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I was looking at the Indians web page and noticed the hospital bill for the Squiers baby born in 1949(SCRAPBOOK PAGE 46) which reminded me that the bill for my birth was buried somewhere in my files…and I found it.  I was born in Nov. 1939 and cost for “Board and Care” for mother and baby was $3.50 per day for 19 days.  The total bill was larger than the Squiers baby 10 years later but “my” bill included $45 for doctor’s delivery services. 

 Marcia Watkins Logan, Class of 1956



Alvin & Dorothy            Couple         Couple          Couple         Tink & Grace   Curly          Dorothy & Rowland   Vera & Charlie   Anna                        3 people unknown   Lora                              Ken

(Marsh) Macauley        Unknown    Unknown     Unknown      Parrish              Tuttle?            (Dunbar) Lufkin                Ackley                    (Leslie) Stevenson                      (Gifford) Dunbar         Gottry



John & Blanche           Women      Olive           Ray              Olive                            ??????     John & Alice      Couple            Charlotte      

(McCarty) Murphy      Unknown   Theissen    Bentley      (Wright) Noteman          Tuttle             McCarty       Unknown       (Hitchcock) Gottry


Sarah Caroline            Unknown           Unknown          Unknown              Unknown         Harriet                           Sandy                       Ben                Dorothy

(Agan) Blanchfield                                                                                                              (Dunbar) Carlton         Moore & Wife       Carlton?            Randall



Picture and Names submitted by Bob Wright, Class of 1956

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