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CCS Classes of '68 and '69 - when we were young(er)

Back Row: Bob Hendrickson, Glenn Townsend, Dale Jacobson, Scott Wand, Steve Ashton, Tom Shiland, Greg Geelan, Bruce McGeoch, ?, John Cullinan
3rd Row: Len Finning, Larry Kenyon, John Duddy, Steve Parrish, Bob Bloom, Bob Gates, Ken Gottry, David Skiff, George Virtue, Pete Bell, Bobby Brown
2nd Row: ?, Michael Felmly, Jerry Porter, Butch McGeoch, Terry Gillis, Jim Maxwell, Terry Kelley, ?, Eddie Fairbanks
Front Row: Jason Wilwol, Ed Harrington, John Tully, Bob McDonald, Martin Davis, Rupe Jennings
We think Tim Dwyer and Don Robertson might be in here but where?

If you can identify the ones we do not recognize, please email

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