Pictures of the Winter Season from your neck of the woods
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 (1)Susan LaFlamme Blocker, Class of 1972  sleigh riding with grandsons in Salem, NY with 3 yr old Andyn, 3 yr old Cameron and 7 yr old Cody. (Cameron and Cody were here visiting from Clemson, SC and they just loved being in the snow not only sleigh riding but having a snow ball fight). Look out!!

( 2)  11 yr old Kadyn taking his brother Andyn and cousins Cameron and Cody sleigh riding.


Eternal Illumination trees in front of the Library.  Next year I'm going to ask our class to decorate a tree in memory of our lost classmates.
 Picture submitted by Mary Hallock, Class of 1976




Christmas pictures from Cambridge tonight, December 22, 2016

The trees at Memorial Park are given by family members in honor of loved ones. 

The church sign is one that Bob thought up and put up.  Christmas in Cambridge!

 Pictures submitted by Jane Falkenbury Wright, Class of 1957




Merry Christmas here are three photo's taken from our deck on top of Mt. Colfax looking South East for a winter sunrise and Northeast looking towards Salem another looking at Mt Equinox Lake Lauderdale in photo .

 Pictures submitted by Don Schneider, Class of 1964



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