year of high school watching the Cambridge Indians win the State Championship.  So many parallels between the '99 Champions and the 2016 Champions, but the biggest comparisons of all are hard work and togetherness.  I'll never forget where I was during that game during my senior year and where I was watching the 2016 Champs win in stunning fashion.  Congratulations to Coach Luke, his assistants, and, of course, the team for an incredible season and an incredible win.  The team is only losing 5 seniors; I say let's make it two in a row!

Susi Thum Cora, Class of 1975, Alexandria VA

Congratulations to the team and to Coach Doug.

Anne Thiessen, Class of 1960, Catonsville MD

Congrats to the entire team and staff.   If I had been there, I would have cheered for them just like in the "old days".

Jeff Woodward, Class of 1972, Guilford VT
Congratulations to classmate Doug Luke and the entire coaching staff and Cambridge Indian football team! Doug, the consistency of the teams you’ve coached over the years has been amazing, and reflects your passion for sports while you were still a student at CCS. Thanks for your leadership and hard work that has enabled the student athletes to become true champions!


 Marge Hunt Phelps, Class of 1962, Montrose CO

Congratulations   I am remembering how exciting the games were way back when.  Dan Severson era


Dick "Chasie" Chase, Class of 1958, Gray LA
Atta way to go boys. Looks like a Record, Pemrick, Decker, Wands, etc. team. I Miss my old hometown and its people


Don Schneider, Class of 1964 & Judy Dickson Schneider Class of 1967, Cambridge N.Y.
Congratulations to the entire football program in Cambridge. Watching all the participants from the time they start in flag up through the ranks to State Champions is no doubt a wonderful thing to be part of as a grandparent.  Winning is the frosting on the cake but more importantly is how our teams represent the community and their coaches. The Cambridge players do not give up but even in a tough game and do not resort to un-sportsman like conduct. They show respect for the flag, their coaches, officials, fans, and their competitors. They represent the community and CCS with pride and class. As a spectator at the final game I will say that the experience equaled any stress test I have gone through. My hat's off to Coach Luke and all his assistants. I know my oldest grandson will never forget this great experience. 


Garret Albert, Class of 1955, Walnut City CA
GO CAMBRIDGE!  This is the best news since the 1924-25 seasons when the original "Galloping Ghost”, John Galloway, starred at Cambridge and later Colgate College. Congratulations to the team and tremendous coaching staff.


Ken Gottry, Class of 1968, Cambridge NY
Congratulations to everyone involved in this year's successful football season ... and that includes those wonderful CCS Football Moms and all the villagers who lined the streets for every horning parade.


Joyce Bellemare, Class of 1971, East Greenwich RI

Very proud of the CCS Indians! I loved football in high school with my brother Mike playing quarterback and being able to be a cheerleader for the team...I remember Doug and what an outstanding player he sweet this victory must be for him and the whole team...amazing job well done! Congratulations to all - coaches, players, cheerleaders, parents...what an exciting game it must have been! 

Beth Rowan Le Sieur, Class of 1981, Merritt Island FL

Congratulations to the 2016 State Champions! Also praying for a speedy & complete healing for Lucas Winchester

Mike Merriman, Class of 1975, Melrose, NY & Okeechobee FL 

Congratulations to the team and Doug Luke, calling that last play took a lot of guts, but certainly it was the right decision. That game was the best football game that I have ever watched, great job everyone

Doreen Parsley Davis, Class of 1969, Palenville NY

Congrats Doug to you, your staff and the champions!


Debbie Farrara Ball, Class of 1980, Eagle Bridge NY 

Great season and so much fun at the parade!  Congratulations all!!!

Bob Potvin, Class of 1963, Clearwater FL

Congratulations on a Great season.


Jim Potter, Class of 1982, Newburgh IN

Congratulations to all the players and coaches at CCS for raising the bar on this long standing tradition by winning the 2016 NYSPHAA Class D Championship in dramatic fashion!  As a former player and coach myself, I understand the dedication and sacrifice necessary for such an achievement.  Looking forward to following the quest for two in a row in 2017!

I played quarterback for Coach Doug Luke as a freshman in ‘Modified’ football (as it was called back then).  I believe this was his first year coaching at CCS along with his brother, Steve.  It was the ’78 season where their brother, Tom and my brother Jeff led the Varsity team to the Super Bowl only to come up short after a very successful season.  It was the days of ‘Awesome Orange’ and the beginning of a tradition.  Coach Baker was still leading the Hoosick Falls Panthers and hadn’t yet put his mark on the Cambridge program.  Doug and his staff have taken this all to the next level since.




Jack Lylis, Class of 1960, Burlington VT

Great job by coaches, players, parents, teachers, students and community. Been fun following the team all year on the Bennington Banner Twitter feed. Congratulations to all.

Mick Kent, Class of 1960, Spencer TN
Congrats to the CCS 2016 football team, Coach Luke and Staff.  A special prayer for Lucas for his quick recovery.


Tori Pitt Dietz, Class of 1987, Longmont CO

Congratulations Coach Luke and boys!  What a wonderful accomplishment!  This will be a great memory!  I remember attending my brothers' football games, way back when, fun times!  

Lisa Motasky Reed, Class of 1984, Leonardtown MD

John Roy, Class of 1966, Greensboro NC
 Congratulations to CCS Indians football championship, and thank you Doug for doing such a good job I know it's not easy.


Dave McNeilly, Class of 1976 Norfolk MA

Congratulations to CCS, the football team, the coaches and staff, and all of the fans!! What an amazing accomplishment! Your hard work and dedication provide a great example for future students!


A'Sigrid Preiser, Class of 1982, Malta NY 

Congrats to all the entire Cambridge Central football team.  Great job!  What an amazing way to start your year and just think of the bragging rights for all the Seniors! Cannot wait to see the signage outside of Cambridge for this.  Thank you to the students, parents and facility that supported and came to cheer you on. AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD JOB!  Alumni can say we proud hail "the Orange and the Black". 


Joy Wagoner Motsiff, Class of 1960/ Tim Motsiff, Class of 1958, Cambridge NY      I watched the game at Bob and Jane Wright’s.  What a game it was!!!!  Better than any pro game I’ve watched this year.

You guys are the Best!!  Some day you will be telling your kids and grand kids about it.   What a day.  Bob Wright even rang the church bells to welcome you back to town.


A great Hooray for the coaches too.


Linda Ketchum Rohrwasser, Class of 1964, East Greenbush, NY   Congratulations to the Cambridge State Football Champions!!


Jane Kenyon Keys, Class of 1958, Salem NY

Congratulations CCS Indians, Great coach and talented kids, make a great team!!! Way to go!!!


Barb Bowler Moses, Class of 1975, Raleigh NC

Congratulations to the CCS State Champions!  What an awesome accomplishment.  All of your hard work throughout the years, (some of you have participated from Pee Wee Programs to the present), has paid off.  Great job. 


Mark John Montinieri, Class of 1999, Annandale VA

Even from outside Washington DC, I was able to follow an epic game. And thanks to social media (and Steve Hallock, class of 2000, for streaming), I was even able to see that outstanding conclusion.

Congratulations to the 2016 Indians Football Team.  Definitely a well fought victory that should be remembered for all time!

Semper Fidelis,

Bianca Holcomb Bates (CCS teacher) & Mat Bates both Class of 1996, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the Cambridge football team! We are so proud of your hard work!


Bob Nygard, Class of 1961, Saratoga Springs NY

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football team and coaches.  To achieve this level of excellence requires extremely hard work and dedication by all, paid off with your State Championship!   Not to be forgotten are the sacrifices of the parents and the support of the community and taxpayers.   Those who have participated in Cambridge sports know of the support of the community gives.  Seeing them at the different venues cheering you on is something a participant never forgets


Allan Wallace, Class of 1964, Rochester NY

What a Game.  I had the opportunity to watch the whole game on cable in Rochester, New York.  I have to agree with my classmate of 64, Nippit Mac Dougall that it was one of the best football games I have ever seen.  Congratulations Coach Luke and all the player on the team.  I like that going for 2 pts at the end.  Yea Baby.


Frank Smith, Class of 1976, Madison SD

Congrats 2016 State Champs, I can't wait to purchase an Indians State Champ Tee Shirt!


Fred Knapp, Class of 1962, Sarasota FL

To Doug, Dan and the rest of the coaching staff, congratulations on a great year and a fabulous finish to the championship game.  A gutsy call that paid off.  Confidence in your players and visa versa by the players about their coaches.  Congratulations to the team for being just that-- "a team".  Wonderful for the school and for the town.


John Shay, Class of 1956, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the CCS Football Team


Nicole Boice Goulet, Class of 2003, Cambridge NY
 Congrats to the 2016 CCS Indians Football Class D Champs! I have been honored to have been able to witness the 99-05 teams travel and win at the Dome! This year I spent my time cheering at the parades and watching the game on TV. It was an amazing but stressful game to watch! I can only imagine how as players and coaches you felt on the sidelines.


Again, congrats to Coach Luke and all the other coaches and players! You've done our small town proud!


Dan Pemrick, Class of 1962, Greenfield NY

Congratulations to Doug Luke, his coaching staff and team.


Raymond "Tab" Purdy Jr., Class of 1981, Glens Falls NY
CONGRATS to all involved who helped Cambridge become State Champs! Special mention to my cousin Todd McLenithan, Class of 1980, who was inducted into the
2016 Capital Region Football Hall of Fame.  “Service to Youth Football — Todd McLenithan (Cambridge).”
 The seeds to many winning seasons were planted years ago, great program!!!


 Tom Langer, Class of 1969, Swansea MA
Congrats I live in to football team sounds like a great team on by the way


Laurelyn Langer Wichgers, Class of 1966, Whidbey Island WA

 Congratulations CCS football team!


Pauline Adams Grimes, Class of 1966, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to Cambridge football team and coaches.


Richard McLenithan, Class of 1960, Queensbury NY


Steve Davis, Class of 1967, Portland OR

Congratulations CCS Indians for a great achievement.


Mike Marsh, Class of 1963, Albany NY

Watched the game with cousin Raz Macauley

Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff. Hard fought game with the gutsy call at the end. Once in a lifetime memories for those kids


Jason Waite, Class of 1995,3rd Grade Teacher, Cambridge Modified Football Coach, Ballston Spa NY
 Congrats boys!!! I am very proud of you all, what a fun ride!!!!

Nancy Moses Alexander, Class of 1974, Cambridge, NY

Congrats to the 2016 Cambridge Football for the awesome win in Syracuse!!


Kate Emerson, Class of 1988, Cambridge NY
Congratulations to the 2016 Class D State Champions!!!


Laura Guber Fedler, Class of 1978, Cambridge, NY
Congratulations to the CCS football team on your fantastic season and ultimate championship win at the Syracuse Dome!  We are so proud of how each of you represents your school and community every day both on and off the gridiron.  Way to go, CCS Indians!!!


Congratulations, Coach Luke and your coaching staff!       


Lynn Zielke Sohasky, would have graduated in 1972, but moved away; Ventura, CA

Congratulations on the State Championship!!!

Charlie Spear, 1975 football player, Greenwich NY
Congratulations to CCS football team.


Tanya Price Telford, Class of 1993, Buskirk NY

 Congratulations to an amazing season! So proud of our coaches and kids! They never gave up and it paid off!!!!!!


Ralph Harrington, Class of 1988, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to Coach Doug Luke and the entire extended football program! Wow! What a season! Way to go Indians.


Cliff Waters, Class of 1959, Hudson Falls NY
Congratulations Coaches and Players


Bertha LeBarron Rogers, Class of 1964, Tomball TX


Debbie (Fuller) Gardner, Class of 1966, Canandaigua NY;
Pam Fuller, Class of 1968, Hamilton NY and on behalf of our parents
Coach and Mrs. Fuller who would also be so proud of you all.

Congratulations players and coaches! An honor to get there - icing on the cake, the win. What a great job.  


Tim Ogilvie, Class of 1981, Cambridge NY
Coach Luke and Staff, as an alumnus of CCS, , I would like to congratulate to and your team on your New York State Football Championship. I’m extremely proud to be a supporter and parent of your program. It was an exciting experience for everyone involved with this accomplishment.


Bill Parker, Class of 1966, New Fairfield CT

Congratulations CCS Indians.


Doug Burton, Class of 1975, Mohawk, New York and Bradenton Florida
CONGRATULATIONS to the Football team and Coach Doug Luke!


Dick Morse, Class of 1963, Cambridge MD, skiing right now out of Cambridge VT

Great showing from a great team. Go Grebe.

Shirley Bell Snyder, Class of 1946, Clifton Springs, NY
Congratulations to the coach and team!!!!

Wilma Bassett Horton, Class of 1958, Colchester VT

I am very proud to call Cambridge my hometown, of our CCS football team and the wonderful people that support our school and players. Congrats CCS, well done.


Bob Headwell, Class of 1957 & Irene Headwell (Substitute Teacher) Cambridge NY
Congratulations to a great team.


Tim Squiers, Class of 1965, Ballston Spa NY

Congratulations to all of the team, coaches and alumni for that great win. I tell everyone that I know about the game and the town whether they want to hear about it or not, to ad nauseam!


Douglas J. Bovie, Class of 1975, Bremerton WA 

Congrats to Coach Luke, his Staff and of course the Team and School.  Seems like Cambridge has winning teams every year and this has to have something to do with Coach Luke's Football Program at CCS.


Donna Clark Christian and Ed Christian Class of 1975 and 1960 Schaghticoke, NY

 Congratulations Cambridge Indians Football team and all coaches!! Although unable to attend games, because of health conditions, my husband kept me posted. He doesn't miss a game and loves it when he gets the chance to be your bus driver to the games. You’re all one of his kids! Especially you Christian Hunt, he's kept track of you since kindergarten on his bus route.

Jim Arnold, Class of 1955, The Villages, FL
All the wonderful contacts I have read tell you of your successful game and season. Now I ask you to reflect on those who have had an effect on your success now and in past years. Always remember the efforts your parents put into This season , your siblings who cheered you on win or lose since early peewee games. Remember Dick Record who was watching your every move who taught you values and attitudes when you were Boy Scouts. Always appreciate your teammate, Lucas who put his team above himself as he laid on the field not knowing what he faced and then next time you think of the extra points thank that young young lady you got you to the big dance when other coaches would t even let her dress for a game. Yes, kids you have done well and cherish this dream. You did one hell of a job for yourselves, your coaches, your family, your community, but most importantly for YOU!! Go Indians you have just passed one obstacle in your life and thank God for what you have achieved.


Dolores Record Romack, Class of 1959, Cambridge NY

CONGRATULATIONS to the Cambridge Indians, our fantastic, non-stoppable football team, our coaches, and all the entire behind- the -scene staff & non-staff,  for leading this team to victory @ the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. We are all one proud, supportive community!

Helene Kwiatkowski Olszowski, Class of 1955, Greenville NY

Congratulations CCS Indians football team, coaches & staff.  We are all very proud of you. 


David Martin, Class of 1961, Manila Philippines

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football Team and their coaches.


Janette Hebbard Reed, Class of 1972, Whitehall NY and yes, you beat them too!

Kudos to my classmate Doug and the whole Indians team! You sure made Cambridge proud.


Donna Fournier Byron, Class of 1959. Watervliet NY

Congratulations to the coaches, players and parents on your championship!!


Bernice VanGuilder Kieffer,  Class of 1958, LaGrange KY
Skiing in Keystone, CO for the next two weeks but taking time to send congratulations to the CCS football Indians. Way to go, team!  

I believe Class of 58 has had more responses than any other yr

Edie English St John, Class of 1964, Charlton NY

Congratulations to Coach Luke, Assistant Coaches and a great CCS Team on this outstanding victory to become NY State Class D Champions!


Patrick and Peggy (McMahon) McLenithan, Class of 1985, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the CCS Class D Football Champions. We are so proud of you all, and particularly proud of our nephew Ryan McLenithan! 


Carol Conway Hazy, Class of 1974, Gainesville FL

 Congratulations CCS Indians.


Lucille Dustin Makrin, Class of 1960, Cambridge NY

I am so proud of the CCS Football Team.  Good going Guys.  I went into the Battenkill Bookstore on Friday afternoon with my DL and GD-Katherine (age 10).  I knew Connie would know the news and so did Heather in the Bead Store (Over the Moon)  Each one had the news and some details.  @ OVERTIMES, WOW and by 1 point, WOW.  Good Going !!!


Ann Young Barrows, Class of 1970, Cambridge  NY

Dolores (Skiff) Grover, Class of 1958, Troy NY



Robert Stinner, Class of 1966, Oklahoma City OK
Way to, couches, and staff. It takes a lot of hard work and hard knocks to get where the team is now...Champions. Unless one has been in the trenches....this was a victory well fought. Congrats to all....


David Bittleman, Class of 1980, San Diego CA


Diana Rich Cartwright Class of 1993 Latham NY

Great job guys.......Congrats on your huge win and be proud of all your hard effort!

Gayle Canzeri Horton-Brown, Class of 1962, Cambridge NY

Always proud of the accomplishments that the youth of Cambridge achieve... They are the best...Congrats to all!!  Go Indians!

Jimmy Griffith, Class of 1999, Cambridge NY
Most coachable group of players I have had the opportunity to coach! 

So so so proud of this team, exactly how they have always played, as a TEAM! 

"When your back's against the wall

You mess with one man, you got us All."


Congrats to the BOYS OF FALL! 


Melanie Falkenbury Pancoast, Class of 1979, Hackettstown NJ

Congratulations to Coach Luke, the coaching staff, players, parents, cheerleaders, and the town of Cambridge.

It has been an amazing journey to watch the success of the team week after week. Thank you to all the people who follow the team and gave information to those of us who don't live in Cambridge anymore. It was great to see the videos, newspaper articles, and all the Facebook posts from friends about the team and its accomplishments. Watching the parades gave me a sense of pride to be from Cambridge, New York... It's wonderful to see how the small-town spirit is alive in Cambridge.


Robert D. Reed, Class of 84   Leonardtown MD

Congratulations on winning the state championship.  Gutsy call by Coach Luke on the final play in OT that was executed perfectly by the offense.  I have fond memories of my time as a football player at Cambridge.  Some of the things that I learned on the practice field and during games helped me during my military career.  To the players I say well done!  Cherish your victory and for those who are returning next year, work even harder to defend your title. 

Clem Crowe, Faculty '61-'91 Cambridge, NY
What a ride! The players have played the same system since their days as young boys thanks to their early program and Roger Holcomb! The present HS staff is super and has continued what was started. That plus all involved are such gentlemen. A team to be so proud of!

   The final game was a nail bitter right to the end. What a way to win and what a season! Cheers to all!

Ed Meagher, Class of 1964, Saratoga Springs NY

It was gratifying to be in town before the game and see the messages of support for all the team members and coaches.  Congratulations to all.

Doug Wilkie, class of 64, Troy NY

Congratulations to the Cambridge coaches and team on a terrific year. As a testament to small town American, the Grandparents of one of the Cambridge players, Don and Judy Schneider summed up most, if not all, of our sentiments the best.  Good luck next year.

Dave Thornton, former teacher, Ft. Meyers FL
 Absolutely marvelous accomplishment. Great credit to parents, coaches and players. One has to go back a hundred years to find local football glory the equal of the achievements of these "wunderkind". Congratulations to all who contributed to the championship season.


Thomas Hallock class of 1971 and Kathy Saari Hallock class of 1973, Buskirk NY.  Congratulations to the Cambridge football team and to all the coaches for winning such a great game.  The whole year was terrific.  Good job!!!!!

Webster L. Madison Jr., Class of 1967, Cambridge NY

The words Football and Cambridge have been used in the same sentence for a hand full of years now.  

Good leaders (Coaches and Parents) are needed in today's youth. These winning years can and will impact these players for the rest of their lives.  Congrats to all Coaches, teachers, parents, and of course players for a wonderful season

Karen Huntington Andrews, Class of 1997, Greenwich NY


Brad Cone, Class of 2002, Johnsonville NY.

Tammy Ogilvie, Class of 1976, Concord NC
Congratulations on a great Championship season!! 

Tammy Hopkins Langlois, Class of 1976, Cambridge NY
Congratulations CCS State Champs!!!!  Congrats to all the coaches, Moms and Dads and to anyone that had a hand in this amazing accomplishment!!!  It really shows how a dedicated PeeWee program can have such an impact on shaping these kids into amazing athletes!!!  What great memories you will all have!!!!  Enjoy the fame!!!!


Steve Cristaldi, Class of 1980, Shushan NY

Congrats on bringing home the state football title! Great season!

Ryan Jeskie, Class of 2014, Cambridge NY
I couldn't be more proud to a graduate of Cambridge Central School. They worked really hard and got what they deserved! Congrats to the 2016 team and coaches. It was again, well deserved!

William Dame, Class of 1953, San Antonio TX 
Congrats to the team and coaches.  I played six man football when I was there.  Only the first six had the proper uniform of orange and black.  


Bob and Elaine (Franklin) Brown, Classes of 1971 and 1972, Raleigh NC  
Congratulations team!


June Larsen Griggs, Class of 1955 and Welding Griggs, Class of 1956, Naples FL

Congratulations on a great season


Kathleen Reed Copeland, Class 1997, Middlebury VT

Congratulations to all the players, the entire coaching staff and parents of the kids. What an amazing accomplishment!! Congrats Doug! 


 Jack Haskell, Class of 1990, Cambridge NY

Congrats to Coach Luke and the team for an amazing season.  


Janet Tully-Kuzman Class of 1966, Guilderland NY

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Yahoo! Yippee! Hooray!

Congratulations to the whole Cambridge Village that "raised" this 2016 football team to fame.  I remember being in the dome for the 1999 victorious team.... A runaway.... This 2016 game thank goodness I watched at home.  I text Karen Dusha McKean, it seemed nearly every play the last quarter and each overtime.  Once cheerleaders always cheerleaders!!  I have such pride in our little town but the part that always gets me and puts tears in my eyes is at the end of every game, loss or win, The team faces it's beloved spectators and salutes us!  Well 2016 football staff and team, WE SALUTE YOU

Congratulations for a glorious season to put in our memory banks! I hope Lucas is recovering well. Prayers are with him and his family


Terry Granger, Class of 1968, Bennington VT 

Congrats to the CCs Indians. I'm proudly wearing my Cambridge sweatshirt around town.


David Moses, Class of 1983, Spokane WA
Congratulations to the Champions! 


Jim Robertson, Class of 1971, Cambridge NY

Nothing says fall like football in Cambridge. Congratulations to all involved and I'm looking forward to the next state championship team. Go Indians!


Kerry McKernon, Class of 1958, Fairfax VA

Couldn't be more proud of our home town. Indians rule!


Betty Herrington Bennett, Class of 1960, Oswego NY and St. James City FL

Congratulations to the Cambridge Football State Champions.  Great game.


Dave Hoffman, Class of 1954, Honeoye Falls NY
Congratulations to the NYS State Champions


Chip Austin, Class of 1970, Meriden CT



Gerald Aiken, Class of 1968, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the CCS football team players and coaches. It was a wild season. I enjoyed the games and going to the dome to watch the best game of the season. Best wishes to all of you in the remainder of the school year.


Suzanne Gottry McClure, Class of 1965, Castleton NY

Congratulations on a wonderful year!


Charlie Clark, Class of 1960, Middletown NY

The tradition continues.  Congratulations to players & coaches.


Peggy Powers Bloom Class of 1944, Cambridge NY
Congratulations to Coach Luke, the players and the moms and dads! Well done

Bob Powers, Class of 1940. Pittsfield MA
Congratulations to everyone on the great job.


Earl Kenyon, Class of 2002, Concord MI

Congratulations on a great season and the Class D Championship!


Mike Brown, Class of 72, San Antonio TX
Congratulations to Coach Luke and his amazing team. Hey Doug, betcha feel a lot better now than we did on Halloween back in 1972 when we last played football for Cambridge. Best wishes for continued success.


Tom M Severson, Class of 1965, Vicki Williams Severson, Class of 1971, Cambridge, NY

Congrats to Doug, Dan, and staff.   We were proud to watch a talented TEAM play one of the best high school football games ever.

Terry Parker, Class of 1975, Sherman CT

Congratulations on an awesome win...great town...great school...great people!!


Seth Craig, Class of 1962, Stafford VA
Congratulations to toe great CCS Football team!!!!

Bill (Butch) Hatch, Class of 1969, GORHAM NH

Congratulations CCS Indians for your amazing season capped with a awesome championship games!!!  


Cindi Sucese Amidon, Class of 1975, Seattle WA

Congrats to amazing team and coach


Joann Tollisen Tetreault, Class of 1980, North Adams MA
 Congratulations for a job well done, way to go Indians!!

 Leta Tully, Home Economics teacher 1951-80, Cambridge NY
 Congratulations to Doug Luke, coaches from varsity down to the PeeWees and all the football players that have played their "hearts" out!  You have made us proud. Thank you for your dedication to the sport. 

Martha Maxwell Davis, Class of 1976, Greenwich NY
Congratulations Cambridge Football Players and Coaches on a Great Season and a Awesome Championship Game!!

Naomi Marsh, Class of 1964, Cambridge NY
 WHOOT, WHOOT - such joy you all have brought to our little village - THANKS MUCH!

Jack Murphy, Class of 1973, Hoosick Falls NY
Thanks to Coach Luke and his Players for providing us with quality Football year after year. The speed, precision, selflessness and discipline in action are a joy to watch. Congratulations on this year's Class D Championship! The qualities list above will lead to many more. Slainte',

Vince Cristaldi, Class of 1950, Shushan NY
It was a pleasure watching this Team this year. Congratulations to players and coaching staff.

Heidi Kent Jones, Class of 1980, Red Wing MN
Congratulations for a job well done! Best wishes and speedy healing to your injured teammate, Lucas

 George Taylor, Class of 1956, Sebastian FL/Halfmoon NY

I believe Jim Arnold's message best summarizes all our feelings and I can simply add my congratulations!

Clifton Witham class of 1991, Cambridge NY

Congratulations to the entire team. Great job


Robert Headwell, Class of 1980, Fultonville NY
 Doug Luke coaches and players great job. Besides being great football players you are all great people. Don't ever forget your roots. To everyone that have responded it is nice to see you still have a part of Cambridge still on your hearts

Becky Travis Patrick, Class of 1987, Hudson NY
Congratulations Indians football


Nick Kenyon, Class of 1971, Cambridge NY

An amazing feat, fantastic game! Congratulations to all involved.


 Sharon Lee Ernst, Class of 1983, Glenside PA

Congratulations to the players, and the coaching staff of the 2016 Cambridge Indians Football Team. Job well done!


Robb Kinnin, Class of 1984, Kingston NY (currently deployed to Florida)

Congrats on an awesome (Orange) year.  So proud that this Team and Coach Luke for putting Cambridge on the Good News Map!  By now, I bet he has you in the weight room prepping for next year. I'll look forward to seeing a great repeat performance next year if that is the case. Prayers to Mr. Winchester for a speedy recovery.  Again, congrats. #ccsproud

Robin Niles Papa, Class of 1972, Freehold NY

I graduated with Doug. Sending Congratulations on a wonderful season!!

Way to go Indians!!

Nathan Winchester, Class of 2014, Potsdam NY

Coach Luke, I would first like to say congratulations on winning the state championship, it was a long time coming and well deserved.  Additionally, I am also proud to have shared a season with this year's seniors.  Watching them develop and grow as a team has been amazing and I am proud to see them reap the spoils of their hard work.  I am also thankful that under your coaching my little brother has accomplished so much.  I proud also as an alumnus of Cambridge Football and as a member of the Cambridge Community.


Secondly, I look forward to watching my brother and his classmates grow as adults after having experienced something as great as this.  Having been a Cambridge Football player has helped me through the hard times in my personal life in many ways.  The first being that with enough hard work, perseverance, and heart, almost anything is possible.  The second being that no matter how hard you get knocked down, you always get back up.  Lastly, those long, hot preseason practices taught to me to just keep moving on, no matter what just keep going.  I hope that these now state champions take the Cambridge Football mentality and apply it in their own lives and realize that the sky truly is the limit. Thank you,

#71 Nathan Winchester

Gary Bolton, Class of 2003, Cambridge NY
Thank you to the coaches and teammates of the Cambridge football  program.   Without  a doubt,  it is the examples set by these teams that continue  to ignite  a love for the sport  in every child that calls Cambridge home!    To the 2016 state Champs, congratulations to each and every one of you.  This season you wrote your own story with an incredible ending ...a ending worthy of a blockbuster movie.   Thank you to all for continuing the tradition...


Joe Conway, Class 1960, Springfield MA 

Congratulations to the team, coaches and parents your championship season


Carl Trinkle, Class of 1991, Nassau NY

Congratulations!  Very impressive season and win. 


Mary Worner Robinson, Class of 1962, Ocala FL
Congratulations NYS Class D State Champions, Couch Luke and the coaching staff. You made Cambridge very proud.


Darby Disorda Brundige, Class of 1989, Eagle Bridge, NY
 Congratulations to the coaches and the players of the CCS football team for winning the 2016 NYSPHAA Class D Championship!  It is a pleasure to be out somewhere that you would not expect strangers to be talking about the wonderful success from the Cambridge Football Team.   Great job, you should all feel proud. 

Bill Law, Class of 1980, Martinsburg WV

Congratulations to Cambridge Class D State Champions! We still look forward to see how you are doing out there no matter where we end up living. It is also good to see responses from other Class of '80 as well, it encouraged me to respond.

Jackie Decker Nee, Class of 1967, Rome NY   
Our older son played football in high school as well as college so I know firsthand the commitment that this sport requires.   Congratulations on your impressive win. 

 On behalf of the CCS Alumni Committee and the Alumni Association, I am sending a message to the 2016 NYS Class D football champions.  We are very proud of your accomplishment and how you have conducted yourselves all season and at the Dome.  You had alumni from all over the country trying to "stream" the game or find out how the game was going through social media.  We are a proud CCS Community (near and far).
Linda Record, CCS Alumni Committee President