Pictures of the Summer Season from your neck of the woods
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Spent the month of June in Bermuda. This was taken on the ferry from town of St. George's to the Dock Yard. And yes Ron did have a good time, but does not like his picture taken.

Picture submitted by Mary Worner Robinson Class 1962

Summer is an excellent time to get together with friends.


Jennifer Crowe Smith...class '82 and Amy Snyder McMillan class of 81 spending a lovely evening at my parents home (Clem Crowe) this June much friends since 7th grade!

Picture submitted by Jennifer Crowe Smith, Class of 1982


Climbed Mt. LeConte on July 8th with my son Mark and grandson Troy.  Tough clime (5.5 miles up) but beautiful views of the area
Pictures submitted by John Davis. Class of 1965

I was able to meet up with two classmates this weekend (July 30)at the KOA in Allentown PA. It was great seeing these two and even though we were at the twenty year class reunion, this time we got to really catch up-
In the Picture is Laura Wadsworth Baker and Karol Burbar Marby, and the little girl is my granddaughter Abbii.

Picture submitted by Lorri Andrews Oberbroeckling ,Class of 1980

Over the alumni weekend some Class of '81 alums got together to celebrate our 35th.
  (left to right):Alesa Rubino Wilson, Joanne Van Deusen, Maryjane Guidon, Cynthia Dennis Gordon and April Anthony.

Picture submitted by April Anthony, Class of 1981

CCS Ole Boys Luncheon was held on Tuesday, 8/9 at Green Acres Restaurant in Greenwich. Attending:  Bill Higgins 54.Wayne Laverty 58, Bob Wright 56, Jim Arnold 55,  and Jack Lylis 60


Picture submitted by Bill Higgins Class of 1954.



The Wands Kids

Bruce('58), Dick ('53), Scott ('69), Cynthia ('62),  Tammy('55)

Picture submitted by Bruce Wands



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