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1930's **  CHS Faculty
Photo courtesy of Anne Thiessen, Class of 1960
**My mom graduated from Russell Sage in '30 and taught 1 year in Cleveland, NY. Then came to Cambridge.  And she was married in 1938.  Sooooooo  it was either 31,32,33,34,35,36,37. 

First Row:  1, Olive Tuttle (Thiessen) 3, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, 5
Second Row: 6,Carpenter,Carpenter,9 ,10, Janie Coulter
Third Row: 12,13,14,15,16,
Fourth Row: 17,18,19, Mar Parrish,21,22

Mary Parrish is in the top row in the middle.  (I had her for 2nd grade)
Carpenter sisters are 2nd and 3rd from left --next to top row.   (I had Eva Carpenter for K at the Methodist Church when the school burned.   I THINK there were 2 Carpenters.
Janie  Coulter (I think that's her name) is on the right end of the 2nd row from the bottom.
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick is the other woman in the front row--my mom and she were friends  and remained friends.   I remember them traveling together.  I think that's Elizabeth OR Megan Tellier.  ALL were friends. Megan married Tom Tellier who grew up in Cambridge in that house at the end of S. Union (big white house)
The guy in the middle of the first row is the principal.   It'll take me a while to come up with his name. Starts with an R.
Meg Tellier must be in there somewhere.  Same era. 


THOUGHTS FROM KEN GOTTRY:  I had Eva Carpenter as K teacher in 1955. She was a 1901 grad of CHS. So allowing 4 years for college, she would have been a teacher at CHS/CCS for over 50 years. I have a photo of my grandfather's 1910 CHS class and Eva is in that. Her sister, Lillian May (called May) was librarian at school and also at the public library. She was a 1894 grad of CHS. I seem to recall she passed away during my early life., of leukemia or something similar. I always recall her as the first person that I knew who died.

Janey Coulter was also a local historian. She wrote a great treatise on Cambridge. She started at the corner of East Main and Gilbert St (Bennett's Corner Store) and walked down Main Street narrating who lived where, what they did, her memories of earlier stories of the people and buildings.

The principal I recall from that era was Prof Tiffany. He took over in 1919 for John Kingsley who had been principal from 1907-1919

Nellie Rice was another great teacher from that era. There was a 2-page spread in the Washington County Post when she retired.

Here's info from the 1931-1932 CHS Catalogue

NYS pays $50 for HS pupils. HS tuition was $50 per year (so net $0). Elem tuition was $40. Deductions will be made from the tuition bill for consecutive absences of two or more weeks

Mrs E.J.Loomis, president;
Dr C.H. Holmes (Celeste, I think);
Morrison McGeogh (lived in the large yellow house on north side of West Main across from Geo Robertson near the end of Academy St);
Thomas Wilson;
Walter LeGrys;
Mrs Joseph Warren, clerk;
Mrs Ruth Davis, treas;
Geo Wortley, collector

Principal: Ross Williams Tiffany, BS, AM

HS Faculty: (I see two Olive's but both with maiden names at this point)
Mary B Potter, PhB, mathematics
Olive M. Tuttle, AB, French & History
Clarence M Prince, AB, English & Drawing
John McMorris, AB, Physics & Chemistry
Margaret Wadsworth, AB, Latin & History
Grades Faculty:
Nellie Rice, 8th
Olive Wright, BS, 7th
Ethel R Carey, 6th
Vera H Hotis, 5th
Fidelia Irwin, 4th
Janey Coulter, 3rd
Megan Thomas,  2nd
Eva Carpenter, 1st
Marjorie M McGowan, Phys Training & Health
Megan Thomas, music
Dr W.A. Leonard, medical Inspector

L. May Carpenter, Librarian
Theodore Riley, Janitor & attendance officer


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