Rich's Popcorn Wagon

When Dorothy (Dot) Rich Madison passed away a few years ago the beloved popcorn wagon ended up in the Saratoga Auto Museum (near the Gideon Putnam hotel by the Saratoga Spas). Many of you will remember we transported the popcorn wagon to the American Legion a few years ago to use as the backdrop for the class photos at the CCS Alumni Reunion.

This weekend (15-Nov-2015) an exhibit is opening at the Saratoga Auto Museum and our popcorn wagon will be one item on display. This has prompted a plethora of memories among old-timers on Facebook. Here are some of mine. I'd love to hear yours.

Many of us old-timers remember that before Dorothy it was Albert inside the popcorn wagon. We all have seen photos of it parked in front of the Hitchcock Building, in the A&P parking log, by the Bog (at the time called Hastings' East End Market). Many recall it being parked under the Cumberland Farms sign ... which prompted many on FB to chastise me since they still call it the "Sunoco sign". But I have an old photo when Albert parked the popcorn wagon on the West End in front of the Grand Union Superette, which is now the east end of Silvano's restaurant. Does anyone remember it being parked over there? Any other parking spots on the West End? If not, wonder why they always parked on the East End? Plus, I vividly remember it always being parked in the evening in front of my grandfather Hitchcock's store, but I never recall seeing the popcorn wagon being driven across Main Street. how did it get to the East End? Must have been elfin magic ;- )

The FB chatter remembered the clown going round and round as the popcorn popped. Others recalled the *warm* bag of peanuts. I recall the Jaw Breakers. Others loved the Lemon Blends.

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Ken, The popcorn wagon was always driven from Gilmore Ave. to where ever on the east end of the village it was parked. Albert or Dot would go around and up South Union to Main on the way east and on the way home back Main to Gilmore Ave. and down Gilmore to its barn. Perry Young