Christi Marie Hommel

Class of 1988


Cambridge, NY                         EMAIL CHRISTI

Marital Status Divorced
Spouse:  Matt
Children: Cory & Cayla
College/Schools Empire State Travel School
Occupation: Domestic Manager
Past Residences: I've stayed local
Past Jobs
TWA & Peidmont Airlines
Licensed Nursing Assistant
Other Activities gardening, traveling, my kids!!,  beaches

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr Vitello- he was intense, smacking that pointer stick, but once that equation clicked in your head, you understood his passion, or his nicotine fix.


The class of '88 was always unorganized, it has been over 20yrs and we haven't even had one reunion yet.  I would love to see all my classmates find this site and want to participate in some kind of a reunion.  It doesn't have to be a 25th, it could be a 23rd or a 27th, we were all a little different anyways!!