The Last One-Room Schoolhouse in Cambridge
Submitted by Ken Gottry

The current CCS building opened in September of 1951 after the previous 1891 school on West Main Street (near the Library) was destroyed by fire on 18-Aug-1947.

About the same time many of the one-room schoolhouses in Cambridge, White Creek, and Jackson were closing and their students were being absorbed into the CCS building. As a result, in 1956 only 5 years after the new CCS school building opened, a budget vote was held to finance an expansion to accommodate the larger student body.

During the 1940s and 1950s many of the local hamlets held votes to decide whether they would close their one-room schoolhouses and have their children attend Hoosick Falls, Greenwich, Salem, or Cambridge. In 1959, Eagle Bridge voted to close their one-room schoolhouse and send their children to Cambridge. The Grandma Moses schoolhouse, located just north of the junction of Turnpike Road and NYS Route 67, remained open one more year before the Eagle Bridge students began attending CCS in Sep-1960.

The photo shows Mrs. Katherine Russell surrounded by her 13 students just months before the last one-room schoolhouse in the Cambridge Central School district closed its doors.