Katherine Skiff Chapman
Class of 1981


Geneseo, NY                        EMAIL KATHERINE

Marital Status Single again
Children: Ariel Davies, Ethan, David and Grace Calderwood and Jason Chapman
Grandkids: not yet lol
College/Schools GCC, SUNY Geneseo
Occupation: Ran my own business with my first husband for many years, worked as a bookkeeper for several more.  I also raised and partially homeschooled my five beautiful children and escaped from a couple of not so wonderful marriages.  I graduated with a 4.0 avg. from Genesee Community College last year.  I am now back in school at SUNY Geneseo finally getting my BA in English and a teaching certification.  If any former teachers are reading this, I know that will make you happy.
Past Residences: Cambridge, Nogales AZ, Rochester NY, several small towns in the Southern Tier, and now Geneseo.
Past Jobs Too many to list, but mainly my husband's two carpet businesses, which shall remain nameless.  I had my very first job at Bentley's Variety running the store for Ray and Bob on Saturdays and after school (for $2.50 an hour!)  My favorite jobs were making sign lettering for Carter Letter Svce. when it was in Cambridge, and working on the Census.  I'm hoping I have time to do that again next year.
Other Activities  

Favorite Teacher(s):

Mr. Morton, Mr. Burdsall, Mrs. Reid, Ms. Gallagher/Holden, and Mrs. Sinammon
Memories: Oh the memories.. thanks guys it's taken me lots of therapy to get over the trauma, but I have some good memories too.  Mostly of the between-class antics in the physics lab and Mr. Morton's face when he discovered them.  (Why was he always so surprised?)  The crazy stuff we had to do for physics lab, like throwing balls off the roof and racing wind up cars down the hallway.  Mr. Morton and Mr. Romack pranking each other.  Mr. Eddy's "King Quizzes", hanging out in the library, the gang from French IV and the French trips, playing the piano in the auditorium when nobody was around, and getting all those little private apologies at the fifteenth year reunion lol School plays, yearbook, karate class, roller skating at Wilkies, playing Dungeons and Dragons with my boyfriend (yep I had one, he went to Mt. Anthony) and his friends.