This information will be posted on your personal page within the Former Student Section.  Leave blank information that you do not want on the internet. 

1. Name AND Your CCS Graduating Class ,When You Went to CCS AND what
    School you graduated from (if that applies

  (LADIES: Put your maiden name as your middle name)

2. Where you are living now.

3. Single, Married, Divorced?

4 Name of Spouse

5 Children

6. Grandchildren

7 College or other schooling

8 Occupation Now

9. Jobs you have held since graduation

10. Places you have lived since graduation?

11. Activities ( Hobbies, clubs, organizations, interests,etc)

12. Favorite CCS teacher(s) 

13. Memories?

       Also put what year you left Cambridge

      *********Your email address will NOT be put on line without your verification.
          It will be added to the CCS mailing list.

                 Did you remember to put your Class Year?
                   Did you put in your email address?
                   This form is sent to Pauline only.


Do you know someone who is not on line but would like to have their information on this site, please print this off an send it to them.
 They can return it to:
Pauline Rogers Nash
P.O. Box 63    Rienzi MS (Mississippi) 38865

Thank you



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