This is a series of newsletters that "went viral" starting on January 24, 2015

We are not done yet, I will continue to add to this as the names come in. 
We are also interested in those who have stayed in the hometown area!!  If you think no one is interest, just read some of these responses.  You never know who has been thinking about you and wondered where you got off to.
Please send your full name, class  year and where you are living now to


Dear CCS Alumni and Friends, If you enjoy reading the news from follower CCSers, please hit REPLY….put your full name, class year and where you are living in the body of the email.. I am making a list and will put you on it just to show appreciation to those who help make up the newsletter. You don’t have to say anything. You can say that your enjoy reading these comments. Of course, it would be nice if you gave us some news.   PLEASE, this is NOT about me…this is to applaud those who send in stuff and to encourage others to do the same.  I will put your comment in the next newsletter. Please put where you are living now.  It will be interesting to see how wide spread we are

This newsletter is sent to 817 alumni, teachers and former students. Now I am going to be waiting to see if more than 25 people actually read this newsletter.



Dear CCS Alumni and Friends

 Newsletter went out around 11 AM CST 1/24/2015 asking for a reply if you enjoy reading the news from fellow CCSers, and by 2:27 PM I had my 25 replies!!!! 

1.  Hi ole friend Pauline.  I always read your newsletter but don't know too many people that write in.  I am William F. Dame (Bill) class of 1950.  I am retired Air Force and now living in San Antonio, Texas.  How about some more old timers writing in and tell us about some old memories.   HondoBill

2.  Brad Cone, Class of 2002. Johnsonville, NY

3. & 4. Jeffrey Babcock, class of 1973 and Pamela (Perkins) Babcock class of 1979 currently living in Chesapeake, Va.
I love reading these newsletters but tend not to contribute much even when I intend to. Find myself still recovering from stem cell transplant and forget a lot of things. We are however nearing our 10th anniversary and could not be happier with each other. Thanks to everyone for all the news items and know I will always be Cambridge born and raised and proud of it! Having grown up there has always been an asset no matter where I have lived

5. Sheryl Knapp Egger, Class of '61, Wilton,
enjoying reading your news while vacationing with son and granddaughters in California. Thank you for all you do.

6.  Larry Parsley 1972 Troy, NY

7.  John Paul Roy. Greensboro, NC class of 66.  Love the newsletters, my wife is always jealous when I show her how our little town stays connected.  Thank you Pauline.

8.  Justine LeBarron Larado, 1966 have lived for 43 years in Linwood, NJ, just south of Atlantic City Thank you for all you do to keep alumni connected.  It is interesting to see how many individuals from such a small town have scattered across the U.S.  Personally, I've reconnected with classmates I've not been in touch with since graduation.   Appreciate all your time and attention.  Stay well and warm!

9.  Joyce Bellemare , Class of 1971, living in Rhode Island.

 Thank you for working so hard on this is nice to read about friends and classmates. Currently we are in the midst of a snow, sleet and rain storm which is supposed to head out this evening. I like it...makes me catch up on shredding papers, getting tax papers ready, doing some baking and enjoying my little house.  I just moved from a very large condo (after my mom passed away) to a small ranch that is less than a mile from 3 beaches on Narragansett Bay..takes me about 14 minutes to walk there...I especially enjoy the sunrise even in the winter!

 My daughter and son-in-law live about 3 miles away with my 3 grandchildren...they just started homeschooling them (ages –almost 6, 4 and 2). I work about 18 miles away near Brown University in Providence as a dental hygienist...almost 35 years now!

 But most importantly I value what God has done in my life....He has blessed me richly by showing me why He sent His Son, Jesus and my wish is that all could realize how wonderful and absolutely fulfilling it is! Forgive me if some think I am preaching but like anything else, if something has changed your life for the better, you can’t help but share it!

10.  Grace K Hallock Class of 1967Shushan, NY

11.  Robin Niles Papa. Class of 1972. Living in Freehold, NY near Catskill.
Terribly saddened by the loss of my best friend in school Lin Durrin Wilwol.  I have children and grandchildren like she did and can't imagine being gone so early in their lives.

12.  Jean Deyoe Murphey  Class of 65. Mount Juliet, TN.  Thank you for your time to keep us all in touch. You are doing a wonderful job.

13.  Marjory Ridler  Class  of 1965   Cambridge
Hi Pauline, I always read your newsletters with great enthusiasm.  Marjory

14.  Carol Moseley Davis Class of 1965  Harpswell, Maine

15.  Beverly Wills Carroll 1973

16. Wilma Bassett Horton, class of 1958, Colchester, Vermont  The first thingI do when I open my email is look for Pauline ! Love reading the newsletters and reading about my favorite place in the world.

Was so happy to see the note from Tom Dempsey! Yes, Tom, I do remember you!

Pauline, thank you keeping us all connected! See you in July!


17.  Tom McMorris, Class of 1971, Salem NY

 Thomas McMorris Photos of the old McWhorter's Market  Page 35

 18.  Janette Hebbard Reed from Whitehall NY class of 72.
I enjoy the contact,not being on Facebook,I get info here.

19. Sue Ehrenfreund Congdon  1970, Bennington VT
      thanks for all the info

20. Jim Arnold, 1955, The Villages, Fl.    ( and always nice to hear from you). The Mayor

21. Christine Ludwick Lutringer Class of 1969.  I currently live in Albany NY and am retired.  I enjoy the newsletter and look forward to reading it.

22.  James "Jimmy" Louis Egbert, Class of 1975 (moved away from CCS in 8th grade), Germantown, Maryland. I hope to make it to the reunion this year.

23. Tom McMorris, Class of 1970   Salem NY

Dave McNeilly '76  Norfolk MA. We're about 18 miles from both Boston MA and Providence RI.
Hi Pauline, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading the news you send out although obviously I don't post too often. It was great to read that Terese Brennan was helping out with the web site class list. She, her husband Terry ('76), and I have been friends for many years. They're cool folks!                                                     

 Thanks for keeping me up to date and I'll see you at the scramble. We haven't had too much snow in the Boston area so I'll get to the driving range soon and practice up. Probably won't help much though.  PS: GO PATS you darn cheaters!

25. .  Nancy Stinner Norley - class of '59 - I live in Holliston, Massachusetts.
Hi Pauline.  I love reading the newsletters    Last July was the first All Reunion I attended, but only went to the class breakfast.


I knew at least 25 people read the newsletter!!!!!!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!
It didn’t stop there!


26. Diana Yalo Parker, class of 1963  Granville, NY 

27.  Dick Morse,  Class of 1963
Just like you. Cambridge MD
Pauline, I love the letter,

28. Ruth Boeker Abdella, Class of 65, now living in Caroga Lake, NY.

29. Jann (Thum) Smith '72 just read this newsletter from Florida.  Definitely has to be one of the warmest States right now, although we are currently bundling up under a brisk 70 degrees right now - what's up with that nonsense?

30. Mary Bates Muckle '59  NothBennington VT
I sure do read all your wonderful News from fellow CCSers and thanks to you Pauline we get the front line news! I would never know what is happen in around the world with fellow class mates and dear friends

Built our home over looking Lake Paran, North Bennington 1963! My brother in-law George Peabody and brothers Hiram, Fred (Butch) and Joey (Joseph) did there share of work on our home in 1963 and I am still Living here! My husband Duane of almost 50 years died January 1, 2010.

I have great news! My daughter Kelly Rehm-Brandt and I played in a Pro-am event. It was the Bennington Tennis Center  third annual win, set and match pro-am challenge against breast cancer with the Williams College men's and women's tennis teams! Just for the record they have been rated #1 in the country. Great players and the students made it fun for all! Kelly and I each had a student partner! Kelly and her partner won the first set and my partner and I won the second set. In order to play in this tournament you have to be at a certain level. It was such an honor to take part! We both live on the courts anyway I would like too!

I hope everyone is having a great new year!

31. Linda Sardi Bankerd "62 Alexandria VA
Yes, I certainly enjoy reading the newsletters.  I am not much of a contributor. Seems like one is bragging or the news is not noteworthy. Although the contributions of others don't seem braggy or uninteresting.

NOTE FROM PAULINE: Will make you a deal Linda, if I think it sounds like you are bragging or the news isn’t noteworthy, I will let you know. J

32. Ed Dunscombe, Class of 1972, Binghampton NY

I guess I am overdue for my 5-year update.  I’m still director of a public library in Endicott, NY, near Binghamton (  My wife Sharon is semi-retired and I may follow suit next year.

Our son Andy lives on Long Island and has recently got engaged - wedding to follow July 2016.  Our daughter Hannah is a starving artist living near Boston. Check her work at 

We enjoy traveling and are planning a trip to France this summer.  I drove Hannah through Cambridge and Shushan a few years ago.  Even bought a jug of maple syrup from Steve Rasher.  He was my neighbor on Perry Hill Road.  We lived closer to Salem but for some reason were in the CCS district.  I was first on Mr. Brownell’s bus route every morning.  Past the Tackle Box, over the Battenkill, up to the Vermont border to the McCauley home, back down 313 to a quick detour at the covered bridge, then back to 313 for the home stretch to Cambridge.  Especially fun in a blizzard!

   My folks moved from Brooklyn to Cambridge right in the middle of my junior year.  I didn’t know what to make of it, and I’m sure no one knew what to make of me.  But the pitch games and the education were good.  My Dad worked insurance for Prudential in Hoosick Falls.  They moved to Florida in 1983.  Mom died in 1989 and Dad in 2011.  Tim Flynn and Rowee joined me at Geneseo for college, with Sue Clarke joining us the next year.  This photo is three years old. Decrepitude hasn’t done too much more damage!

33.  Lorri (Andrews) Oberbroeckling, Class of 1980, Now living in Shippensburg, PA.  I enjoy reading the newsletter and keeping up with Cambridge and people from Cambridge.

34.  Barbara Peters, Class of 1965 , Argyle NY
I read the newsletter so be sure to "count me" Pauline

35. Bob Headwell Class of 1957 Living in Cambridge NY

36. Richard Sather,  1976,  Alexandria Virginia

37. Don Catellier 1976  Venice Fla for the winter. Voorheesville NY the summer

38. Becky Woodcock Benoit Class of 1980  Greenwich, NY - love to read the news of all the classmates- thank you for including all the classes and for keeping everyone informed. I could not keep up with all the news without you

39. Dave Thornton,  Former Faculty[taught English and directed plays], living in Fort Myers FL  Spent a number of years as Town (of Cambridge) and Village historian.Managed the Cambridge Band after Tink Parrish and before Pete Bell. Have a number of books and booklets on Cambridge History available on Have two bands --- a Dixie ensemble and a concert band --- that are currently active in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area

40. Carol Stearns Accetta Class of 1963  Eagle Bridge NY

41. Jane Falkenbury Wright, Class of '57  Cambridge NY

42. Doug Wilkie  Due to youthful indiscretions  64/65  Troy NY
YES we all read it keep up the good work. I do remember Tom Dempsey. Please send Tom this reply because I am going back to Germany in December for the Christmas Markets after a Viking  River Cruise to look for my old base. I was stationed in Ansbach west of Nurnberg. I am trying to find the name of the base that I was stationed at it was for the 1/37th armor of the 4th armored div. Thanks

43.  Lori (Hansen / Petersen ) Christoffersen -- class of "77 -- Schenectady NY

Pauline, i always enjoy reading the newsletters. 

44. Scott Wheeldon, Midland, Mi.
Three sons grown and gone.  Two married, one looking.  Still working as a pharmacist. Hello to all.   Thanks for all the updates.

45. Virginia Bell D’Andrea, class of 1975 – I always enjoy reading the newsletter - thanks to all who submit!

46. Carl Amick, Class of 1975 and Lanesboro MA. It seems I should have some news to report regarding the last 40 years but, sadly, nothing comes to mind.  I was on the distribution list a while ago but must have changed my email address.  I've missed it!

47. Earl Costello, class of 1943.
 Yes Pauline we had a different high school back in '43, but we're all Alum's, however, at my age it's hard to remember all the details. I've probably got pictures, etc. some where around, but I've moved so many times who knows where? I read with interest Tom Dempsey's note in the current round, and was surprised to see he is retired in Zaragoza, Spain.(where's that?). When my family and I were living in Trpoli, Libya my daughter went to high school at Wheelus Air Force base in the 1960's. After Col. Gadafi's revolution Wheelus agreed to shut down so my daughter transferred to the high school at the air base in Zaragosa and graduated from there. We spent many great times in Zaragoza at the bull fights and little wine/snack bars. I also remember the restaurant's never opened at night until after 9 0'clock . I spent ten years in Libya working for Oasis Oil Co., but Col. Gadafi said emshi.

48. Mary Kathy Van Orman Yurewitch  Class of 1965. Hoosick Falls. Perry Young told me about our 50th reunion. I am hoping that someone will get ahold of me for any update. I am usually on vacation then but could return early. Thank you

Note from Pauline:  Reunion updates can be found on our web site and will be sent out in newsletters as they are forwarded to me.  Also check the website for links to your classes Facebook pages.

49. Vivian Portwine Rieben  Class of 1985  Cambridge, NY
**thank you for these newsletters, they are nice to read

50. Sue Cullinan Delker, Class of 1964  Saratoga Springs, NY.

 51. Tammy Ogilvie class of 1976 and I live in Concord NC

52.  Bob Wright '56 Cambridge, NY all my life going on to 77 years. To Tom Dempsey – you are not forgotten. Not even close.

53. Joann Tollisen Tetreault, Class of 1980 living in North Adams Ma.  I always read the newsletters !!

54. Carol (Hebbard) Flores, class of 1985 - living in Acworth GA, northwest suburb of Atlanta. I moved here in 1997 as part of a job relocation. I enjoy reading the newsletter very much. I am blessed to still be able to visit the Cambridge Area twice a year to catch up with family and friends. I am proud to be from a small town. My visits always feel like being home. Keep the news coming!!

55. Rosalyn Perry Weselak, Class of 1961.  I live in Grand Island NY, located between Buffalo & Niagara Falls in the Niagara River.  Because of the location, Grand Island seldom gets the lake effect storms and huge snowfall that  Buffalo does.. even though we are 30 min. from it all.

Thank you, Pauline, for heading up the newsletter.  It is great to hear about CCS alumni.  Most people cannot believe that our graduating class was so small ! I have many fond memories from school.

56. Jenn (Montinieri) Petell - class of 1994.  Just moved back to Cambridge this past summer after living in New Haven, CT for the past 7 years and New York City & surrounding area for 13 years before that.  Love reading the newsletters and looking for familiar names/updates!

57. Shirley (Bell) Snyder If Bill Dame thinks the class of '55 is part of the old timers, then I guess I'm not only old but vintage. I graduated in '46 from Cambridge Union School.  I discovered recently that  only one other classmate of mine (Muriel Maxwell Lufkin) uses a computer.  I'm sorry for this as they are missing out on a lot of the history of the home town thanks to those that have spent many hours researching and finding so many things of interest.

At this point in time, most of the folks that write to you, Pauline, are the offspring of parents I have known. Most of your contributors would not know me but probably know my brother, Nelson Bell and my sister-in-law June.

Speaking of offspring...I have two married living in LA and the other in Skaneateles.  The older daughter, Marianne, is a doctor specializing in neo natal critical care.  Her sister, Margaret, owns her own business as an Educational Consultant.  She has 3 in special services with the Navy a chef and one that has just graduated from Syracuse.

Life has been good to me.  I have enjoyed extensive travelling in Europe, So. Africa and countries that were and some that are still under communist control.  Having covered all but two of the States, I find that New England is the place that still warms my heart.   I'm in good health, live by myself and do everything I want to do.  On the not want to list is shoveling snow and mowing the lawn.

It is always great when something comes through from you about Cambridge.  As I live near Rochester, getting back to Cambridge is only once or twice a year for too short a time. 

58. Doreen Washburn Corrow Class of 1975Hartland Vermont
Hi Pauline,I enjoy reading the news letters and I also appreciate the time and work you put into them. Thanks,

59.  Robert W Scott Jr. Class of 2000 from Fort Knox KY.
I enjoy reading the news letters

60.  Richard Cristaldi, Class of '64, retired Instrumental Music Teacher from Clinton, NY.
My wife Carol and I are presently in Durham, NC visiting our daughter for a few days, on our way to the Port Orange and Daytona Beach Shores area for two months  of golf and warmer weather.  Reading about the impending blizzard warnings for the east coast area and glad we are heading out.

61. Mary Worner Robinson, Class of 1962, Hernando, Florida

62. Doreen Parsley Davis Class of 1969Palenville, NY

63. Larry Decker from Cape Cod - Class of 1958.Pauline you're doing a fantastic job with all of the responses you're getting.  I, too, enjoy reading of the world wide coverage from attendees and graduates of CCS.  It's a small world and nice to recognize old names and memories long forgotten.  Keep up the good work.  It is greatly appreciated.

64. & 65.  George Virtue (68) and Ruth Ann (Scriber) Virtue (71) – Cambridge, New York

66. .Anthony Cristaldi class of 1953-
It was very interesting to hear from Bill Dame(1950)and-Wilma Bassett Horton (1958) in your newsletter. Went to school with Donald Dame & Wilma & Jim were Godparents to one of my kids. I have lived in Waterloo,NY for 46 yrs now. Great wine Country

67. Gene Hughes class of 1982 currently in TN.

68. Ervin Starr, class of 1988, Rochester(North Chili) NY. It has been a blessing to see updates and hear how alumni are doing. It is common for me to visit family in Cambridge, but rarely see anyone else. Hard to believe I now have a high school graduate of my own, and another this year.

69. Janis (Kent) Wakeley    1972     Glens Falls, NY

70. Dave Bellemare Class of 1975 Durham, CT
I could write a book about my 15 years of life in Cambridge. Maybe one day I will. But for now list me as Class of 75. That was the class I would have graduated with, but we moved to CT after I finished my freshman year. I love Cambridge and miss it terribly. Currently living in Durham, CT. Still somewhat rural for CT. I have been married to Debbie for 34 years (she is obviously very tolerant). 3 kids. All grown and living away. I am currently employed as a high school cross country and track coach. I hope to write again with my remembrances of having an incredibly blessed child hood growing up on Lake Lauderdale and attending CCS with my awesome siblings Mike and Joyce.

71. Dan Davis Class of 1989 Virginia Beach, VA I always enjoy receiving your updates. Thanks for keeping us all in touch with Cambridge. 

72. Bruce Wands  Class of 1958, and Karron living Independence, MO since retiring in 2000 Love CCS stories and memories shared. Willing to host at CCS alumni gathering for Indians living inthe Area. Great memories of putting a penny on the tracks and have the train change it so much.

73. Gail Ashton Cooney, class of 1967, Hoosick Falls, NY - enjoy all your hard work.

74. & 75 Bob Nygard class of '61 Kathy Dunn Nygard class of '61. Saratoga Springs N.Y.     Spend 4 winter months in Stuart Florida.  
Enjoy newsletter. Thank you for all you do!


76. I am Shailer Evans, class of 1956. I live in Claverack, NY. While I do not know most of the people who correspond I do know some and it is nice to see how their lives are progressing. I am a retired teacher and have been so for twenty years this June. Life in Cambridge while growing up was slow paced and simple enough to really enjoy the goodness of rural America. What a life!

77. Wendy (Brown) Marino, Class of  1973. Hello Pauline and everyone... My mother, Ethel Brown, worked in the school cafeteria. She passed away 7 years ago today (Jan.25). She loved her job and the friends she made working there.

She is the reason I'm writing this tonight. So here you go.

I'm in Clifton Park, NY with my husband Matt.  We've been retired from state gov't for a few years now and we are never bored. For us, it's all about family, our faith, volunteering and since we are close to Saratoga, the horses! 

We enjoy visiting the elderly and we are involved in their activities at the nursing home, like the annual indoor Wheelchair 'bowl' that is coming up which sounds crazy but will feature cheerleaders, flag football players in wheelchairs being pushed by aides and halftime entertainment, all residents in the nursing home. Once they asked me to twirl my baton in a 'circus' activity a few summers ago.  Well, I still had my baton and 40 years later, unbelievably, twirled for those residents. The elderly are the best audiences!

It's nice to read the personal stories of days gone by and how Cambridge has evolved. God bless you all!

78.  Steve Davis, 1967, Portland, Oregon.

79.  John Carlsen, class of 1960, living in Pottstown, PA (near Philadelphia)
I was in junior high when Tom Dempsey graduated from CCS but I remember Tom (a big, and six year older guy from the perspective of a pre-teenager) and am struck by the fact that he was living in Zaragosa, Spain.  In 2006  my brother Tom Carlsen (class of 1962) and our wives took a two week trip to northern Spain and our first stop after arriving in Spain was Zaragosa.  I have attached a couple of pictures - the roman bridge with two lions and my wife in front of the excavation of roman ruins in downtown Zaragosa.  Spain is a spectacular country to visit and one of the least expensive (cheaper than going to the California coast) to visit for US citizens.  We followed up the following year with another two weeks in southern Spain.  The food/cuisine is spectacular and rated by many as the best in Europe - above France and Italy.  We were never disappointed.


80. Jennifer Bovie Hemming, Class of 89, Glenville, NY

81. Mike Grady Hollis, NH class of 1959.
thanks for your faithfulness.

82. Linda Hatch Ford, Class of 1965, Norridgewock, Maine, winters Daytona Beach, Fl. I certainly agree with everyone how much we appreciate all your efforts keeping CCS Aumni and Friends connected. 

83. Tasha Brown Bailey Class of 1996 and living in Springfield, VT. I love  reading the newsletters and seeing the lovely pictures that others post to you. Keep the newsletter going 😊

84. Bruce Buchanan (class of 75)Cortland, NY
Hi Pauline, As you know, I don't post (I can't right now), but do enjoy reading about what is happening with others as I'm able.

85. Ann Wade, Class of 1963, Albany, NY

86. Fred Knapp '62
You have done it again in getting alumni to step up and inform everyone what they are doing and where.  We are 8 months in Sarasota, Fl and 4 months in Sunapee, NH.  The latter affords me the opportunity to drive over to the all class each year. Every year it seems that I have the wonderful experience of catching up with someone I haven't seen in 40 or 50 years.  I look forward to seeing you and other alum this year.

87. Sharon Lee (Saari) Delgrosso, class of 1970, lives in Las Vegas, NV.
 Doing well.  Love the newsletter very much.

88. Joe Rouse, Class of 1961, Cambridge NY

89. Beverly Lufkin Halsdorf,1955 Stokesdale,NC
I enjoy all you do. Thanks Pauline

90. Sean Frazier, Class of 2006  Nicholson, PA

91. Debbie Farrara  class of 1980  Eagle Bridge, NY

92. Todd Sutherland  1981 Half Moon Bay, CA

93. Mike Bellemare Class of '70 - For the last 14 years, my wife, Marilyn and I live in Pawlet, Vt. We have three married sons and seven grandchildren who all live in Ct. I own my own landscaping business and work from April through November and snowmobile all winter long if there's enough snow.   It's nice to hear how everyone's doing. Great job, Pauline!

94. Michael John Marsh - Class of 1963 Albany, NY 12203

95. Kelsey (Seeley) Demarah Class of 1991 Bourbonnais, Illinois
Thanks Pauline, I read the newsletter too.

96. Dick Brownell, Class of 1957, Greenwich,NY

97. Mary Lee Kent, class of 1958, currently living in Bennington VT but get through the ol' hometown once in a while. Bracing for the nor'easter here and glad I don't have to drive through Cambridge with the sad demolition. Always good to know those things so thanks for posting.

Those pictures Bob Wright shared that must have been in his father's collection - or maybe his aunt's - are fabulous. I'm thinking we can get identification with sleuth work. Once we identify one person in a picture, we can fairly well determine the graduating year of the class. Maybe Earl Costello will get to work on it - he's most closely connected - hey get out your magnifying glass, that's what I have to do! One of the pictures was either not good originally or is a fuzzy scan. The rest are unbelievably good and well preserved. Cheers to all. MLK

98. Bob Inslerman – Class of 1963 - Saranac Lake, NY.  Out local motto “The capital of the Adirondacks and the coolest spot in NY” lived up to its name (again) this morning at 24 degrees below zero.(January 26th)

99. Robin Beayon Stover, Class of 1982 ~ Albany, NY

100. Pat Roy Molinaro, class of 65. Have lived in the Boston, MA area for the last 40 years. Love your newsletters and looking forward to seeing you at my 50th this summer.


Some say: "No one is interested in what I have to say." If you are

 reading these comments, you must know by now that...YES...we are

 interested!  PLEASE, we want to hear from you, even if it is just a word

 or two.



101. Jennifer Anne Morris (married Anderson) 1985 Ramstein Germany
Its really nice to have a word from home I have been here 9 years and Sometimes it seems so far away... Hello to all my Classmates!!

102. Jane Kenyon Keys, Class of 1958 Salem, N Y 
It is so nice to hear from CCS Alumni

103. Frank Smith 1976 and wife Joy, Norfolk, Virginia. Heading south on Monday to escape the rest of the winter. Key West here we come!

104. Christine McInerney Osmond, class of 65.  Winter Vermont & FL. Spring thru fall Hedges Lake.  Several of us are planning the "lake dance revival"on Friday night July 17th from 7-10 pm.  We hope everyone will come and catch up with old friends.  Should be a fun evening. More information will be posted on website soon. Thanks Pauline for all your work.

105. Susan (LaFlamme) Blocker  Class of 72 living in Salem, NY.
I have a great family with 5 children and 11 grandchildren.  I lead a group called Women of Hope in Cambridge, NY and love it!

It is always great to hear what is going on in the lives of others from Cambridge Central School. Thanks for doing this Pauline.

106. Walter Ogden, class of 63/64  North Bennington, VT
Look forward to reading the news letters Pauline. Certainly keeps you busy and you do a great job of keeping the Alumni updated. While I do not contribute often, I do particularly enjoy reading the input from the other Alums that are scattered all over the globe.
On a lighter note……I saw a report on the internet that suggested there are actually more Auburn “War Eagle” fans now than ‘Bama “Roll Tide” fans. Perhaps it has something to do with that Ohio game! 🐯🐯🐯😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 But, at least you guys did get to play Ohio!☹

NOTE FROM PAULINE:  I don’t know where you get your stats from but Bama Fans are still in abundance.  I heard the War Eagles were becoming instinct! J

107. Tom Loren class of '54 . We are still living in Manassas, Virginia.
We are still taking care of our Little Man Liam who is now 13 months old. We are not sure who is learning the Liam or us. He has just started walking and is into everything. We have him every work day. I enjoyed Tom Dempsy's message. I tried quite a few times to e-mail him when he was in Germany and never got thru. I see that he is in Spain now. We do enjoy these newsletters a lot between news items and also the website which we are on at least once a day. I ( Tom ) turned 80 on January 8th . The same day Elvis was born but he got lost along the way. For Bridget O'Hearn's sake we hope the demolition of the Ackley building next to her Drug Store will get over with very soon.

108. Doug Ashton Class of 1962 living in Cocoa, FL....I’m Paula (wife of almost 45 years)  He loves to see what is going on in Cambridge and hearing about everyone he grew up with.  I know his Aunt Alice would have loved hearing about all of Cambridge.   And the pictures are great.  Thanks to Pauline for doing this.....Paula Ashton

109. Marjorie Ensign Laxier, class of 54.  Now living in CA. 
Thanks Pauline for all the news.

110. Jo Boeker Thornton, Class of 62, now living in Fort Myers FL.
And you know that I love reading all your newsletters, Pauline....

111. Betsy King Stavenger, class of 1962, now living with my husband Dave in Holland, MI.  Many thanks to you Pauline and those who help you with the newsletter!!  I always read your emails first!

112. Alesa Rubino Wilson Class of 1981.  Salem, NY Love getting the news, thanks Pauline!

113. Bill Everly, Class of ’85
Over the last about 15 years, I have been building a financial planning practice in the San Francisco Bay area.   In the fall of 2014 my wife and I moved to Austin, TX. My wife Lisa started a new job with Keller Williams Realty in Austin-Lake Travis as their Market Center Administrator.   I still manage my Financial Planning Practice in the San Francisco area (by telephone and Web Ex) and travel there a few times a year.  More information about my practice and what it is I do is available at


In December, 2014, we adopted Jackson Ambrose Everly which is our first child!  We are so excited and now that we have a few minutes to get acclimated to all the changes, thought we would provide this update.



114. Anne Thiessen  Class of 1960    Baltimore, Maryland I read EVERYTHING that you put on the newsletter--even those comments from those I don't know.  (Usually because they are" young'uns")  But it keeps me tied to Cambridge and that's a comfort zone.  Keep up the good work, Pauline.   See you in July  !!

115. Karen Dusha McKean, class of '66, Duanesburg, NY.

116. &117 Ray and Mary Williams Purdy…Class of 1963 Of course we read it!! Mary & I live in Queensbury,N.Y. but winter in Vero Beach, Fl. Dec - May.  See you at the reunion.  Keep up the good work, we enjoy reading what others are doing and hearing about old friends and fellow grads of CCS.  Best to you and your family.

118. Marie Merola Copeland 1966 - Delmar, NY
I enjoy your newsletters and especially like to see members of my class respond and to find out where they are. Thank you for keeping CCS alumni connected. Marie

119. Angela E Estramonte,  Class of'61 - Cambridge, NY
Reading the news from the CCS alum has been fun! Greetings and good thoughts to all.

120. Perry S. Young 1964 (Zeph) Cambridge, NY Thanks for all your help in making the class of '64 reunion a huge success. Looking for old trucking company signs who are no longer in business, also old Mack truck memorabilia.

121. Joanne Peters Steele, Class of 1978, living in the suburbs of Shushan on a dairy farm.  I have not always lived here, but I did come home eventually.   My office is in beautiful downtown Cambridge, where I practice Midwifery.  I love hearing about people and else would we keep up to date now that Evelyn's chatter is no longer part of the local paper?

122. Richard E. Mclenithan-Class of 1960--Queensbury New York

 I do  read  Pauline all the material you send out and commend you for the effort.

123. Thomas Gardner class 1964 Richmond, Vermont :-P

124. Susan Wolff Matteson 1972 Cambridge NY
Thanks Pauline for all you do. I love hearing about all the various alumni and their activities. I see news from lots of my friends even those in other classes. I still live in Cambridge because it has been the best place for me. I have many memories wrapped up in this village and continue to collect more. Keep up the good work!

125. Christine Harrington 1966  living in Hebron (Salem) N.Y.

126.  Jack Murphy , Class of 1973, Hoosick Falls, NY The Blizzard of 2015 left one eighth of a inch of snow on our sidewalk..... guess I'll put the snowblower on standby. Slainte',

Note from Pauline: Sláinte agus táinte !

127.  Dave Hoffman,Class of 1954,Honeoye Falls,NY.  Really enjoy the newsletter!!  Always enjoy seeing the names of those from the 50's who shared the Cambridge experience with me.

128. Miguel  Pacheco  1975Bu skirk New York

129. John Davis class of'65. Kodak,TN
Lived in Florida 31 year, where I Worked as an auto field adjuster for Allstate Insurance Co. Retired to Kodak,TN. in 2012. Love the mountains of East Tennessee. I have been married to my wife Paula for 48 years. We are planning to be at the reunion this year. Really enjoy the newsletter. Great job, Pauline! See y'all at the reunion.

130. Helene (Kwiatkowski) K. Olszowski  Class of 1955 Greenville NY
Sorry to 'hear' of Francis Ackley's passing.   A really nice guy.  I always enjoyed stopping at the jewelry store to chat and sometime have some small repairs on a watch or clasp.  Memories are precious.

Pauline, I must say that you really do a wonderful job of keeping us all up to date, newsletters, etc.  You really are the BEST!  

By the way, the weather here in Greenville isn't as bad as we expected.  It is snowing but certainly not near as bad as NYC, LI, and Boston. Be well, Pauline and know that you are appreciated.

131. Paul W. Austin '64 Scarborough, ME and part time in Davis, NC
-Everyone, please complete the personal pages on the ccs Indians website, and, Pauline, thanks for all of your work, it's an amazing resource!

NOTE FROM PAULINE:  Thanks for the “plug” Paul.  I would love to have more people fill out the questionnaires for their own personal page.  Check the INDEX column on the web site for the form that suits you.  There is Alumni (graduated from CCS) Former Students (attended CCS at one time) and Teachers.

132. George Ridler 1966, in Long Beach NY for almost 30 years after 20 in NYC (dual residency). Still can't believe the hospital closed or that the Rite Aid was built as it was.

133. Donna Fournier Byron class of 59. Albany NY
Came to Albany to go the College of St Rose met my husband at RPI and stayed. Jim and I had 52 years together until his passing this past August. Still live in the same house in Albany, my two daughters live nearby but my 3 sons are in VA, KY and NYC. The 9 grandkids are in college and high school in fact one is studying in Spain this year. Thanks Pauline for doing this newsletter I love to see where everyone is and it brings back so many great memories. I still call Cambridge home.

134.  Mick Kent,  Class of 1960,  Living in Spencer, TN since 1997 (population ~1000, zero traffic lights).  Where is the class of '60; guess they are waiting on me to post ... ROFL!

135. Mike Brown, San Antonio, TX, Class of 1972.
I retired from teaching English and journalism in 2012 and now just freelance write for a few extra nickels and dimes when I’m not twisting wrenches on old motorcycles. For those who don’t know me, I once weekly insulted your intelligence while misspelling every third word as the managing editor of the now sadly defunct Washington County Post. It was a terrific learning experience, one where I finally got to truly know a town I grew up in, but didn’t understand or appreciate for many years. Since I don’t want to embarrass anyone by claiming past association with a known nut case like me, I’ll just say a collective “hi” to many people I haven’t seen in years and really enjoy hearing about. I’ve way too many good Cambridge memories to count. All should feel free to email mbrown22@satx.rr.comfor a more personalized howdy. 

    Pauline, we all owe you a great debt of gratitude. You put a lot of effort into making these connections and keeping us all up to date. I look forward to each posting. Please continue your wonderful work.

136. Dorothy (Everall) McCully  class of 1976. Warner Robins ,Ga  .
Thanks you for all the news,  I also love reading your news letters and seeing where some of my classmates are living and what occupation they ended up working in.

137. & 138  Mary Ann McMorris Bassett (62) and George "Bud" Bassett (60)
We  live in Concord N.C. just outside of Charlotte,
We have been here now 37years . BUT Cambridge will always be HOME !  Surprised how many also have moved to N.C. ! If anybody comes to town ,I (Mary Ann) still work at Charlotte Motor speedway ,in the gift shop I'll give u a quick tour to see the track.

Shirley Bell Snyder and Muriel Lufkin ,they were next door neighbors ,I was over the hill from them sooo glad to hear from them . I always get a hug from Nelson and June at reunion. Keep it up ladies .All the classes even after the'60 and '70 years all have the very same feeling a connection to CAMBRIDGE ! Thanks again Pauline

139. Ed Cantwell, Class of '58, Wheeling, IL   --
Been on the mend following a 5 week stint in the Hosp. and Rehab.  Continuing PT 3 times a week and feel pretty good all things considered.  Set my #1 Goal as getting back "home" next July for the Reunion (which I've missed the past 2 years).  Great to hear from all these Alumni....Yes, Tom Dempsey, I remember you well!!!

Pauline, please keep up the excellent work, it is very much appreciated!

140. Peggy McMahon McLenithan - Cambridge, New York Class of 1985
7 degrees here on January 27th- school is closed- even the Public Library is closed today.
I love hearing news from alumni- and a big shout out to Pauline Nash for helping everyone stay in touch.

141. Susi Cora (Thum), Class of 1975, Alexandria, Va.
Love seeing the newsletters and seeing familiar names...I remain thankful for the quality of the education I received at CCS and how nice the teachers were. I do recall some 'attention-getting' erasers flying in English class but we'll skim over that memory. It's all good.

142. Dianne Dusha Mosher, class of 1974 (almost) lives and teaches Family and Consumer Sciences in Berlin NY for the last 28 1/2 years.  Three grown children and two beautiful grandchildren.  Married to a dairy farmer. Have lived for three years in our "round log cabin on the mountain".  Thank you Pauline.  You do a great job!

 143. Susan (Everall) Bialac class of 74 living in Warner Robins, Ga.
Met with Dot (Peters) class of 74 in Florida in January! Met Jay Leone (class of 74) in Shanghai, China last fall. Looks like our class is global.

144. David (Cork) Thomas, Class of 1975, Ballston Spa.
 I read the newsletter. Thanks for taking the time to put it out.

145. Marcia Watkins Logan, Class of 1956, Redmond, OR.  I have lived in Oregon since 1968 as my husband is a native Oregonian. I spent 36 years teaching (NY, Sierra Leone Peace Corps and Redmond) and am now in my 18th season as a seasonal tax preparer. I make it back to NY every few years as I have one sister in the Utica area and several cousins not too far from Cambridge. My last visit was in June 2014 when I stayed at Hedges Lake in a cottage my sister Jane had rented. We even had breakfast at the Cambridge Diner (I don’t remember its current name) where I happened to run into another member of the class of 1956, Jack Shay.  Pauline, thanks for doing so much to keep us all in touch.

146. Laurelyn Langer Wichgers class of 1966 Whidbey Island,Puget Sound
Love our alumni newsletter.  U R the best,Pauline!

147. Debbie (McLean / Headwell) Stone - Class of 1979 - Westminster, CO (suburb of Denver)

148. Donna Sprague - class of 1967, Bennington VT

149. Jenny Rubino Warner . Class of 1987 . I  moved to Syracuse , NY in 1989 . Married and have two beautiful daughters. Really love to get class of 87 back together for a reunion ! Visit Cambridge and surrounding area a couple times a year to visit my family and friends . Look forward to it always !

150. Greetings from Bill Nygard,   Class of 1960, Okmulgee Oklahoma.
 Helen and I are 30 minutes south of Tulsa. .Our daughter Heather and her family are in Tulsa, and son Bill and his family are three hours south in Dallas Texas.....Pauline you are doing an awesome service for all the folks that have spent time roaming the halls at ole CCS. Still very much near and dear to my heart, and hopefully one of these springs I can spend a few weeks in upstate New York and Vermont! ......Special Blessings to all , and especially to you Pauline for keeping all of us informed!......I also particularly enjoy all the comments .......March Madness is only 5 weeks away! Go CAMBRIDGE INDIANS.....  

151. Thure Johnson Class of 1964 , Lakeside, California. I really enjoyed my years growing up in the Cambridge area , even if most of it was up in the Camden Valley area, it was a great town to bring kids up in :)

152. Tammy Hopkins Langlois, Class of 1976, still living in Cambridge, NY and I cannot wait for summer!!! .Pauline, appreciate all your hard work to keep us all informed throughout the years!!!  Always look forward to your emails.

153. Don Vitello, Class of 1960, North Syracuse, NY

154. Lori Sourdiffe Kenney, Class of 1996, Cambridge, NY
I currently work at CCS and have for the past 15 years doing payroll, I am married (James Kenney II ) and our son Shamus currently attends CCS and should be a member of the Class of 2024!

155. Julia Gates  Class of 1994  Cambridge NY

156. David Merrill Martin - Class of 1961 - I live most of the time in the Philippines and some of the time in Hawaii. I enjoy reading your newsletters also... thanks!

157. Linda (Finning) Kelley, class of 1971.  I’ve lived in Springfield, VT for 31 years. Thanks to our son and daughter in law, Pat and I have retired from the dealership.  Pat writes country music and I critique it.  ;-)  Life is good.

158. Brent A. Lerch, class of 1966, Alpharetta, GA.|
Been slow to respond to your request, but I guess that’s because I finally acclimated to the southern way of doing things. Since leaving Cambridge in 1966 I’ve pretty much pursued the 9 lives of a cat --- military life (Air Force Special Ops); CIA life (covert); college life (BS & MBA); married life (40 years and counting); corporate life (suites, power ties, relocations); family life (including an international adoption); community life (boards and more); corporate ownership (own two corporations and looking for another venture); and the 9th which is yet to be determined – retirement (but not for another 4-5-6-7 years at the earliest).  Enjoy reading all the correspondence you assemble in your mail outs.  Appreciate the time, effort, and energy you put forth to make all this happen.  Thank-you!

159. & 160. Stanley(Class of 61)& Bill (Class of 54) Higgins- Wilton, NY
Enjoy hearing from everyone. You are doing a SUPER job. Loved hearing from Jim Arnold (GO GATORS) and Tony Cristaldi (Greatest Pitcher ever at CCS).

161. Mike Severson,1961, Bayport,NY Long Island for 45 years.
We renovated an old farm house in Cambridge in 1970 sold it and put up a log Home in 85 so sort of never left.Have been spending winter months in Jensen Beach, FL for the last few years. Very nice to be able to do.

162. Dick Cummings, class of 1975, Lake Placid, NY

163. Alisa Hunt Martin Class of 1984, reside in Buskirk NY. Have lived in other places but my love of the area brought me back many years ago.

164. Eileen (Schneider) Bounds, residing in Castleton, Vt.
We don't ski so winter (beautiful at times) is sometimes boring in Vt., but when we can my husband (52 years) Richard and I visit our grandson Cory in San Diego, granddaughter in Phoenix, and youngest daughter in Las Vegas. Just got back from Vegas in November. Wonderful trips and so much to see, can't wait to go back. Spring, summer and fall is spent on Lake Champlain fishing. Look forward to reading all your news letters, keeping all of us in touch is so much fun. You do a great job so keep them coming, even if you have to hunt us down.

165. Carla Tuttle Linnett, class 64, Greenwich, New York

166. Kurt Werger, Class of '85, White Creek, NY

167. Robert "Moon" McGeoch. Class of 1967. Cambridge. NY
Check out my website for lotsa pictures and some videos...lotsa memories!...thanks Pauline.

168. Bob Potvin   Class of 1963    Clearwater, FL       
Want to say “hi” to my cousin   Vivian Portwine Rieben

169. Linda Lufkin Taylor, Class of 1962, Salem, NY. 
Love the newsletters.  Great to read where and what people are doing. 

170. Earl D. Hunt   Class of   1957   Residing in Albany, New York

171.  Glenn Davis, Class of 1960  Murphy, NC
I’m really enjoying the responses to the newsletter. We’re living in Murphy (13 miles from Tennessee,5 miles from Georgia,about 2 hours from Atlanta) in the mountains of North Carolina. We love it here. Murphy is a small town much like Cambridge complete with a champion high school football team.I retired from IBM in 1995 after 30 years. I worked in Poughkeepsie and finished up in Boca Raton,Florida. We moved to Murphy in 2000. We’re very busy with all sorts of fun projects and keep in shape training for the NC Senior Games. Keep those cards and letters coming! Great job everybody. By the way I remember Tom Dempsey too. My Uncle Jack Coultrer was one of the backs in the 1920s football team pictures submitted by Bob Wright. Martin Church is the Big guy in the last row of one of the photos. Question to Marylee Kent. Wasn’t your father a member of those teams? I hope to read many more submissions to the news letter. We’re going to try our best to make the next reunion. I look forward to talking to as many folks as i can.  Happy New Year!

172. Terry Granger class of 1968 living in Bennington, Vt.
 I enjoy keeping up with the news of CCS alumni. I have been retired for 10 years. Enjoy golf. I am married with 3 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.

173. Bruce Squiers, Class of 1967, East Greenwich (Salem) NY.
I've been enjoying reading these. Although officially retired from a newspaper career, I still stay active working for an agency which attempts to keep senior citizens in their homes and independent. When I was in high school, I was one of those who couldn't wait to get out of Cambridge. Well, I did that, married and later divorced, raised a family etc. but have been back to the area now almost 30 years. I guess you have to leave something to later appreciate it.

174. Ken Gottry, 1968, Cambridge, NY. -
I lived in Tully, NY (south of Syracuse) for 30 years. In 2002 I renovated my family's red brick house on Main Street and was amazed at how quickly those 30 years faded away. I'll be out working in the yard and someone going by hollers out "Hi Kenny". Kenny? Oh right, that's how everyone knew 60 years ago when I started kindergarten. Growing up I couldn't wait to leave this one-horse town. Today I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Through my involvement with CCS Alumni Association I've renewed old acquaintances and formed new friendships with people, old and young, who share a common past.

BTW, I heard some interesting news last Sunday. As I chatted with Jana King at the King Bakery wagon, her husband came out. Skip? Skipper? Skippy? I wondered which he prefers? Lo and behold, Jana announced that he feels he's finally old enough to be called "James". Nice try, but the next time I drive by and see you working in the yard, "Kenny" will holler out the window "Hi Skipper". Life doesn't change in Cambridge.

175. Scott Skiff class of 1984 we live in Durham NY (near Catskill) we have four children,  3 boys and one girl. Boys are 31, 25, 22, girl is 15. I do enjoy reading about everyone.

 176. Sandy Ames Miller class of 1958, it's colder this year in Plattsburgh,  N.Y. or are we just getting older? Pauline, really enjoy your newsletters.

177. Tim Squiers, Class of 1965, Ballston Spa, NY.
 I didn’t get very far away being in Saratoga County. Retired and I enjoy my three step grandchildren, two of which are twin boys. I follow the newsletter regularly and I’ve always thought that the Class of 65’ was one of the best! Great bunch of kids to grow up with.

178. Leah Frisbee Matteson class of 1978 Living in Burlington VT for last seven years
Moving back to Cambridge NY in March
And I love the constant updates and appreciate your hard work!

179.& 180.Betty Jeskie White, Class of '55 and Glendon White, Class of '57.  Living in Greenwich, NY since 1974.  Married 57 years this last October.  We've done a lot of traveling over the years, mostly with our camper, but enjoyed a few cruises and flights to Florida and the Bahamas also. We have our camper on a seasonal spot in Arlington, VT and enjoy weekends there, April through October.  Glen is finally going to retire the end of April this year and hopefully we'll spend even more time in Arlington.  We always have a big garden, which keeps us busy and he now has four antique Case tractors which he is looking forward to working on.  I was very glad to see a message from my classmate, Tom Dempsey on here.  Enjoying reading all the posts.

181. June Johnson - Class of '61 - Lakeland, FL
Worked in Albany for years where I met my husband and moved to Connecticut.  Then in '91 we moved to Florida where we have lived ever since with the exception of 3 years at our home on Hedges Lake.  We moved back to Florida in 2009--actually a sad day.  I miss the area a lot. I try to make it to the annual CCS reunions every year.  Enjoy getting together with everyone. Yesterday we had lunch at The Back Porch and then Plant City's great strawberry shortcake with Bob and Anne Wallace and it was great. I enjoy the newsletters and Smoke Signals (even though I don't always write). My friends are amazed that an entire school is continuing to be connected like this.  Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do, Pauline!!

182. & 183. Katie Lyn (Perry) DeMarco- Class of 2004 & Scott DeMarco- Class of 2001

184. Luke Bates Class of 1997 Forsyth, MO  about 20 minutes from Branson

185. & 186. Katherine Kelleher and John Franklin, Class of 1980.  Cambridge, NY

187. & 188. Ken Aiken - 68 & Terry Swoboda Aiken - 69.  We live in Hazlet N.J.  Ken is retired after 39 years in banking. Terry is a SAC in a Catholic High School and plans to retire in two more years.  We enjoy spending as much time as possible in Florida with our grandson, Hudson, and his family.  Pauline, we greatly appreciate everything you do for CCS

189. Teddy Hamilton Palermo class of 68 has lived in Clermont since 1978
Hello from sunny Florida.  . Continue to work as RN with hospice. Celebrated 20 years with hospice and 40 years full time nursing. in 2014  My husband and I do an exercise fitness program. Love walking 3-5 miles around the local lakes.

190. RoseMarie (Rowee) Leone Winiewicz, Class of 1972, Bethesda, Md.
After graduating from Geneseo I came to the Washington, DC area to attend library school and stayed.  I’ve worked in medical libraries for 30+ years.  Married 18 years ago.  I enjoy reading the newsletter and share the news with my brothers, sisters, and parents. 

191. Wesley Langlois - Class of 2000 (I can't believe it's been 15 years) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

192. Jim Robertson,1971.livin the good life in Greenwich N.Y.

193. Martha Jane Center(Marti LaDue) class of 1962..resides in n Wilton , NY just outside of Saratoga. Recovering from  open heart surgery and doing great!

194. Heather Kittell Alden class 93W e are living in Churubusco NY.
We have just put up a house on 11 acres of our own property. I'm working as a chiropractor in downtown Plattsburgh and enjoying the North Country seasons. (Could be a bit warmer!) But it is home! Great to read how everyone is doing. Keep up the good work Pauline. :-)

195. Douglas C. Burton, Class of 1975, Mohawk, New York
My wife of 33 years, Maria and I have raised three boys; one married for five years now and excited about the arrival of their first child and our first grandchild; one son to be married in September and our youngest son who just graduated as an English teacher.

 I enjoy reading about Cambridge and learning of all those old classmates, neighbors and friends.  As I read your emails, I'm reminded of a very similar article which appeared in the Washington County Post, "The Neighborhood News!"  Yes, that was my mother, Evelyn P. Burton, Class of 1935, hammering away at her old standard typewriter.  I'm sure, she would have loved reading your emails, too. Thank you and keep up the good work for all of us!

196. Lois Virtue Boice Class of 1961( married Charlie Boice, Shushan), Fort Meade, Florida (full time resident of the state of Florida

So suprised to see how many either live or visit Florida from the town of Cambridge.  You are doing a great job, Pauline

197 & 198 Chalen Lathrop, Class of 1995, Cambridge, NY
I married Jimmy Griffith, Class of 1999, and we have a smart, sweet and spunky three year old daughter, Paxton Grace. I teach 1st grade at CCS. It is wonderful living and working in such a beautiful and caring community.

199. Mary Aulicino Rice, Class of 55, Huntington Long Island
I was married for 51 years to a wonderful, interesting man who passed away in 2013. Seeing familiar names in your newsletters brings back pleasant memories.  Thank you,.

200. Melissa Aiken Spiezio 1993 Cambridge NY



Dear CCS Alumni and Friends.  I love you…I really do!!  I am blown away by the response!!!  I am SO BLESSED!!!  When I started this website 11 years ago, I never dreamed that I would be in touch with so many wonderful people whom had the 1 thing in common….we went to CCS.  What a fantastic community and family we have become.  Thank you so much for all the gracious comments given me but it is YOU who make this possible.  I just copy and paste. Yes, I correct some grammar and spelling, change all caps to “non-shouting” post, capitalize when needed, look up your class year, try to find your maiden name but in the most part…

It is YOU who writes the newsletter.

This series of newsletters seems to have brought a lot of people closer together. I hope this feeling will continue and that you will consider attending the 11th Annual All Classes Reunion in July


TEACHERS:  I have been asked to prod you into adding your names to this list!!!  Let’s hear from you too.

From Around The Globe Newsletters are now online  If you visit often, click Refresh on your tool bar to get the latest.

If you enjoy reading the news from fellow CCSers, please hit REPLY….put your full name, class year and where you are living in the body of the email. You don’t have to say anything or you can say that your enjoy reading these comments. Of course, it would be nice if you gave us some news.   PLEASE, this is NOT about me…this is to applaud those who send in stuff, to encourage others to do the same and just show appreciation to those who help make up the newsletter.  When I receive your email, I will reply with your number so you will know when you will in the newsletter

 We are also interested in those who have stayed in the hometown area!! Remember, if someone is reading this in Germany, Spain or are From Around The Globe.


 201. Laurie Bartholomew DiGesare  Class of 1979 Franklin TN

202. Dodi Hill Class of 1984 (Spear) East Thetford VT
Hello CCS: My family and I have moved. Scott, Shannon and I live on the Conn River in East Thetford VT. Courtney and her boyfriend Peter (Sue Clark son and Nancy lives on 313 still)  live together. I kinda lost myself got hurt and still dealing with it.Nerve pain in my leg to lower back.So after working all day don't feel like sitting at a desk.(I writing from my new phone in bed) 2 great things in 2014. Dee and Grizz came up from St.Thomas and family got together. Then Christmas get together at Burch.35 of us. From baby to 60yrs family is everything. So that is what Dodi is doing.

203. "Colin (Thum) Drummond, Class of 1974 (in principle, not in practice), Cleveland, Ohio.  Have not seen the newsletter, but sounds like it is a great "newsfeed" about those we grew up with and around.  Have been blessed with 34 years of marriage to my lovely wife Beth; we have 2 grown children. I have a lot of fun as a professor at Case Western Reserve University in Biomedical Engineering; the daily intrigue keeps me young!  It had been over a decade since I have been back to Cambridge and I must make a point of stopping by this summer!"

204. Frank Brunner – former student – CCS Class of 1985 – Palmetto, FL
 I really enjoy the email updates. I still keep in touch with friends and classmates from Cambridge and try to visit each year in July when I’m in NY attending an annual meeting at West Point, so the emails keep me in the loop.

205. Wayne Moseley, Baldwyn, Mississippi, class of 1960/1961.  
My wife and I live in rural northeast Mississippi and winter in ... northeast Mississippi! (Ha.) We get 2" to 3" of snow once every eight to ten years (maybe). Do I miss the snow and cold of the NYS? Not a chance. But the summers here? That's another story. They're hot and humid. (It's when I go visit upstate NYS.)

There's the story of one old Southerner who was talking with his friend and said that he hated air conditioning. "Why?" his friend asked."Because it lets Yankees live here!" Well, there's a lot of truth to that, I'd say.It's good to see the comments of classmates and others I knew when I was at C.C.S.  My favorite teachers: Mrs. Sherin, Mrs. Weir, Mrs. Noteman, Mr. Herbert, Mr. Fressie. How many of us realize that the education we received at Cambridge was First Class? We should be thankful, as it was definitely above the norm. Apart from the curriculum, it was the teachers who were the reason our education was way above average.

Thanks, Pauline, for your work to keep up the contacts.

206. Chantal Portwine, Class of 1991, Cambridge, NY.
I moved back to Cambridge in October 2014 to help my father, Leroy “Big Daddy” Portwine. I lived all over the capital region but spent many years either Albany and Cohoes. I’m very excited to be back in Cambridge and I look forward to reconnecting with old friends. It’s so peaceful and quiet. I love being closer to my family, especially my sis, Vivian Rieben, and my Dad.

207. Janice (Skorupski) Rosen 1964, Naples, Florida.
Now that my sister and I share our parents' house in Colfax in the summer and fall months, I am totally in love with Cambridge in a way I never was "back in the day". A book store! A cool coffee shop! Hubbard Hall! Not to mention Moses corn and tomatoes that taste better than anything grown in Florida. In 1964, I couldn't get out of town fast enough.  How times have changed! (Or could it be ME?)

208. Mike & Julia Merriman - Class of 1975. We live in Melrose, NY and Okeechobee, FL.
 I am a partner in Sun First Equipment Finance, we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren with a 5th on the way. Pauline, we really enjoy your updates, you are providing a great service for all of us folks from Cambridge. Thank you! :)

209. Oliver H. Perry,  1959,  Shamong, New Jersey … Yes it is fun and interesting to read the names and locations of Cambridge Central School graduates, as well as read some of the comments. By nature I prefer the surroundings of the Cambridge area to the flat South Jersey area that we have been living and working in (teaching high school science) since the late 60ties. My wife was raised down here. My kids always felt that they were stepping into a generation 20 years behind the times whenever they visited the Cambridge area,, which we have done 4 and 5 times a year and still do. There is definitely an economic difference between our part of South Jersey and that of Cambridge. Although we live in a simple (cheap) dwelling on the edge of the Pine Barrens in a small housing development in farm country, we are also on the edge of a fast pace, traffic laden, busy suburb of Philadelphia. Opportunities abound, as well as traffic. We are an hour drive from the eastern edge of Jersey and the very congested but beautiful Jersey Shore. My wife and I lived in Ocean City for 10 months when first married. For us it was more fun to visit the shore occasionally than to permanently live there

210. Joan Latrell Roberts,1965,Phoenix,Arizona

211. Dacia Grayber, class of 1993, Portland, OR.

212. Debby Vitello, Class of 1963, Mechanicville, NY
I love reading the newsletter.  Pauline--Even though you don't want the recognition, look what you have done! Thank you.

213. Margaret Frazier-Plodzik, Class of 1965, Concord, MA and Eagle Bridge, NY
I so enjoy reading all the news. It doesn’t seem possible that our 50th Reunion is this year. The Class of 1965 Reunion Committee is attempting to gather address, phone number, and email on each of our classmates. Please email me at  with your contact information…you will be hearing from us soon re activities for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thank you, Pauline, for providing us with a mechanism to make connections.

214. Richard Somerset   Class of 1960  (Jerome, Idaho)  Essex Junction, VT  HI Pauline.  I thought I would do a little ghost writing today.For those reading this post….I met Sherry Moses Class of 61 in Plattsburgh, NY.  I was in the Air Force and she was in college.  I was very fortunate to find the girl of my dreams and we married in Hoosick Falls in 1965.  I was working for General Electric in Hudson Falls  and we lived in Hudson Falls until 1968 when I got a job at GE in Burlington, VT.  If everyone from that area is even close to principles of my in-laws then you are a cut above most of this country.  Sherry and I enjoyed 47 years together…until the summer of 2013 when she passed away from Cancer.  With Ken Gottry being my brother-in-law, I have got to know some of you better and I am proud to be part of the alumni as a n ex-=spouse.  Thanks for letting me share.

215. Joel Ketonen, Class of 63 - had my folks stayed in Cambridge for me to that is. Live in Good Old Garland, TX. Quasi-retired, married two kids, one of each, the younger, our daughter a career sergeant in the Air Force, the elder, our son, a Paramedic locally and the proud father of our one & only grandson - yet. Lived, worked and traveled around the world. Biggest surprise since Pauline "found" me on a genealogical web page - learning just how many Cambridgers? Cambridgites? live so far across the US.


216. Arne (Ed) Saari, Class of 1962, Cold Spring, NY and Lake Bomoseen, VT.

217. Debbie Fuller Gardner, Class of 1966.  We live in Canandaigua, NY.   Husband Bruce and I retired from teaching in 2002.  Time flies!   I'm enjoying reading everyone's posts. Thank you Pauline!  Greetings to all my classmates, former neighbors, and Cambridge friends

218. Linda McMorris Record, Class of 1959 Still living in Cambridge (where else would I want to be?). 
Have one daughter, three sons, and one granddaughter.  My hubby Dick passed away July 2008 just before the all classes reunion.

Have to keep a calendar book now I am retired.Financial Secretary for church, volunteer and Board member for local food pantry, dispatcher for medical appointment transportation for Cambridge senior citizens, on the CCS Alumni Association committee, Christmas Food Boxes Distribution Committee, and on the planning committee for Community Sunday School.

I would like to encourage all CCS classes to have frequent reunions, time flies and all of a sudden we start becoming the older generation.  See you in July Pauline.

219. Joe  Conway Class of 1960  East Longmeadow(Springfield,Ma)
Really enjoy seeing how our paths cross with CCS alumni without knowing. Our daughter lives in small town Hollis N H where fellow" Eagle Bridger" Mike Grady lives.We moved to this area 40 years ago and still enjoy New England.. Go Pats! (Sorry Pauline) Thanks for this great exchange and regards to all!

220. Dianne LeBarron Fore - class of 1974 - residing in Farmville, VA - yes , there is a real town not just a fb game.  Been here since 1987 when I moved from FL after 9 years after living in Bennington for 4 years.  I love to travel and am working on seeing all of our States.  Waited until almost 50 to get my first horse and there isn't anything I enjoy doing more than horsin' around.  My sister just turned me onto this neat newsletter.  Keep up the good work!

221. Mark Collamer class of ‘81, Dracut, MA. We had a fun time digging out from the blizzard in our area ...33 inches! I loved to read the news from all the CCS alum.

222. Karen (Huntington) Andrews, Class of 1997 - Greenwich, NY

223. Barb Bowler Moses, Class of 75.  Raleigh, NC.   I experienced all kinds of Cambridge love during the October weekend when we held my mom's memorial. So special and memorable.  And our 40th reunion upcoming!

224. Meaghan (Farrell) Wilkins, Class of 1998. Living in Cambridge, NY

225. Dave Lee, Class of 1960, Tarkio, Missouri.  Keep up the great work



Please respond! This helps validate your email address thus insuring that you will get a copy of the Reunion Registration Form.  If I have your email address, the Alumni Committee will not be sending the form to you by USPS which saves A LOT of  money.  The Alumni Committee tries so diligently every year to make sure no one is left out.  Please try to help them out.  If you have kids, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or acquaintances that graduate from or attended CCS at any time, please ask them to check in.  If they do not want to receive the newsletter, ask them to put FOR REUNION REGISTRATION FORMS ONLY.   

226. Becky ( Travis) Patrick class of '87. Now living in Hudson NY with my husband of 20 years , Jim, and my soon to graduate daughter Caitlyn.

227. Wes Mook  class of 58 have lived in Bennington, Vt for going on 40 yrs. Keep up the good work Pauline!! Look forward to seeing the class of "58" at Lake Lauderdale again this summer.

228. Sandra Christensen Clark, Class of 1962,  Vermont.  Wonderful to hear about all of you and yours.  Long winter in Vermont this year but some things never change

229. Tiffany O'Connor,  class of 2001, I'm living on Norris Lake,  Tennessee on a houseboat and enjoying every minute of it.  Thank you Pauline for keeping us all together and updated!!

230. & 231 Darby Disorda Brundige class of 1989 married to Corey Brundige class of 1997. Still both living in Cambridge, NY and have 3 children, Chaylan 23, Emily 15 and Dean 13.

233. Jeff Ashworth, Class of 1967, Quincy MA - First and most important, Kudos to you Pauline for all your efforts on behalf of us.  It must be a labor of love; one can only imagine how much time it must take. Bonnie and I have lived in our house in Quincy since 1976.

234. Camille (Cammie) Hudson  Class of 1969 just moved to Asheville NC.  Enjoy the newsletter.  Thanks Pauline

235. Gerald Aiken – Class of 68   Lives in Cambridge for the past 43 years.

236. Cathy Hallock McGuire, class of 1968, living in Latham, NY.  I have 2 wonderful sons who, in turn, have given me 2 amazing "daughters" and 3 delightful grandchildren

237. Nicole Taffi, class of 2002, Raleigh, NC.

238.& 239. Wendy Arnold Hayes, class of '87 married almost 28 years to Charles (CJ) Hayes, class of '82. We live in CJs parents’ house in Cambridge. I love reading your newsletter Pauline. Keep it coming.

240. Jeff Woodard, Class of 1972 Brattleboro Vt My wife Leslie and I have been in Brattleboro for over 20 years now. We sold our graphic design business several years ago so that I could pursue photography full time—something I hadn’t done much of since high school. We are having a lot of fun with it, specializing in wedding photography and portraiture.

My mom, Mary Lee Weeks, who was the CCS high-school librarian from 1970–1991, passed away in August while outside gardening at the home she lived in for over 60 years. I’m so thankful for the many classmates and former teachers who attended her memorial service and have been so supportive.

Many of us were together again several weeks ago for Lin Durrin Wilwol’s funeral, feeling such a loss at her passing. It was good to spend time at Rich and Kathy Moses’ home that evening with Alan Tate, Dian Ehrenfreund, Joan Hoffman and Greg Loomis. There’s nothing quite like the safety and comfort of being with people you’ve known all your life.

Thanks for pulling together all these wonderful updates over the past few weeks. They’ve become addicting! With thanks,

241. William Haight, Class of 1998, Fairbanks, Alaska
 I have had many wonderful memories of Cambridge in my younger years.  I graduated in 1998, and soon thereafter left for the USARMY.  I got stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska on Ft. Wainwright and have remained in Alaska ever since. I finished out my time in the Army and decided to call Alaska home.  I loved the hills of Cambridge, the summer and fall were my favorite seasons!  I remember the popcorn lady wagon, taking art lessons from Jane Nicolas Bates and helping out on my neighbor’s dairy farm.  I also fondly remember swimming lessons on Lake Lauderdale.   The wonderful teachers I met and knew throughout my years @ CCS... Meant a lot.  While I rarely visit I have many wonderful memories!

242. Mark Montinieri, class of 1999, currently residing in Dale City, VA

243. Joni Keys Rhodes, 1971   Now living in Schuylerville for 20+ years, after living in Greenwich and Saratoga Springs, never got too far away! Love to read about classmates and others I knew at CCS!  Thank you, Pauline!

244. Lou Davis Class of 72'. Living in Bridgeport Ct. with my wife of 28 years, Dianna (Cuevas) from Salem. We have two boys, Coulter 23 and Chad 19. I'm a medical dosimetrist working for Yale New Haven Hospital, and Dianna is a special education teacher here in Bridgeport.

Hoping to make it to the reunion this coming July! Love to see everybody!

245. Cliff (Phillips) Waters, class of 59. Hudson Falls, NY  No I didn't change my name when I got married.  Phillips was my step fathers name. Retired-Wife Jean-we have 4 grown

Children-5 grown Grand children-2 great grandsons. Thanks Pauline for the GREAT work you do.

246. Rebecca (Pedersen) Mayer, Class of 1998, Brattleboro, VT.  Thanks for the fun reading!

247. Marjory Ridler, Class of 65, Cambridge, New York
The snow continues to fall, and the Village is quiet with only a snowplow or two interrupting the silence.    I tried to do my mile walk this am, but gave up as I neared the Roundhouse Bakery( no I didn't stop in), and headed back home.  The sidewalks were unplowed and the road was too dangerous to walk in;  so I'm home with the cats, reading, and contemplating cooking something good, and making a list of things to do when the weather clears.

  My list includes The Class of '65 reunion which my compadres(Margaret, Christine, Cindy, and Linda) and I are planning for the "50th".  As we search for "lost" members (thank you Margaret!) we are finalizing plans for a"Lakedance revival" on Friday evening (info to follow), informal events including Saturday at the Legion, and a social gathering at Frazier Farms on Sunday (times TBA).  We need to hear from missing class members, and hope that many will respond.

   We are also looking for copies of Photos or postcards that depict the Hedges Lake Pavillion; and of the school.  Dig deep!

   Thanks Pauline for all your help, and see you there!

 248 Kathy Kinnin class of 1985 Gansevoort, NY
Thank you for doing this

249. Lucille Dustin Makrin - Class of 1960.  Cambridge, NY Feb. 1st is bringing us plenty of snow today.  Too bad Frank and I no longer ski.  They are predicting 10"-15"  before night fall.

 We are holding up so-so, loving our spot on the North side of Scotch Hill.  Look towards Salem and the back side of Equinox.

 Son Keith and DIL (who quilts also) have 2 - children - Katherine almost 9 and Ryan almost 5.  They live in Niskayuna so see them occasionally.  Daughter - Kristin is living in Saranac Lake, NY and a RN at the hospital there.  Saranac Lake is often one of the coldest places in the U.S.  I think they have had a - 40º already.  

Enjoy living in the NE and Cambridge is a "gem".  I quilt every Tues. (9a-12p), with about 20 gals from the area.  We are a very special group - laughter is our therapy.  :~))))) Look forward to seeing many of you in July.

Lucille - "Dusty" and Jack Lylis called me "Bird Legs" go figure.

250. Diane Fournier Henderson Class of 1972.  I have been living in Rutland, Vermont since 1978 with my husband Ron.  We have two children and five grandchildren.  We enjoy camping in our RV and for the last four years we have spent the summers in Lake George, NY since I am now retired.  I was just in Cambridge this past Sunday and stopped by King's Bakery Truck and got their great cheese danish.  I have always enjoyed reading the newsletter.

Dear CCS Alumni and Friends,  Page 11!!  This has been wonderful and I thank all of you who participate.  Didn’t quite make 25 for this edition but we came close.  I hope you will continue to contribute your news, your special events and anything else you want to share.  Please, please remember to put your full name, class year and where you are living in the body of the email.

If you sent news and I said I would hold it until the next newsletter, please send it again.  My email program had a major crash…it didn’t take out my address books but it deleted all my SAVE files.  Check your SENT folder and see if you can send it again.

There have been several additions to the Scrapbook and the Sports Scrapbook.  I hope you will take a look

If this is a banner year for your class and your are planning something special, I hope you will let me know.  I will be glad to assist in contacting your classmates or promoting your event on the website, our Facebook page and the newsletter.  Also please help the classes that are trying to find classmates.  They might be looking for a relative of yours. 

If I have your email address, the Alumni Committee will not be sending the form to you by USPS which saves A LOT of  money.  The Alumni Committee tries so diligently every year to make sure no one is left out.  Please try to help them out.  If you have kids, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins or acquaintances that graduate from or attended CCS at any time, please ask them to check in.  If they do not want to receive the newsletter, ask them to put FOR REUNION REGISTRATION FORMS ONLY in the subject or body of email

There are 159 days left until The 11th All Classes Reunion, starting July 17, 2015.

251. Marjorie Chapman Luken  Class of 1966  Yorktown Heights NY

252. Ann McMorris Cassidy, class of 64, Bayville, NJ    I left Cambridge in 1966 & moved to various overseas locations for 13 years. (Due to my husband's job) We then settled at the Jersey Shore in 1979. Except for "Sandy" I love living here. I have 2 children; Erika (NJ) & Christopher (Savannah, Ga), 2 grandchildren & then my current husband's family of 3 with 5 grandchildren. This is a great project Pauline, thanks!!

253. & 254. Lisa Reed (Motasky), Class of 1984 married to Rob Reed (same class) 28 years:  We reside in Leonardtown, Maryland, aka "Southern Maryland" and will most likely be here until we retire.  We have one 23 year-old daughter who graduated from SUNY ESF/SU in 2013; she now lives in Philly.  Although I don't know many who write, I do enjoy the newsletter.  Keep up the good work!

255. Charlie Spear, Sr Class of 1975 Still live in Greenwich, NY waiting for grandchildren #2.

256. Cindy Smith Paikin. Class of '71, Syracuse, NY
I've so enjoy everyone's stories and updates.   We all have so many wonderful memories of Cambridge and the joy of youth and simpler times..  I'm surprised my great class of '71 isn't well represented here. Where are you?  I read,with great sadness, about Lin Durrin's passing..  What a beautiful person...inside and out..   Pauline. Thank you so very much for all you do to keep us connected to friends and to wonderful Cambridge, NY..

257. Peter Drummond…Class of 1972 Almost..     Oak Vale Mississippi
Wonder full thing you are doing Pauline: I left ccs in 1971 to join the army paratroopers where I did 3 years, I did 40 years offshore and overseas in the Maritime commercial Salvage industry, I have been a salvage master 25 years. I now live in Oak Vale Mississippi 2 hours north of New Orleans (Port of station) and am thinking of all y’all up there in the cold. I remember the cold, I will never forget the cold, I do not miss the cold. I miss all of you. Peter

258. &  259. Joy (Wagoner) Motsiff class of 1960 and Tim Motsiff class of 1958 - Left Cambridge with its snow and cold weather to spend the winter at Grenelefe Resort in Haines City, Florida. We find it easier to swing a golf club than a snow shovel. See ya all when it warms up

260.Patti Turi  Class of 1976  I currently live in Stony Creek,NY.
Again, thank you for all the efforts you put into bringing us all the news. It's always nice to see what folks are up to! I retired from teaching 7th grade science and Biology in 2005 after having been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma. I now enjoy quilting, photography, hiking,biking, canoeing, kayaking and loads of time with my Aussie/Bernese Mountain dog, Mystic. Love living here in the mountains!

261. Muriel (Maxwell) Lufkin Class of 1946 As I wrote in my most recent update, I am actually living in (near) Cambridge in the basement apartment of the home my daughter, Cathy, purchased in Buskirk, NY and moved to from California  in January of 2013.  As we had done extensive renovations to the apartment during the year, I hated the idea of moving back to Texas and leaving it for the winter, so I opted to spend the winter here.  However, the extreme cold weather here this winter has not been kind to me or to my health!  Everyone tells me that this is the coldest winter experienced here in many years, and I sure can believe it. I am really looking forward to summer here, even if the weather is hot, as I always did like the warmer temperatures no matter where I have lived.

My daughter, Joan Lufkin Sveinsson, and her husband, Johannes came up from Texas and spent a couple of weeks from mid-December until New Year’s Day.  It was great to have them here with us for Christmas.

Pauline, I cannot tell you how very much I have enjoyed your newsletters and certainly do appreciate keeping up on the news from all the CCS alumni.  You do a masterful job!

I would love to hear from any and all of the CCS alumni .  You can email me at

262. Carol  Conway Hazy, Class of 1974 Gainesville, FL

263  John Richard Davis, Class of 1956
I hear you're publishing a nice newsletter. I’d like to be included.  Thanks. Hope to get there in July.

NOTE FROM PAULINE:  Always glad to add a reader to our newsletter!!!


264. Douglas J. Bovie  Class of 1975,  East Bremerton Wa(city outside of Seattle Wa)  Enjoy reading the newsletters and the smoke signals almost every chance I am on a computer.  I am about as far west as you can get.  Retired from the Navy 23 years, and the government 7 years, so now I am sending out my own "Smoke Signals"

I am loving the "liberty" of being single and being on my own schedule.  Love hearing about Cambridge and its wonderful (for the most part) folks.  I get to town once or twice a year but always during the fall foliage and try to catch a CCS Football game.  I am big time into physical fitness and trying to eat/live a healthier lifestyle.  Weekly trips to Seattle, and online dating for casual relationships keeps me pretty busy.  1 daughter in 2nd year of college and she is doing very well and I am quite proud of her. Considering some part time work with very flexible hours at a "Medical Dispensary" within 2 miles of my house.  Just turned 58, but officially I am sticking with 53 for reasons that I can not go onto here(Kaitlin- 30) Peace!!! Please do whatever you can to get a Republican back into the White House!!!


Again, thanks to all who contributed to the From Around the Globe series of newsletters.  I really appreciate your contributions. This has really been a fun series!!!!


265. Mary Frazier-Davis, Class of 1972, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA and Eagle Bridge, NY   Pauline, Thank you for your efforts to keep everyone updated and connected. I’ve been working with graduate students at Harvard since 1990, so I like to think that I transitioned from one school setting in Cambridge NY to another one in Cambridge, MA.

266 Nancy L. Davis, class of 1973.  Living in the Capital Region for the last 26 years, working as an archaeologist for the New York State Museum.

267. & 268  Steve Brown, class of 1975 and Jackie (Kane) Brown, class of 1976, living in sunny Southern California. Yup, we're still together after all these years. We've been a couple since 1975! 2 daughters, both of whom also graduated from CCS and 2 grandchildren.