The Raymonds of Cambridge Ė 100 Years


     In November 1918, as the WWI Armistice was signed in a French forest north of Paris, Col. Robert R. Raymond, a career Army officer, contemplated his retirement years.  In 1920, he and his wife, Blossom, chose Cambridge and thus began a century of Raymond family presence in the village.  In a sense this was a return home for Blossom as her father, Lt. Col. William Rice King, hailed from Eagle Bridge; she could claim a number of cousins in southern Washington County with the names of King, Moses, Perry, Larmon, English.  Through the decades, Raymonds served actively here in three churches, in the hospital, the public school, the fire department, the local press, and in veteransí and social activities.

      Several years ago, I wrote the biography of my grandfather, whom I never knew, and have transcribed it now into a ten-part series planned to appear monthly throughout 2018 (March-December) on the CCS Indians Alumni website. This was authored in 2011 and is transcribed today in a voice formed in the late 1950s and early 1960s at Cambridge Central School, which is intended to reflect the lessons and values of the teachers who shepherded us through American and world history, through science and math, languages, literature, and composition. Among them were Maurice OíConnor, John Herbert, Frank Fressie, Ken Wilbur, Ruth Hudson, Mary Richards, and Clem Crowe. We hope their words and wishes for us then are reflected today on these pages.

Contents of this Series Ė
Planned for publication monthly throughout 2018


PART I: Robert R. Raymond, U.S. Army Engineer

Chapter 1: 1871-1888, Robert R. Raymondís Childhood and Classic Education

Chapter 2: 1889-1899, Robertís West Point Years and his Junior Officer Career

Chapter 3: 1900-1912, Advancing Career Path and the Growing Family

Chapter 4: 1912-1920, Expanded Duties, Overseas Assignment, and The Great War


PART II: The Raymonds, 100 Years

Chapter 5: 1920-1929, The Robert R. Raymonds Settle in Cambridge

Chapter 6: 1930-1939, The Raymonds Active in Village Life

Chapter 7: 1940-1949, World War Two and Robertís Last Years

Chapter 8: 1950-1972, Robertís Baby Boomers Frequent 120 West Main Street

Chapter 9: 1961-1995, The Charles W. Raymond Family at 1 Gilmore Avenue