10th Annual All Classes Reunion

Trivia Night
See how well you can do. 

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Round 1
1 Name 3 barbers in Cambridge, at least one from last century
2 Name 2 District Superintendents. You may not include the current superintendent, Vince Canini. You may also not include Caroline Perry, who was the superintendent when the Old School burned
3 Name 3 High School Principals. You may not include the current principal Tammy Silvernell. Nor may you include the person who was principal when you graduated
4 In what year was the new CCS Bus Garage opened
5 In what year did the Old School burn
6 Name 2 places where graduations were held besides the school
7 Name 2 police chiefs, not including George Bell
8 Name 2 fire chiefs
9 In what year did CCS start playing boys soccer
10 Name 4 lakes (or ponds) in Jackson


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Round 2
11 Name the 5 people for who VARAK Park is named.
12 In what decade was the Cambridge Hotel built? [bonus: in what year]
13 The Log Cabin and Oasis restaurants were owned by whom?
14 Carson Fuller coached boys athletics for years
14a. Who coached before him
14b. Who coached after him
15 Who taught Home Economics before Leta Tully
16 Who was the first CCS class to graduate from the New School
17 Name 3 doctors in Cambridge, at least one from last century
18 Name 2 dentists in Cambridge
19 Who ran the little grocery store on Academy Street in the 1960s
20 Name 3 people who have been mayor of Cambridge


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Round 3
21 Name 2 places in Cambridge that sold *new* cars
22 What was Mrs Eva Hopkins maiden name
23 McWhorter's Meat Locker was on th West End. Who ran the East End Meat Market?
24 Put the following church buildings in order, from oldest to newest,
United Presbyterian (white church by traffic light)
Embury Methodist Church (next to Post office)
Brick Church (originally Presbyterian, later Baptist)
St Lukes Episcopal
25 In what year did the New Gym open
26 Name 3 places that students attended classes after the Old School burned and before the New School was built
27 In what decade was the Washington & Rutland Railroad built through Cambridge
28 Charlie Ackley ran the West End funeral parlor. Who ran the East End funeral parlor?
29 The Cambridge Youth baseball field is named for whom
30 In what decade was the Village of Cambridge incorporated

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Round 4
31 In what decade was the Village of Cambridge re-incorporated
32 What was the name of the old fire station [hint: same as the old pumper]
33 Name 2 people who have been librarians at the Cambridge Public Library, not including current Cindy Maguire
34 Who owned the clothing store on the West End before Wally Fedler?
35 Name 3 drug stores in Cambridge, past or present, not including Rite Aid
36 In 1916 Cambridge celebrated Old Home Week to commemorate the anniversary of three key events in our history. Match the anniversary date with the event
100th anniversary of ???
50th anniversary of ???
25th anniversary of ???
Creation of Village of Cambridge
Creation of Town of White Creek and Town of Jackson
Creation of Cambridge Union School
37 In what year did the current CCS Alumni Association hold its first Reunion Weekend
38 Name 3 people on the Board of the CCS Alumni Association
39 Name 1 recipient of the CCS Alumni Scholarship
40 Name 3 people who have owned or run the East End Hardware store





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Round 5
41 Who was valedictorian on the CCS Class of 2014
42 Name one current Science teacher at CCS
43 name the two schools and the two sports mentioned in the CCS alma mater
44 name the current CCS Athletic Director
45 Pinky Decker, CCS 1942, is one of the oldest alumni. Two part question: (a) what is her real first name; and (b) what is her maiden name
46 In what year did the Mary McClellan Hospital open
47 The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing located at the Mary McClellan Hospital opened in 1922. It was affiliated with two colleges. One was Skidmore College in Saratoga. What was the other one? [hint: a dorm on this campus is named after Edwin McClellan who owned Meikleknox]
48 The Red Brick Hotel was torn down in the early 1960s to make room for a Sunoco gas station. Who owned that gas station?
49 Name 3 buildings that housed the Washington County Post
50 Name 3 insurance agents, past or present, in Cambridge


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