Football Team 1956
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"This is the 1956 Football Team -- our first year back into 11 man football
from 6 man football."  Ed Cantwell

 First Row Kneeling  Frank Cristaldi, Cliff Phillips Waters, Peter VanName , Bob Shay
Second Row.
Al Keiski, Don Record, Dick Greminger, John Pemrick, Dick Record, Dick Evans, ,Joe O'Malley,  Ed Cantwell, Gary Brown
Third Row Coach Nichols, Jim Lull, Dave Wilkie, Bruce Wands, Wayne Laverty, Larry Decker,  Ed Robitalle,  Bill Wulff  Carl Trinkle , Coach Fuller

Fourth Row. Dick McLenithan, Ed Kyer, John Ublacker , Jim Kasmines, Bob Wallace , Wes Mook , Dick Wulff, Dan Severson, Don Vitello,  Neil Laverty, Albert Heinen, Carmen Olff


1.  Frank? Cristaldi, 2 Cliff Phillips Waters
3. Al Keiski, 4 Don Record, 5 Dick Greminger,  6John Pemrick


7. Dick Record 8 Dick Evans  9. Joe O'Malley 10 Ed Cantwell   11. Gary Brown
12 Peter VanName   13. Bob Shay



14. Coach Nichols,15 Jim Lull 16. Dave Wilkie, 15 Bruce Wands 16 Wayne Laverty

17. Larry Decker, 18 Ed Robitalle, 19 Bill Wulff 20 Carl Trinke 21 Coach Fuller

21. Dick McLenithan, 22 Ed Kyer 23 John Ublacker 24 Jim Kasmines 25 Bob Wallace 
26 Wes Mook 27 Dick Wulff

28 Dan Severson, 29 Don Vitello, 30 Neil Laverty  31,Albert Heinen32. Carmen Olff


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