Volunteers for summer Recreation and Swim Program.  No date.
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Close up pictures are below group photo.

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Taken by Burton Woodard at the Cambridge Hotel. 
Volunteers for summer Recreation and Swim Program.  No date.

1. Mary Ellen (Tootie) Watkins CCS 58
2. Melba Fuller
3 Jane Falkenbury (Wright) "CCS '57
4 Diane Baillet
5 Carson Fuller
6 Dick Davis CCS '56
7 Jim Arnold CCS ' 55

8 Susan Casola
10.Patsy McEvoy CCS '56
11 ?
13 Alan Wolff


14 Barbara Baillet
15 Elsie Lister (Orb) CCS 57
16 Martha Buckely CCS'51
18 Tom Dempsey CCS '55
19. Lindy Strout

The Casolas and Baillets were "summer people". Alan Wolff went to Cambridge for a year or so (His father is the renowned fisherman who wrote about the Battenkill.) Martha Buckley Lathers graduated .maybe around 1952. She taught water ballet. I'd guess this picture was taken about 1954 or so. The older guy in the middle  back may have been a teacher who worked for Carson for the summer .


Jane Falkenbury Wright


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