Our Lord hears our prayers and answers according to His Will.  As Our Father, He cares about all our prayer requests, not just the ones for the sick.  If you want prayer for  travel safety, concerns over a job, decisions to be made, seeking God's Will, etc, as well as health issues, we will be glad to pray for you.  These can be unspoken requests.  We do not need to know the all the details to pray for you or a loved one.  Remember, prayer requests are not used to spread gossip or hearsay .

Send your prayer request to CCS Alumni and Friends Prayer Circle  It will be sent as soon as possible to those who are committed to be Prayer Warriors.
These people are required to keep your request private unless you have instructed differently.

Give as much or as little information as you are comfortable with giving.  If you want this posted on the the Prayer Requests page and /or the CCS Alumni and Friends Facebook Fan Page, please let us know otherwise it will stay in the Prayer Circle only.  We would also like to hear some updates on any situation.


Prayer requests